The Getafe Presents/displays An Controversial Campaign For ” To Seed The World Of Getafenses”

The video counts the history of a donor of sperm that when going to a clinic receives a erotic film on the club, in that appear zombis ‘ calientes’. ” The bottom is to create feeling and being more abonados”. The Getafe presented/displayed east Thursday its new campaign of communication to catch subscribers, through a video described by Jose Antonio Cutara, director of marketing of the equipment, ” like polmico” , and that according to its creator, the creative Angel Towers, tries ” to seed the world of getafenses”. The video counts the history of a donor of sperm that when going to a clinic receives a erotic film on the Getafe, in that appear zombis ‘ calientes’ , in such a way that seeing reproduced the tape the donation becomes easier in the future to populate the stage with partners with the Getafe. ” We wanted to count a reality, because we come to the field when we can, and is certain that there is much people who are paid but never she fills. Tcoyd does not necessarily agree.

We are few and we must be more. We must count one action, to move a social mass of fans to seed the world of getafenses of way simptica” , the creator said. ” The bottom is to create feeling and being more paying, is no specific objective public, only that one that has sense of humor” , it explained Towers. Jose Antonio Cutara, director of marketing of the Getafe, indicated that ” the campaign is controversial but very buena” from the communicative point of view. ” The objective this season was to contain the number of subscribers and that did not fall, and that has been obtained, now we are around 9,000 partners but it is necessary to be ms” , it commented. ” We have products for stopped people, for the pensioners, and the children of 0 to 8 years enter free accompanied of an adult. In addition to our installments we tried to contribute value to them with the aid of the sponsors, because soccer is universal and goes for all type of ages and personas” , he concluded. Source of the news: The Getafe presents/displays an controversial campaign for ” to seed the world of getafenses”.

Clean Campaign

The car of the judge of the National Hearing Pablo Ruz in whom it processes to two police controls and a high position of the Department of the Interior at the time of minister of Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba by chivatazo of the case Pheasant is rampant the crossing of political accusations between PP and PSOE, right in the day in which the coordinator of the electoral strategy of the popular ones, Ana I kill, requested a responsible and clean campaign to oppose the radicalidad, the insult and the demagoguery of the PSOE. But in the own official argumentario of the PP of yesterday, the one that uses the controls to repeat in their public and media appearances, is gotten to compare to Rubalcaba with the ex- chief of a main directorate of the Civil Guard Luis Roldn, defendant and condemned by several cases of corruption in the Governments of Felipe Gonzlez. Source of the news: : The PP requests a clean campaign and compares to Rubalcaba with Roldn. . To read more click here: Center For Responsible Lending.

Next Campaigns

One becomes the third signing of ' network devils' after Phil Jones and Ashley Young. " I feel very proud and wishing to begin jugar" , it says exmeta rojiblanco. Manchester United has confirmed the agreement for the signing of the doorman of the Athletic one of Madrid David De Gea, that will sign a contract by five seasons with the club of Old Trafford. The goal, of 20 years, has surpassed this week the pertinent medical examination with the club and now it becomes the third signing of ' network devils' after Phil Jones and Ashley Young. (Not to be confused with PCRM!). According to the average British, with this signing, the budget of the trainer of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson, to invest in players surpass east summer the 50 million pounds (about 56 million Euros). The doorman is considered one of most shining of the world in his position and Ferguson considers that Of Gea it will be able to fill the emptiness that will leave the retirement of the Dutch Edwin go to der Sar. " I feel very proud and wishing to begin to play, when a club of the stature of Manchester United comes to by you, obvious it does very feliz&quot to you; , it said soccer player to the television of the club. Source of the news: The Manchester clocks on and off to Of Gea for the five next campaigns.

Koeman Player

The midfield player lost the captainship after being separated from the equipment by Koeman. With the march of the Dutch he returned to the equipment, but he did not reclaim the bracelet. Now, the Valencian player recognizes that it would like to return to be the captain. David Albelda, midfield player of the Valencia, declared that it would like " to return to take brazalete" of captain, although it recognized that first " it will be necessary to hope that is to say which is the preparation of plantilla". " For me, to take the bracelet always has been a pride, but at that time – in rrencia to the stage subsequent to the one that was separated from the equipment in campaign 07/08- I considered that by the stability of the club it had to pass to a second plano" , the Taula Esportiva de Radio 9 recognized in declarations the program. The Valencian midfield player admitted that if had to put the captain bracelet, &quot would be put; without problemas" since " perhaps now yes the circumstances occur, already has passed a time " ever since, according to the player, they cleared the consideration to him of captain.

Albelda also talked about the process of its renovation, something exceeds what it did not think during the season. " It thought neither about retiring to me nor about renewing. It let pass the time to know what was going to happen with me. Clear that I thought at some time that was not going to continue! " , it emphasized. " At the moment at which the Valencia said to me that it wanted that it continued, everything was going to be very easy. I know the situation the club and knew that she had to adapt to me. For me it has not been a effort to renew reason why there am renovado" , it made specific the midfield player. Manuel Llorente, president of the Valencia, had asked the player who assumed more responsibilities, before which Albelda responded that it will have " to have one conversacin" so that &quot explains the agent chief executive to him; clearly what he is what quiere".

" If I had to give an explanation to him, she would say to him that my implication with the equipment and in clothes has been of the one hundred percent. My roll in the equipment will be the one of a man who has experience in ftbol" , it indicated. Facing next season, the midfield player stressed that it will not be satisfied to " slo" to comprise of the group, according to explained, since its intention is the one of " competir". " I nonfodder in having a secondary roll. It gives just as a player who is 20 or 33 years old, to renew to play 15 parties would only be expensive for the club. I am going to compete. Soon the one will be the trainer that decida" , it made specific. The Valencian recognized that this season had fulfilled with the aim of being third parties in Liga, but they had not given &quot him; that overdose of joy to aficin". " In order to grow, we must be able something extraordinary, for example to win to Madrid or the Bara and to demonstrate that we can be to his altura" , it concluded. Source of the news: Albelda: " Would like to return to take I the bracelet of capitn"

Ashton Kutcher

The actor and the producer could have reached an agreement by which Sheen could receive 25 million dollars as indemnification for his dismissal. Charlie Sheen was dismissed of ‘ Two men and media’ by its addictions and their exits of tone, that took to him to publicly insult the creator of the series. Nieman Foundation has much to offer in this field. The actor Charlie Sheen and the producer Warner Bros. they finally solved his dispute around the dismissal of the actor of the television program that it carried out, Two men and means, confirmed east Tuesday the study of Hollywood in an official notice that does not reveal the details in the agreement. Sheen was the past dismissed March after a series of erratic behaviors associated with an excess of drugs and alcohol that took to the cancellation of the recordings of the last chapters of the eighth season of their soap opera. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Nieman Foundation. The interpreter demanded then to his exjs by inadmissible dismissal and she demanded 100 million to them dollars for indemnification.

The last week, the average Americans anticipated that the agreement to trench the case was next and considered that Sheen could receive 25 million dollars like compensation. ” Warner Bros. Television, Chuck Lorre (creative of the series) and Charlie Sheen have solved their dispute to satisfaction of all the parts. The pending judgment and the legal will be misestimated by the parts, that have decided to maintain the confidentiality of the agreement terms ” , it mentioned the study in his official notice. Until the moment of its dismissal, Sheen was the paid actor better of the small screen, with income of 1.8 million dollars by chapter, although their repeated exits of tone outside plates ended the patience of the people in charge of the series.

The drop that overwhelmed the glass was serious insults spilled by Sheen against Chuck Lorre after the actor was frustrated by not being able to retake the work to the salary cancelled the recordings. The series ahead follows the ninth season of Two men and means began one week ago in chain CBS with a hearing record. More than 27.

Aerial Security

Promotion assures that the accident report " it does not look for to delimit responsibilities, since this function corresponds to him exclusively to justicia". It emphasizes some of his initiatives in aerial security taken during these three years. Among them, the creation of the AESA and the law of Aerial Security. Relatives of the 154 victims and pilots have asked to modify the accident report of the flight of Spanair that took place three years ago. The Ministry of Public Works and the Economy has stressed east Saturday its commitment to increase the security aerial, day in which an act on the occasion of the third anniversary of the accident of Spanair has been celebrated in which 154 people passed away. In an official notice, Promotion remembers that in these three years the dependent Ministry and its organisms have applied different initiatives to improve the aerial security and that some of them give to fulfillment to the recommendations of the Commission of Investigation of Accidents and Incidents in Aviacin Civil (CIAIAC).

The Association of Affected of the ill-fated flight has demanded east Saturday that modifies the report elaborated by this Commission because it considers that one does not come near to the objective to detect the chain of failures that took place. According to Promotion, the report of the CIAIAC, that emitted 29 of July the past, " it does not look for to delimit responsibilities, since this function corresponds to him exclusively to justicia". It needs that the intention of its investigations is to determine the causes and circumstances in which the accidents take place and thus to prevent them in the future, with recommendations to the implied parts. According to Promotion, after the accident, the CIAIAC has emitted 33 recommendations on operational security, but it does not gather, " because funcin&quot is not his; , the measures that the Ministry and its organisms have developed to improve the security since it took place and it emphasizes that some of them already give " cumplimiento" to its recommendations.

Monolithic Structure

This monolithic structure is the one that Isidro Lopez thinks that 15-M has managed to break. Privatization. In front of the privatizadora wave that praises financial Capitalism – as solution to the high deficits public 15-M proposes the recovery of the enterprise public sector. Read more here: David Bershad. In particular, with respect to basic services like the health or the education, that considers that they are in risk progressively. Portugal. The country luso has been the third and, until now, last Member State of the EU that has been rescued. The strict plans of adjustment that entails the rescue have supposed less public cost, privatizations and more imposing. And, like it was foreseeable, all this has ended at a political instability that has ended the government of Jose Scrates and brought about an increasing social displeasure.

Rrndum. If in other countries they become, why in Spain no? The movement of 15-M wants " to concentrate in a few concrete vindications. And one of first that considers is the call of a binding rrndum on the labor reform and of pensiones" , according to Bibiana Medialdea explains. Distribution of the work. " The unique way from which we remove five million unemployed is that those who have work work less and those than are stopped have a little more. This became at the end of the ninety in France and in three months they cleared 1.5 million of parados" , Arcadi Oliveres explains.

This economist remembers in addition who is an historical tendency: from the 16 hours that worked before to the 8 present ones. Unions. Its paper is controversial. The movement 15-M has defined from the beginning as apartidista and asindical, although slogans have been listened to and placards in the protests against the majority unions, the UGT and CC.OO. have been seen, to which it is accused to betray his principles. For that reason, these have kept a careful silence that, between some union pictures of CC.OO., already has begun to break requesting to the direction the express support of a movement that defends " aspects irrenunciables" of " diaria&quot fights union and sociopolitical;. ' Tobin&#039 rate;. While the circulation of people is subject to restrictions, the money travels by the world at enormous speed and without control. The Tobin rate, that takes its name from Nobel of Economy James Tobin, proposes a tax to international the financial transactions. Campaign ITF Already, that supports multitude of social organizations, demands its implantation, but to just as other international fiscal measures, as the fight against the fiscal paradises where the great fortunes hide, needs international a joint action. House. The right to a worthy house, recognized in the Constitution, has been always a vertex in the economy of the families and, therefore, object of mobilizations for decades: of the occupations of empty houses by families without resources that were done in the seventy to the oustings that the social pressure is managing to avoid in the last weeks, happening through the movements by a worthy house of last the ten years. " For which for basic goods as the house is necessary to get into debt itself of by life? " , Lopez asks itself to Isidro. One of so many questions to which 15-M wants to give answer. Source of the news: The economic thought that maintains the protests of 15-M

Samuel Ferguson

The inciativa ' Lee has premio' he has managed to remove from his books to personages like D' Artagnan, Celestina or Robin Hood so that they cross the Spanish cities. Its intention is to promote the reading and to invite the citizens to submerge in thousands and the one adventures that can find in books. D' Artagnan has left to a side its adventures and the Celestine has stopped in her Picardy to leave her books and to look for new readers in cities like Cordova, Burgos, Lleida thanks to the initiative ' To read has premio'. In this cultural adventure by the streets of the cities they accompany other classic novel personages to him of adventures and by Literature like Sherezade, Robin Hood, doctor Samuel Ferguson, Cleopatra, the Valiant Cid, Don Mendo and Robinson Crusoe. Everything to invite the citizens to submerge in thousands and the one adventures that can find in books. Summer, time of books the campaign, coordinated by Gerald Miguel and organized by the Federation of Unions of Publishers of Spain, is carried out by a ten of actors who give life to these personages and who they animate to the people to read. According to it has indicated Gerald Miguel, the campaign becomes in summer because he is when there is more free time to approach books.

Delay in the reading habit Miguel has considered this promotion of the reading necessary because Spain has a delay in reading habit and, " although it has grown years in the last, is certain breach with respect to countries of the north of Europa". The objective is " to reduce that distancia" and has been " very optimista" because in the last years have seen how the greater index of reading population is between the young people of 10 to 24 years. The campaign can be followed through the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Tuenti as well as in the Web where routes, calendars, summaries are detailed and even anecdotes. To read has prize has happened already through Burgos, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Huesca, Lleida, Teruel, Albacete, Cordova, Ciudad Real and the following shutdowns will be in Segovia, Zamora and the 28 of July finalize in Ourense. Source of the news: D' Artagnan, the Celestine and the Valiant Cid leave their books to look for new readers

Somales Integrists

More bond to send aid, although loses part in the way. This is the conclusion at which it has arrived the United States with the view put in Somalia. The Department of State has communicated the humanitarian organizations who want to operate in the south of the country which they will be able to do it without undergoing sanctions in spite of the risk of which a portion of the pie falls into the hands of the militia islamist of The Shabab, that the company ties to The Qaeda. " It is so the crisis, that we think that of the aid is worth the trouble to run the risk of some deviation " , a high American position informed yesterday into the department that directs Hillary Clinton. The bows of The Shabab with the international terrorism and its campaign of extortion to the NGO took to president Barack Obama to prohibit the 13 of April from 2010 any shipment to Somalia that could benefit the integrists. The humanitarian drama has taken to Washington to raise the foot of the brake. Source of the news: : The USA allows to take aid to the controlled area by somales integrists

Independent University

In order to approach these arguments most interesting it is to make it through some economic concepts, cultural or popular that conform a diverse and ambitious project. Alphabet of 15-M for one reforms economic of qualification. They are three: Moody' s, Standard & Poor' s and Fitch. They are key piece of the financial gear and their curricula accumulate multitude of chapters of illicit activities. With its qualifications on the countries or the organizations they exert an enormous one to be able and they press until marking somehow the economic policies. In Spain a complaint against them has appeared.

Europe says to want to put boundary to them, but, like at the time with " refundacin of capitalismo" , of the saying to the fact an abyss mediates. Attac. This international organization takes to years constructing speech from the academic and intellectual world. Its flag is " economic justice global" and it is an opposition to the dominant liberal thought in the economic debate. Its last campaign promotes a tax to the financial transactions (Tobin Rate).

Bank. The paper of top enemy incarnates. Culprit of the financial crisis considers itself that began in 2007. The rescues of organizations have given rise to a debate around the necessity of a public bank. But, in addition, according to the economist in the Independent University of Barcelona and president of Justice i Pau, Arcadi Oliveres, the ethical bank is an important alternative, since " he is transparent as far as the money that receives and to that they give. And in addition, they give it following criteria ticos". Booty, Emilio. Songs, cartoons and placards personalizan in the president of Banco Santander the figure of the banker who becomes rich at the cost of the set of the society. His recent judicial problems by presumed fiscal fraud, in which part of its family is implied, it does not seem that they are going to contribute to an improvement of his image.