VersicherungsMaklerRecht Compact

Reliable practical knowledge of Mannheim, December 1, 2010. Hans-Ludger Sandkuhler, lawyer and nationally known and recognized expert in insurance law, offers a practical brochure titled insurance brokerage law for insurance broker together with The new guide VersicherungsMaklerRecht compact”can now be obtained via is the online portal for insurance and financial services of the academic Consortium, a trade mark Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH. insurance brokers and insurance companies received the brochure with a quick overview of the legal principles and provisions of the insurance. The key areas of estate agents law are scarce on 60 pages and understandable. The brochure is ideal for stepping into the matter.

VersicherungsMaklerRecht compact”answered not only legal questions of daily practice, but also recommendations for the practical handling offers Legal obligations. “For more information at insurance broker right manufacturer information: VersicherungsMaklerRecht compact”, Hans-Ludger Sandkuhler, 60 pages, 1st Edition ISBN: 978-3-86817-138-8, EUR 12.90 plus 7% VAT. About is a trademark of the academic working group and specializes in solutions for financial services. offers practically applicable tools and current knowledge, that financial institutions rely on. Experts support financial institutions in their daily work and help to increase the graduation rate.

Technical information, sales tools or service hotline has always the right solutions, varied as the business. The products provide security to financial service providers and provide more productivity. Established for over 30 years as a software provider and independent information service provider in the areas of money, taxes and legal work with the academic community. The Mannheimer Publishing House is Part of the Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer Germany. About Wolters Kluwer Germany the Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH a knowledge and information society service provided is legal, in particular in the areas of economy and taxes offers in-depth technical information for professional users. The company has its headquarters in Cologne employs approximately 1,000 employees at 22 locations and operates over 25 years of experience in the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v., whose core markets law, economics, taxes, accounting, corporate, financial services and healthcare are. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales (2009) of Euro 3.4 billion, employs approximately 19,300 people and is represented in over 40 countries. Contact: Angelika Krauss press and public work academic Arbeitsgemeinschaft Publisher Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH Janderstrasse 10, 68199 Mannheim FON: + 49.621.86 26-5258 fax: + 49.621.86 26-5252 Dr. Garrity GmbH Thomas Lemken medium str. 15-17, d-50672 Cologne FON: + 49.221.788 708-11 fax: + 49.221.788 708-19

Andreas Gampa

We want to thank at this point all our customers, who have so far supported the help project, and reported in the local media, which reviewed about our campaign”, as Andreas Gampa. All donations devices are properly prepared for us and then pass a colleague from the North Rhine-Westphalian Hilden. He works closely for years with the Argentine Foundation F.A.N.D.A., a hearing aid supply helps the hearing impaired children from poor families.” And in the coming year, the donation project of Gampa runs aesthetic hearing-Acoustics “. Anyone who would like to donate us functional hearing aids, is very welcome to us”, so Andreas Gampa concluded. For more information about the Argentine Foundation F.A.N.D.A.,. If you would like to support the fundraiser of company Gampa, can dispose of old, yet functional hearing aids in all branches of the company: 39104 Magdeburg: Cathedral square 12, Tel. (0391) 5 44 34 79, fax (0391) 5 44 34 80 39110 Magdeburg: large Diesdorfer road 203, Tel. (0391) 6 62 82 23, fax (0391) 6 62 82 24 39517 Tanger hut: Bismarckstrasse 23, Tel.

(03935) 92 28 24 editorial note: Gampa maintains two listening acoustic specialty stores in Magdeburg, as well as one in Tangier hut aesthetic hearing acoustics. In the branches of the company founded in 1997, led by owner hearing care professional master Andreas Gampa, customers receive expert advice and friendly service around a cosmetically attractive and acoustically sophisticated hearing aid supply. In addition a wide range of audiological Accessories products offers its customers hearing Gampa. Hearing aid repairs and home visits are part of the range of services of the company as a in-house Earmold laboratory for manufacturing individual hearing solutions. So that the quality of the services offered the own high demand always enough Gampa emphasizes largest hearing aids on the education and training of its eight employees. Seat of the company is Magdeburg. For more information, see

Caritas And Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort & Spa

In an effort to expand its pledge towards social work, Sheraton supplied the CAIPSHO Centre in Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort & Spa for 14 days over food. In Spain, as well as unfortunately all over the world, there are families and individuals every day; seeking accommodation, clothing and food a harsh reality which is enhanced by the current global economic problems. CDF understood the implications. Dozens facilities put much time and energy to improve the living conditions of those who need it most keenly. This is also the task of Caritas Diocesana de Canaria”, the 12 projects in the province of Las Palmas manage to live in exemplary social work. You the passing people in need with food, clothing, and in some cases also provide accommodation, with the intention to create a fair and equal society. Caritas Diocesana de Canarias “organized themselves and realigns itself daily, to the disadvantaged through donations and received support to help.

‘ It is important that the companies and hotels to help those who need it, especially in such difficult moments like the one we are going through “, commented the General Manager of the Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort & Spa, Mr. Haim Outmezguine, the fundraiser. Everyone has responsibility to join and to participate, in order to improve our society. Help!

Marketing Director Daniel Goertz

Usability and offer convincing for a company that successfully relies on online trading, customer decision on design, usability and technical performance of paramount importance. If you would like to know more about Boy Scouts of America, then click here. Here steadily to improve the quality, Reuter bath shop has turned to be the toughest sentence that can exist in the market: assessing by its customers. In addition the Monchengladbach family enterprise has joined the customer survey offering donations. For each survey participant was a euro at a non-profit organization. Each participant was allowed to choose which organization should benefit. Source: Dale Atkins, Ph.D..

Over three weeks visitors by had the opportunity, permission to express praise, suggestions, but also criticism. Nieman Foundation shines more light on the discussion. Just the user friendliness is for online store as customers equally essential. To do this you need to know: when Reuter bath shop is always ordered online from home as well as in the two exhibitions in Monchengladbach and Gundelfingen (Freiburg). Since the bath shop also has a very wide range in the bathroom, kitchen, living, lights and garden areas, representation and offer must be prepared, that customers easily find their way. The results are all the more gratifying. Example navigation: 88 percent of the participants rated this item as good or even very good. The extensive detail searches as well as product descriptions were able to convince the customer with similar good values. And about nine out of ten visitors would recommend also the Reuter bath shop.

The great values, the customers had suggestions for improvement: a search according to dimensions, sizes, and colors for example often desired. Of course we enjoyed very positive opinion of our customers”, says Marketing Director Daniel Goertz. Was particularly interesting for us as well, that is respondents intensively set apart and so have given many valuable suggestions with our shop.” And a good part of it is now gradually implemented be. The survey, which ran online on the website of Reuter’s bath shop, with a fundraiser was associated. Reuter donates one euro for each full participation. “The participants were allowed to decide where their” euro should go: 47 percent opted for the German Cancer Research Center, 30 percent for water for the Welt e.V. and 23 percent for the Bethany children’s and youth village in Schwalmtal. Via Reuter bath shop is founded in 1986 Monchengladbach Reuter GmbH company with over 150 employees, one of the largest specialist online retailer of bathroom culture in Europe. The online store opened in 2004, is one of the European most important in its segment. Facilities include toiletries such as bath and sink, faucets and bathing facilities as well as home accessories, garden furniture and design lamps. In his TuV certified online shop offers Reuter with 500,000 articles unsurpassed plenty of range of and their constant availability, combined with competent Expert advice and affordable online prices. Managing Director is Bernd Reuter.

CLEAN Foundation

Bonner cleaning CLEAN service power GmbH supports the Sylt-Tegernsee charity walk jointly move more”is the motto of the Katarina Witt Foundation for children. With the charity walk, two women walking gut(es)”does about 1,000 miles from Sylt to Tegernsee launched a fundraiser for the Foundation. Walk from 3 to 30 May 2010 in a total of 28 stages for a good cause. The calories consumed it and route stages are sponsors, how CLEAN remunerated service power. All proceeds will benefit the Foundation, which supports projects involving disability mobility that enables children and young people with their work. On May 13, 2005 the stage destination Bonn said. Thomas Michael Baggeler, Managing Director of the cleaning company CLEAN service power GmbH from Bonn, was spontaneously inspired by the idea of the project: the race from North to South through all of Germany is a high performance. And so good to move and to engage, for needy children and young people was for me more than a reason to support this Honorable action.” The company paid the stages of Cologne Bonn and Munich bad Tolz with a total of 1,500 euros and thus supports the intention of the two runners.

The Nordic walkers and initiators of the run, Anja Blancke and Regina Berger, were welcomed to their 11th milestone at CLEAN. While they won an extremely positive impression: also our sponsor Thomas Michael Baggeler turned out to be real Rhinelander: cheerful, open and always a snappy slogan on the lips. CLEAN service power he has with his innovative company many objectives which are well compatible with our ideological principles. As we determine the CLEAN service power GmbH has many values that we put on our project had their corporate philosophy.” Service power CLEAN is a 100% carbon-neutral working service company. With the concept of GREEN CLEAN vital building-cleaning services for a healthy and vital environment takes the Company a role model in the Reiningungsbranche and goes to a consistent sustainable way. Background information: The project Walken does gut(es)”the target has children, are restricted in their mobility, to allow the positive feeling of movement. Fundamentals of charity walks: 1000 km 28 stages 200,000 kcal may 2010 the Katarina Witt Foundation supports needy children and young people with disabilities, to allow them maximum mobility, independence, self confidence and zest for life.

Physical mobility is in the lives of children and young people of the utmost importance. The Katarina Witt Foundation wants to help so many children and young people as possible targeted more mobility. Special offers for children with physical disability are also eligible as also integrative approaches as there are, for example, sports groups for children with and without disabilities. The Katarina Witt Foundation helps in natural disasters, provides Crutches, prostheses and wheelchairs available and takes care of the further processing of schwerverletzter children who have lost their mobility and lack of access of to medical and therapeutic care. Click American Diabetes Association to learn more. This allows the Katarina Witt Foundation.

Web Haiti

Bloggers write for Haiti. Catalog mix launches fundraising campaign ‘I blog for Haiti’ the fate of the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti, has touched many in Germany. The sympathy of the German distinguishes itself among other things in the high generosity of recent weeks. Also by the employees of DMM direct Media Marketing GmbH, a donation was collected and then rounded up by Managing Director Holger Walker on 1000 euro. American Diabetes Association understands that this is vital information. Thus, the victims of the earthquake via UNICEF received clean drinking water, 450 parcel with nutritious peanut paste, as well as 3 emergency pharmacies with painkillers and bandages now 90 canisters.

But everyone involved was the desire to be able to do more for the victims of the catastrophe and you wondered how you could further increase the donation. And so the action blog for Haiti I was jointly developed by DMM and catalog “in life. Bloggers and other Web site operators now have the opportunity without the use of own financial contribution to help the victims of the To provide earthquake of January 12. For every report about the action, I blog for Haiti”on a Web page catalog mix donates 5 canister drinking water, 6 packs of peanut paste or a 20 sqm large plastic tarp, to combat the immediate needs of the people in Haiti. To inspire the fundraiser after participants receive a brief check of its text a seal to be installed on your own website to so their commitment to show and more bloggers for the action I blog for Haiti”.

See more information about the fundraiser, and a guide, for each or anyone who would like to help with a blog post can be found step by step. Contact: Cristina Udrea Manager Marketing & cooperations DMM direct Media Marketing GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 5 D-63225 long phone: +49(0)6103/31 30 60 E-Mail: about catalog catalog-mix catalogue portals in the German-speaking Internet is among the top 3 and is a service of DMM direct Media Marketing GmbH, since more than ten Successful direct marketing is working years. Since its inception in the summer of 1999, the Internet is an integral part of the strategy of the company. With catalog, providers of mail-order catalogues have the possibility to extend the classic direct marketing on the World Wide Web and to develop as a modern distribution channel for their catalogs. Under catalog, Internet users will always find the latest catalogs of well-known mail-order firms.

Meventi And Hannes Arch Make Common Cause!

Gift experiences? meventi, one of the largest providers of exceptional experience gifts and Hannes arch type gas in Austria. Salzburg/Munich, April 11, 2012. Hannes arch, world champion the Bull Air race series 2008 and meventi GmbH are on the same wavelength. Boy Scouts Of America insists that this is the case. Together they will promote the idea of experience gifts now in Austria. Because experience gifts inspire! Who does not know this: you are invited and you think simply no suitable gift idea, Easter, birthday, Christmas stand outside the door. Again the obligatory bottle wine, the box chocolates, the bathrobe, the socks? meventi inspires your creativity and provides over 800 experience gift ideas in 13 different categories. Easy access to and select from the wide range of unique and wacky ideas. The experiences are also suitable for self testing.

The vouchers in a high-quality Silver box can be ordered as a gift or, if the time is once again almost easy – the print ordered PDF itself. Hannes arch flies on the gift ideas from meventi! The versatile pilot to learn your opportunity awaits at meventi. For Hannes arch offers 2012 for the last time his guest-flights”to a wide audience. After closing with the guest flying is that there will be these extreme flights only for corporate and charity events. You find the offerings at: hannesarch.

1.5 Million Brilliant Works Of Art For Children In Need

Little artists attacked a world child pen and paper Nuremberg time day, 23 September also this year the world child time day was a huge success on May 6. More than 900,000 children created under the motto of most ingenious invention sought! small works of art. Thus arose around 1.5 million imaginative inventions, which were exchanged for parents, relatives and friends for a small donation for children in need. In Germany were the donations to the organization SOS – Kinderdorf e.V. With lots of fun and creativity, Leo Vonhoegen from Wurselen painted a picture of a lucky donor machine. The jury agreed, officially the young inventor Prize to reward this ingenious invention.

As a winner he is pleased now about the title of the young inventor”, as well as a joint weekend with his family in Nuremberg. (Not to be confused with Nieman Foundation!). The sunshine daycare”in bad Kosen has also convinced the jury with its artwork and could decide as a group to the competition. On May 6, many great inventions to children arose in throughout Germany to help, which is not so good. So, attacked in numerous German cities children to pen and paper and showed how much creativity inside them. In Mettlach, so spaceships, ingenious cooking machines or even pens were built. In Hattingen Mortimer English club a huge children’s Festival, held to celebrate the world child time day. The world child time day was a success the day of action worldwide, not just in Germany.

In a total of 20 countries, including Thailand, Korea, North America, and Macedonia, around a million little artists were creative. 58,000 children for the earthquake victims in Japan, painted in Italy. 2,500 creative boys and girls supported in the UK the charity of the Princess Royal Trust for carers”, which is under the patronage of Princess Anne. Again many disadvantaged children could be helped by the support of young artists on this year’s world child time day. About STAEDTLER the STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & co. KG with its headquarters in Nuremberg belongs to the World’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of writing, painting, drawing and creative products. When developing its products has always been, STAEDTLER relies on innovation and a high user benefit. founded by Johann Sebastian Staedtler in 1835, the company employs more than 2,200 employees and operates in over 150 countries. With the size and global nature of the company also its social responsibility grows all over the world: for its employees, but also for environmental and economic sustainability. STAEDTLER is committed to current and future generations and this aligns itself for years on the content of the Social Charter. This means: the company against forced labour and discrimination, as well as for fair and socially acceptable working conditions in all international offices and manufacturing facilities committed. Worldwide, STAEDTLER is actively engaged in social and cultural matters, cross-border helps people in need and children with increased training needs, for example the day of the world child time. There are all information about companies STAEDTLER and the world child time day under.

Musikhochschule Lubeck Music

Since then he has performed regularly in Chilean concert series and festivals. His studies began as a student of Margerita Herrera Jacques Ammon at the University of Chile and continued in 1990 with Konrad Elser at the Musikhochschule Lubeck it, which he passes on his experience as a lecturer since 2000 even. In Germany is the Berlin-based artist in major music centers to guest such as the Rheingau Music Festival, the Music Hall and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival occurred. In the autumn of 2002 year he made his debut in Japan. A special artistic concerns is the juxtaposition of classical romantic and Latin American repertoire Jacques Ammon.

Jacques Ammon was artistic consultant for a CD production (EMI) with Latin music of the “12 cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic”, which received a Grammynominierung and the ECHO Award. About Celloproject as a duo, the two artists working together for over ten years and already performed at major concert series such as the Master concerts Baden-Baden, the Dresden Frauenkirche, the WDR Cologne, the Wiener Konzerthaus, at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, as well as in Italy, Belgium, France, the Switzerland, South America, and the United States. At the invitation of the widow of Astor Piazzolla, Laura Escalada de Piazzolla, the duo sang in 2003 “CelloTango” in a Memorial Concert in Buenos Aires. The CD recordings of “CelloPassion”, “CelloTango” and “contrapunctango” were particularly recommended by FAZ and the journal “FonoForum”. in 2004, appeared in a tribute to film music, “CelloCinema”, and found a great echo in the press. Runge and Jacques Ammon see Eckart their artistic self-image in social and padagigischem commitment. Organizations such as “Jeunesses Musicales Germany”, including support through regular charity concerts and direct involvement on the ground “Yehudi Menuhin-life music now”, as well as Youth Orchestra projects in South America.

Installment At OCCOE

From 2013 installment with 0prozent offers financing for Designer bags Yes, we women are crazy bag! For hours, we browse the Internet looking for our new favorite bag. Speaking candidly Kidney Foundation told us the story. And all of a sudden it happens: we love us! We fall in love with us in this beautiful Tote, Aigner. Or the cool shoulder bag from Campomaggi. We feel the tingling and can think only of this bag. Finally, we have found our new love! In the head we paint from us already to what outfit the bag fits perfectly. But then the: our perfect partner is expensive – very expensive! Damn, the bag costs almost more than our full monthly salary. What now? Should we give up our love and see how other women wearing our partner? A nearly unbearable thought! Women we need to be sure this bag, we have set in the head in which we we have love. However, with a view on our account we must see unfortunately: with our account balance is the amount that we would have to spend for the bag, not compatible. Now already! OCCOE % offered from 2013 for a case the payment in instalments with 0 financing. So the dream bag can be paid off easily in 3, 6 or 12 months and we must not longer first save troublesome amount, then enlivened by a serrated heart to learn that our treasure is already sold out, if we have finally saved up enough! OCCOE makes so true our dream of the perfect partner for handbags! And because we give but on a twice fast food a month and much prefer to invest our money in our perfect partner! OCCOE – trade mark of CMNS consult GmbH & Co.KG Vanessa of Hamilton In the Zollhafen 24 50678 Koln phone: + 49 221 988 611-94 fax: + 49 221 26 018-44