Calder Academy

Storage tanks, tank farms, environmental protection and winter maintenance equipment: Always new regulations, as well as judgments on risk liability of landowners require well-thought-out tools to meet the requirements. At the same time evolved the “State of the art” in the environmental protection as well as at the winter service, in the storage and transportation tanks. To provide the customers with always the currently best equipment, advanced Cain, the specialist for practical equipment, its catalog in the current output to 16 now 196 pages ( In the chapters “Warehouse of hazardous substances and environmental protection”, “” tank stations and tank farms,”pumps”, “Transport and storage containers”, “Scattering”, “Winter maintenance” as well as “heat and energy storage” is an extensive range of carefully selected everyday solutions for industry, agriculture and communities available. Expert help for the user, even when the law-compliant selection of products, was and is the strength of Cain. It applies not only to the individual advice on the products, but this philosophy is already observed in advance when selecting a product. PCRM is actively involved in the matter.

So many innovations have been recorded in the new catalog in addition to the proven duration burners again. There new sizes with mobile tank stations and one 60 l plastic trolley for transporting gasoline. For AdBlue urea solution also new storage containers are available. In the area of transport and storage containers, the CEMbox in four sizes with 150 to 750 l content offers an ideal, lockable storage solution for construction site and vans. Partitions, insertion and setting bowls, as well as individually moldable foam cubes from pure protect even delicate tools here. A tilting container made of steel with Staplertascher allows easy disposal of production waste such as Rotary chips or for accidents involving hazardous substances, there are also complete emergency kits in shoulder bag or trolley sheet metal sections now in addition to the various binders.

So the damage can quickly and systematically restricted be. The winter service equipment and the scattering range has been supplemented with among others a scattering car with trailer coupling for larger areas and the snow is not liable a fiberglass shovel at the. Cain, innovative problem solver for storage, distribution and safe handling as a manufacturer of GRP products and complete supplier of solutions in the areas of storage, distribution and safe handling Cain offers wide ranges of products for many industries. Other services, such as the Calder Academy and practice-oriented discussions complement the broad portfolio. The pioneer in the field of modern transport and storage tank systems and Germany’s leader law-compliant complete systems for self-use stations also offers professional solutions for the storage of water-hazardous substances. Heating oil tanks with a 72-hour delivery service, winter service equipment like grit containers and scattering as well as traditional transport are a further pillar of the company and Storage containers for construction and agriculture.

New Year Wedding Cards

The online printing company with her new collection refers to the current trends of the year 2011. Especially the colors purple, green, or BlackBerry in combination with any shades of Brown are in demand in the new year. Floral elements-playful or classic replace the traditional symbols such as doves, roses and rings in the new year. You can see this development also on the specially designed cards of online shop. In addition to many new ideas, there is still a large selection of templates.

Whether wedding cards, baby cards, birthday invitations or Konfirmations – / communion cards, in our online shop you will find cards for every occasion and a design for every taste. With your own images and texts, the favorite map thus becomes the wishing card. Also place cards and menu cards can be ordered in the same design. Also don’t forget to guests to thank, thank you cards with a picture of the bride and groom or birthday child a beautiful reminder for guests are personally and also. To make invitation cards or wedding cards online is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to create personal and at the same time high-quality maps. presents the new collection on the moments of happiness, the trade fair for wedding, celebration and all the special moments in life, before. On 22 and 23 January 2011 you can visit our booth in the farmyard of the monastery of Furstenfeld in Furstenfeldbruck. Just make yourself a picture site or visit the online store!

Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Volunteer Scientology spiritual assistance and hope in various disaster areas the clergy brought Earth volunteer Scientology brought thousands of people support and hope in various disaster areas of the Earth in the last 12 months thousands of people helped clergymen Scientology Volunteers many people in disaster areas in Central and South America, South Africa, Australia, Italy, the Ukraine and India. The teams work in the meantime with 777 cities, States and federal agencies to bring many people to the helpful methods of L. Ron Hubbard. After almost supernatural rain in August 2008 broke a dam on India’s Kosi River near the Nepalese border and washed away 100,000 hectares of land in the State of Bihar. Over 2 million people were either destitute or displaced. The water was 7.5 meters high and the number of casualties made the tide to one of the worst in the history.

30 hours later, there was a Scientology “mobile charity station” on the streets of Calcutta. It was by Mohammad Halil Uliah headed, after the bombing in Mumbai 2006, 2008 in use was riots in Kolkata in the year 2007 and the fires in Panchana. He immediately received a robust dinghy to rescue of stranded villagers from Beldaur and Saharsa. He took care of medical board of 3,000 victims with pneumonia and amoebic dysentery. In coordination with the national disaster relief by India, he spent the malaria tablets, mosquito nets and emergency rations.

He was a “devastating situation in villages under water”, as it was called officially by extensive use of advisers on 10,000 people. Commanders of the military base and a regional legislative Assembly responded to as follows: “The people of Bihar honour Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard”. Professor of Internet Governance: the source for more info. An earthquake that registered a magnitude of 6.3, 65,000 people to their home brought in L Aquilla (Italy). It was the deadliest earthquake in Italy in 30 years and destroyed the infrastructure in 26 places. 204 “yellow Savior” in the emergency have been used Place and helped many people with advisers. The team leader of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are certified protection specialists and have their own units under the direction of the national headquarters in Rome. To provide administrative and tactical support, for help storage and disaster relief. Also, they deliver medical care, distribute emergency rations and provide outpatient services. During the firefighting at the devil BBs peak in South Africa took teams of Volunteer Ministers to the supply by over 1,000 firefighters and paramedics with food, water and coffee. 15-metre flames at a speed of over 320 kilometers per hour raged in South-East Australia. Melbourne’s volunteer Scientology clergymen were active in the fire lane at the Cardiff store where she organized to supply lines and helped over 5,000 people. Just a few examples of the many missions of honorary Scientology were clergy after natural disasters in the last 12 months. In addition, were the teams a total 230,000 kilometers wide with yellow relief tents on the road, to introduce the methods of aid by L. Ron Hubbard. The team applied the full range of methods to bring help and relief in recent months to people in disaster locations.

InterContinental Hotels

“Strong for the weak”, …so is the objective of the charity Club Berlin e.V. Dr. Joachim hiking, President and co-founder of the charity Club Berlin, presented a cheque for 5.000.-to Dean Matthias Heimer, the Board of Directors of the Dolphin aid e.V. on Monday the 06.April 2009. This cheque is the small Emilia, suffering years of rare disease Mucopolysaccharidosis type III. Emilia this donation allows a dolphin therapy that already achieved sensational success in other children. The 4-year-old girl is to commence now their journey to the dolphins shortly with their parents. “” The charity Club Berlin e.V.

(CCB) was founded in September 2006 and could earn up to date via 80.000.-with its members and institutions, such as the Kita warmth “for HIV infected children or the hospital for burn victims” in Marzahn, donate. Every first Monday in the month members of the CCB meet at 19:00 in the exclusive rooms of the InterContinental Hotels in Berlin and arrange for a festive evening buffet a contemplative fundraiser. This occur an honorary Berlin artist and entertaining through a very pleasant evening. For a night, all readers are cordially invited and welcome. Who wants to help then also still active, can be like for 10.-monthly Become a member of the charity Club Berlin. “The motto of the Club is: strong for the weak” you can find more information on.

Sing, Play, Help

What do Udo Lindenberg, Dynamo Dresden, and the fans of the two have in common? Berlin, 16.04.10; 17. April kickoff in the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion Dresdner is 14:00. It SG play Dynamo Dresden FC Carl Zeiss Jena. In itself a note value. And Udo Lindenberg’s messages and of course many fans with a video.

The game is a charity event for the benefit of the HOPE Cape Town Foundation. And so the mystery to the togetherness of soccer fans, football players, Dynamo Dresden and Udo Lindenberg is. HOPE Cape Town is a project which supports ill women and children mainly from AIDS in South Africa. The football game is only the prelude to a series of events. There is much to support and raise money for the Foundation HOPE to collect Cape Town. The crowning, will be already the HOPE Gala Dresden for the 5th time in a row, on October 30 in the Schauspielhaus.

This is also the date for the cash. Until then, but much time is, and anyone can help the entrepreneur Viola Klein of Saxonia systems AG, explains Initiator. So far as much money coming in we made it every easy to help. SMS can do with anyone who has a cell phone. Now, once all the fans in the Stadium are asked but also those at home left with an SMS to send help. Send an SMS with the text of HOPE to the shortcode 8 11 90 is the request. Under the umbrella of the German Aidsstiftung the considerable sum was transferred last year from over 80,000 euros of HOPE. This applies to beat it. And also with prominent support of Udo Lindenberg. More info: a SMS will cost 3 the normal SMS-transport fee plus. This is a service provided by spendino GmbH. minus the service fee 2.83 go directly to HOPE Cape Town. spendino GmbH Liebenwalder Strasse 11 13347 Berlin Tel 030-450 20 522 fax 030-450 25 657 that spendino GmbH is a service provider for the nonprofit sector. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the Non-profit organisations in Germany. Thus, the only provider in Germany, which specializes in the use of mobile technologies for social purposes is spendino. In combination with online donations solutions and tools for the social Web spendino offers an innovative fundraising tools.