Camps Pay

The PP wants Camps avoid trial and pay the fine of 46,000 euros, while that involves acknowledging their fault. Genoa thinks there will be electoral advancement in autumn, so the temporal coincidence between Rajoy campaign and the impact of the trial should be avoided. The direction of the PP want and looks like best bet that the Valencian President Francisco Camps, pay the fine imposed, about 46,000 euros, in the case of the Gurtel plot costumes and avoid the step by the bench while that involves acknowledging their fault. Details can be found by clicking Nieman Lab or emailing the administrator. Various sources of the dome of the party emphasize that this is not only the most plausible option right now, but it is also the most desired. Cited sources consider to this Camps almost ruled out resignation and delegate their functions in Leon de Paula Sanchez. There are contacts between the Valencian President and your environment with the national leadership of the party. The sources do not confirm if Camps and the national leader, Mariano Rajoy, have spoken, but point out that as many insurance is that it has so happened.

It could not be otherwise, they remachan. What you can be asking for Genoa to the President of the Valencian Community not sources clarify it. Privately confirm that for Camps options can only be paying the fine or resign, but as they affect the latter extreme is remotisimo, expected since the President announces that he will pay the stipulated sanction: 46,000 euros if a rebate is not negotiable. Genoa would thus heaped their claim at the moment, which is the avoid the Camps step by the bench in a trial before popular jury. Furthermore, the PP believes there will be electoral advancement in autumn, so it should be avoided as it were a possible temporary coincidence between the campaign of Mariano Rajoy and the implications of the trial. Source of the news: the PP sees as best bet to Camps pay the sanction in the case of costumes

The ECB Again Buying Sovereign Debt Of Italy And Spain By Speculative Attacks

It is the second week that the Central Bank purchases sovereign debt by the euro crisis. The European Monetary Authority does not specify countries that purchased debt amounting to 14,291 million euros. Germany continues with its fierce opposition to the issuance of common eurozone debt. The European Central Bank (ECB) bought last week public debt amounting to 14,291 million euros, which include mostly Spanish and Italian bonds. Both countries are being tabulated by the markets, which are wary of their ability to pay their debts. The ECB has reported this Monday that has intervened in the secondary market for government debt of the euro area for a second consecutive week. Then he wore since March without buying government debt.

Meanwhile, the European locomotive Germany, supported by the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and France, still maintains a fierce opposition to the issuance of Eurobonds, common bonds for the eurozone. At the risk of increased inflation with the purchase of debt public, the ECB withdraw from the market Tuesday, seven days, some 110,500 million euros at a variable rate tender which will offer commercial banks a maximum rate of interest of 1.5%. Last Monday it already acquired debt of Italy and Spain, achieving that differential who paid both countries by financing connection Germany down 300 basis points from 400 points above dimensions.Until then, the only ECB had acquired debt of countries such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal and Max of 16.5 billion euros buying had occurred in May 2010. The European Monetary Authority does not specify the countries which have bought the debt, but said in early August that it would proceed to acquire bonds of Spain and Italy after speculative attacks, which have confirmed the operators in the markets since then. The ECB has acquired in the euro area public debt amounting to about 110,500 million euros. August 4, the Governing Council of the ECB decided to keep the programme of purchase of government debt to help countries facing financial difficulties despite the opposition of the President of the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann. The ECB has been criticized for purchasing sovereign of Spain and Italy while she decided to take this measure to calm the markets, after hard attacks on European stock markets. Source of the news: the ECB buying sovereign debt of Italy and Spain by speculative attacks again