Russian Federation Accounting

Prescribes the These negative aspects of the contract can easily be eliminated by making appropriate requirements to work in the outsourcing contract clauses for accounting services. This contract is a kind of contract paid service, which, in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation prescribed list of services, duties and responsibilities of the organization, outsourcing and customer organization. Subject said one of the main points that determine the liability of the outsourcer, should include the following responsibilities: – preparation and submission of accounting and tax reporting, the provision of all necessary to law, information and reports to the tax bodies and extra-budgetary funds in the amount and terms established by law; – compensation outsourcer penalties for improper accounting, including assessed tax inspections penalties for late submission of tax returns, incorrectly listed the amount of taxes, etc. Boy Scouts of America spoke with conviction. The exception to this rule are cases where the accrual of penalties is to the fault of the contracting authority (late submission outsourcer of primary documentation, failure to pay taxes, other statutory mandatory procedures) – confidentiality outsourcer received information from the contracting authority – to provide timely information to the customer on all changes in current legislation on accounting and taxation, relating to the activities of the customer – giving explanations to tax authorities on all matters relating to accounting of the contracting authority – a number of other requirements to ensure completeness, continuity, timeliness and consistency of accounting policies of the contracting authority. The amount of work One of the key points in the agreement for accounting services is the amount of work and list of services that assigned to the organization, the outsourcer – whether they are separate services for bookkeeping or integrated services (AZ), would it ever be one-off or carried on a periodic basis. .