To Fritz Dubois Peruvian Institute

For Luis Valdivieso, the day on Monday could not be better: new minister took over as Peru’s economy in the same day that Standard and Poor’s issued an investment grade country. The task of Latin American finance ministers, is generally not at all simple. But in the case of the Peruvian economy, which is going in the right direction, all you have to do is stay the course and prevent different factors that threaten to divert it, succeed. From your profile as Orthodox, the new finance minister ensures the continuity of economic policies that have been ongoing in Peru. In particular, the maintenance of fiscal restraint is key in a time where inflation pressures have increased in a context in which monetary policy is ineffective.

But back to the issue of investment-grade rating of Peru, in what was based S & P to improve the note at a time when global markets are so agitated and can negatively impact on the Peruvian economy? said Sebastian Briozzo, credit analyst at S & P said in a statement: “The improvement is supported by the significant drop in external vulnerabilities and prosecutors in Peru, in a context of diversification of sources of growth with low inflation and strengthening the foundations macro. ” To Fritz Dubois Peruvian Institute of Economics and former adviser to the Ministry of Economy: “Despite a very difficult international context, Peru is doing well. He had an excellent fiscal position and does not require that the markets are open for financing. .