The VICTORIES Inside of what it is reasonable, to get a victory are synonymous of conquest, when the waited one is reached, after to have had the confidence to undertake a search based on the ousadia and the faith of that if it wins any advent during the way, that if it shows I inside oppose the inlaid certainties of the soul. The freedom of being able to exhibit what he is its for right and that this is not gotten easy, but yes with much fight and persistence, thus reaches it victory. The profits are great, the people however are friends, however are enemy, make of these taken over on a contract basis something more consistent, more valuable. One uses of many examples, the bad ones that they do not have to be followed and yes prevented, and the good ones so that if makes better still. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. It also has the comparisons that they are inevitable partners of the passage, and that thanks to them it puts if a break-even point between what valley the penalty to be made and what not valley. After a time, the flavor of the victory becomes less accented, but its palate is not lost, but it gets used with it and this it makes to it to seem normal, simple, but in the search of this victory they had been the scars, and they are not few and they are they who always bring the alive souvenir of everything what she was transferred. Many times some victories of before, currently seem so more easy, with as much technology the disposal. But for the conquests in times that if could not count on such thing, it will be that it would be so easy? Where deferred payment now the taken over on a contract basis flavor of the same one when conquered I assist without it of current intelligence, made use in you scheme highly specialized for such fact? How to lead a great flock of cattle for hundreds of kilometers in lombo of mules, but today made in trucks computerized, with conditional air on paved roads and that they most of the time swallow hundreds of kilometers in one day? The wisdom is a fabulosa virtue and therefore that it makes in understanding that the flavor of the victory of before cannot persist perpetual, therefore thus certainly we to them we would accomodate in blond greens and fatally we would not search always more more. Chase Koch recognizes the significance of this.

Fashion And Post-Modernity

Introduction the fashion is one of the phenomena most emblematic of after-modernity. Spread out for all the fields of the cultural production, permeia it some spheres of the contemporary, changedding themselves into excellent object of the daily life, being vector of the joint and the development of social relations. It has the capacity to condense and to translate sensibilidades proper of the culture of century XX. A fashion is, over all the consumption either of objects, either of ideas. Many times avesso the utilitarian questions, the product of the fashion assumes identitrio character, expressing identities and identifications. Add to your understanding with Boy Scouts of America.

The fashion is a symbolic territory that allows to the manifestation to the social igualizao and the impulse to the social distinction, that is, to the difference the uninterrupted production of new fashions, visible phenomenon since modernity, left of being an exclusive characteristic of the universe of the appearance to become the dominant paradigm of the postindustrial society, a time that all industrial and technological sectors if had relieved to the programmed obsolescence and the estilizao of products. As all product generated for the mass culture, the advertising campaigns are formuladoras of messages and symbols socialidade institutors. This implies to say that they in such a way perpetuate and reinterpretam representations as they generate others, through the creation of necessities and directions, that start to appear in the daily life of the women, contributing for its social interaction and construction of identities. Had to its characteristics, the propagandas are, therefore, privileged spaces of analysis of the social constructions, specifically, of the place attributed to the women in the society and of the notion of practical for developed them in the social relations. This type of miditica propagation not only sketches a feminine identity, it reaffirms as it in the condition of a nature. Thus, it stops beyond the new features of the fashion is necessary to understand the logics that they organize, trying to reconstruct through the ways of its history the links that join it the collective one all.

Charity Society

Equally it is admitted, in the moderate ways, a socratria construction, supported for four forts pillars: Education, Philosophy, Politics and Religion. Wild Pine Blacksmith congregated in its person, the life and the workmanship, those four dimensions of the man in society. For more information see Center For Responsible Lending. In the religious scope, the author of a indication of which is the virtues that, in the Christian religion, the man must observe: Faith, Hope and Charity, whose characterization it looks for to make in accessible language. The interest in if approaching the religion, any that it is, inhabits in the fact of this component of the human being, at least in the majority of the people, being part of universally recognized the human rights. With effect, Pine Blacksmith defending and giving to priority to the religion catholic, implicitly recognizes, for the natural law of the freedom, other religions, of remaining portion, as Christian that it was, certainly it practised the virtues that defended and through the charity it would have the obligation of being tolerant and to develop the love to the next one. Retaking, however, other aspects from which if it looks for to demonstrate that the Social Philosophy, Educational and Politics of Wild Pine Blacksmith have interest for the Human Rights in the actualidade, for what three are written down plus these sources: First: How much to the Social Philosophy, it is verified that the concept of social rights, in this author, drift of the established one for the social or positive laws that constitute decisions taken for the men, congregated in society. In this direction they point its projectos of construction of associations, of creation of banks, foundation of society of mutual socorros, establishments of industrial education. Thought and share for the resolution of the problems of the community. In the Silvestrina society all the citizens have right to the work or, in the lack of this, to the official supports for its survival, however, it is obligation of the individual to provide the ways of its subsistence, through the work, in a profession for which it has physical and moral capacity.

Spiritual Development

For decades in numerous publications in philosophical dictionaries traditionally present an explanation of the "spirit" as an intangible beginning, as the production of consciousness in the form of society – religious, philosophical, political, legal, scientific, moral, artistic. The notion is "spirituality" is not defined and is not discussed. In practice, it is used very intensively and with large discrepancies. What are the main features of modern views on spirituality? The concept of spirit, soul, spirituality, spirituality, consciousness, and prescribes, as a rule, a man and are considered immaterial, thinking, linguistic, linguistic, intellectual concepts and phenomena. Spirituality in the past and modern philosophical basis is defined as charity, morality and the inner aspiration to know, ability to control their psyche, mind, emotions. Spirituality is also associated with culture, art, religion, occultism, magic, theosophy, science, love and sexuality. Go to Center For Responsible Lending for more information. Thus, the notion of "spirituality" dumped All human life, but all other objects of the Universe has a spiritual allegedly had no right and conversations on this topic had not been maintained and is classified as taboo.

The author believes that the "Spirit" – this is important, comprehensive material energy-mental phenomenon. From the Spirit formed all concrete, including concrete biological, conscious biological, intellectual, biological. Spirit is the idea alive in all sites Universe. More details on this theme is revealed in the book by Yu Laman "And I had my way " The soul – the mental (subtle, energy-) start of any object in the range of information of the Earth, under the leadership shown by Spirit. Consciousness – specifically formed energy-phenomenon, which is able to dissect and learn any information. Formed as needed soul to perform a specific task at the right level of information. Spirituality – a state of mind-consciousness to the possession, consciously or unconsciously, specific range of manifestations of the Spirit, or the phenomena of the Universe. Spirituality – quality over quantity mastered mental technologies.

Moral can not serve as a measure of spirituality! Spirituality – it is the power, scope, opportunities, etc. specific information object. If a person is unable to understand the other object, it does not mean that the other – soulless, ghostless. All information objects – inspired by, alive and intelligent. None of the information objects are bad, negative or hostile – there is information that is not understood by man. Spiritual growth of man is uniquely associated with disease, ailments, suffering, limitations, and other troubles, because thus there is a constant intrusion into other information and breach of harmony. Man in his ignorance of the danger to the Universe, and therefore it constantly monitors and limits the Hierarchy of the Universe. Materials of the report are based on research and practical experience in the use of effective cognitive technologies developed and successfully used by the author for the past many years.

Reorganization Ethics

In the current scene arquitetado for the compulsory search for unipessoal glory, it is extended the increasing banalizao of not altruistic gestures and to the dissolution of the ethics – that, constantly, it has its diminished paper front to the new individual priorities. The low degree of attributed importance it, in turn, causes conflicting reorganization of the principles arraigados in the society. Produced associations of pulleys and sheaves they make possible that an only man raises colossal blocks of concrete. In the same way, complex social interactions all transform the action of a simple individual into example for the group: practical ours – ethical or not – widely they are spread. In this manner, as it affirms Bauman, the current after-modern conjuncture if directs for the liquefaction of the ethical values – resultant of the individualism; however, the collapse – not yet absolute – of the ethical behavior perpassa other factors: the lack of control on our intrinsic incoherences and the volubility of opinions. To defend established ethical principles in social relations humanists becomes arduous task in the measure where the people consider this ingenuous attitude or is of the standard. Such consideration must it the fact of that the current context is structuralized in the unilateralismo of the ideas, limiting the vision of conjuncture of the people – that, then, they neglect the divergent thought of outrem. It is mined, of this form, the paper and the importance of the ethics in the daily one.

The ethics never left of being essential. The small attributed importance it today, therefore, can and must be rethink. As the architect he remodels building old, the man is capable to rescue and to reconstruct principles. The beams of the building represent the proper ethics: they are essential in the structure and in the sustentation, therefore, as it affirms Kant, the balance of the conviviality inhabits in the ethics.

Death Hypothesis

Already in childhood, beginning to realize himself, the man asks – Why do I live? What is the meaning of life, if at the end of death? "If the stars are lit, it means someone needs' – the poet said. If all living things eventually die, then it's someone you need. Who? Body consists of chemical elements in the various states: solid, liquid and gas. But there is one thing, the mysterious "fourth state of matter '(VS Gryshchenko) which scientists say is in many ways – 'aura', 'energy field', 'bioplasm', 'biopsipole', etc. In religion, it's – 'divinity' in man, or simply – the soul. Each individual organism obeys the second law thermodynamics (about the rise of chaos), gradually grows old and dies. But the second law makes no exceptions for any state of matter – and we know, and as yet unknown. If we assume that the soul, a special state substance, then it too can not be exceptions.

Nevertheless, it is practically immortal, as is assumed in the 'Hypothesis biopolevoy formations …' (A. K. Mane) and approved by all religions. Due to what, or rather, whom? Thermodynamics admits that the general increase in chaos in the universe, there are mechanisms of conjugation, when the increase in disorder in the same place increases the order in another. If so, then we can assume that intelligent, highly organized 'fourth state of matter' – the soul, creates itself from the first three, our body is with you (the mechanism of conjugation), and by increasing the disorder in it (aging process) itself is younger, or how, at least not aging.

Divination And Occultism In The Network – Fiction Or The Shortest Path To Glory

Any one of us, probably, is the magic of their own way. For some – it's the occult, the ability to penetrate into other dimensions and communicate with people, long gone. For the rest the same magic – it is an ancient science based on manipulation hidden energy flows. For other people – a dangerous weapon, a way to change the last one's life or affect other people. Are, finally, those who perceive a magic spell, as a simple magic, and even unaware of how and why they act. Generally, in translation from the Greek 'magician' denotes a priest and a priest. And if you start from such an interpretation, it turns out that magic was present in our world always. It is also worth noting that, by and large, it has never depended on religion and the gods worshiped by the people.

In fact, disappeared into nothingness entire epochs, civilizations, pantheons of gods, and magic continued its existence. At all times there were priests who knew the secret. They worshiped it to her, some kind of universal mind, and have no way to the prophets, invented for themselves Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims and representatives of other religions. We note one important thing: the powers that be, regardless of their faith, actively used secret knowledge, or rather, those who possessed them. Look for any ruler, and you will see that far from it almost always looms the figure of a sorcerer, priest, magician, or shaman, in other words – the magician. Depending on the situation in the course was both light and black magic.

Often it turns out that without the preliminary meetings with the support of secret Knowledge does not accept any one how important government decisions. This is not surprising, because the various spells and charms were given the opportunity to see the future, could affect the course of the battle, provides good crops or, for example, pointed to the shortest path to fame and fortune. Perhaps you doubt, but these days esoteric, occult leaders are used in different countries. But this does not speak openly, but on individual fragmentary information suggests that the occult and magic are still needed presidents and monarchs. What is magic? Today is customary to share the magic of 2 main groups – light and dark. Light Magic characterized by the following features: conspiracies carried out during daylight hours; spells are aimed at removing corruption, evil eye, curses and other destructive programs; white magic does not bring harm to others, but on the contrary, lead to their healing and improvement. Black magic – other. Its distinctive features include: superimposed plots in the dark, magical work involves a destructive effect (Curses, omens, damage, lapels, and other actions in which violence occurs on consciousness and will of man); spells are directed to call the evil spirits, and the subsequent appeal to them for help in any dark affairs. Thus, it appears that the occult, divination, and various other features of magic can be both light and dark depending on what goals people running them. Finally one remark: due to the rapid spread of information technology for help mages can apply to everyone. Today, widespread consultation on network magic, numerology online, all kinds of ceremonies Shadow. In fact, it is quite natural, as mentioned above, the magic is not just endured the changing times and generations and have learned to indulge in the opportunities that it provides at the disposal of time.


Under James I, who it covered the parents begging was considered ' ' vagabundo' '. Apanhado, was beaten in convicted public and the six months of arrest. Recidivist received a conviction from two years. Such legislation would only be abolished in 1714. In France, the century XVII, ' ' vagabundos' ' they occupied Paris and they were under similar legislation. Luiz XVI, commanded in 1777, ordered to the welshman all man is and robust, of 16 to the 60 years, that profession or way of subsistence did not have. Almost two hundred years before, in 1537, Carlos V conceived a decree for Country-Low, through which the population of the fields, violently expropriated and reduced to the vagrancy, was submitted to the whip, the marks with iron in live coal, to the torture and the slavery. The wage-earners, appeared in the Second half of century XIV, did not form seno a small part of the population.

Its position was protecting in the field for the independent peasants, and in the city for the masters and apprenticees socially joined. The subordination of the work to the capital one was only one formality, specifically capitalist, with the changeable element of the capital prevailing on its element constant. In the truth, the legislation on the wage-earning work started with its matrix of exploration and was being successively directed against it in England, in 1349, as the Statute of Labourers, of 19 Eduardo III, through which it was forbidden, duly warned arrest, to pay or to receive wages higher than the established one legally. Curiously, the penalty shaving who received was bigger! In 1630, another statute allowed a master to get the work for the legal table by means of corporal violence. Since century XIV up to 1825, the coalition one of workers was considered crime. The wages in money went up very, however, of form slower than the depreciation of this and the corresponding rise of the prices of the merchandises, what it meant fall of the real wage.