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Teodulo Lopez Melendez: This requires the formation of a “parallel government” * If no one takes steps may have to form a government in exile writer Teodulo Lopez Melendez considers necessary to form a “parallel government” to monitor this regime. He argues that the events of recent weeks show the lack of a backbone to tell the country one direction, as demonstrated by intermittent and disconnected operations in the province and in Caracas. “Having regard to the plight of the country,” he says with conviction, “the institutional collapse of basic public services, proven over and over again the ineptitude of this government to serve the national community even their basic needs and its repressive vocation to be obvious, is necessary to form teams to give concrete answers and clear policy. Melendez Lopez recalls the constant complaint of Venezuelans in the absence of concrete proposals and repeated demonstration anxiety is only one way to keep election in September while the conditions are not only comitial but very existence of the country. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Neeman Foundation by clicking through. His proposal focuses on the formation of a shadow cabinet to monitor every area of official action.

It would comprise Ministers to follow up: Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy, Economics & Finance, Health, Infrastructure, Education and Basic Services. A shadow cabinet would not be considered as subversive? “For this government everything is so different it is subversive. In many countries there have existed and “shadow cabinet” dedicated to follow the government’s actions and conduct of counter-proposals. – “Have been used as a mechanism of democratic control and as a means of resistance to totalitarianism,” he adds.

Power Conviction

The hard work serves to obtain mental conviction. That is the unique utility of the hard work: to obtain a mental conviction about which it is desired. If you wish to be convinced to achieve then success and wealth she can resort to the hard work to feel that, since she has worked hard, then achieved the success and the wealth that as much she yearns for. But it understands that conviction is it leads what it to the success and not the hard work. If you wish to work, hgalo hard because it likes.

But it does not bind the hard work to the success, if it does thus, will have to work hard to obtain what wishes. There is some form to vitar the hard work to obtain the mental conviction? By all means that if. One of the forms easiest, fast and effective to obtain what it is desired, to achieve its objectives, with some effort hardly is to determine an irresistible goal following the lineamientos of libroEl Secret of the Power of Metas, of Andrew Corentt. These goals automatically obtain that mental conviction that generates everything to him what you wish. These goals are an agreement between their minds conscious and subconscious, reason why just by to establish them, the mental conviction takes place automatically, since in its construction the voice of the subconscious mind is taken into account.

As a result of this, everything what you settle down in manifest an irresistible goal of fast and abundant form in his life. You will have the true one to be able of the law of the attraction in you. If he wishes to avoid the hard work, then uses the technology of the Secret of the Power of Metas and its life will be what must be: a total life, full of wealth, success and happiness. Original author and source of the article

Want To Embark On Green Water On Their Own Campaign Mills

Bernhard Simon: ‘ The men’s head and Bahr deal selectively with the truth’ in the structural change like for example Wuppertal municipalities particularly affected by the difficult economic situation of struggle. In this situation, it would be best if we all were together. For this reason, for example, also the Alliance has Wuppertal resists ‘ formed. Unfortunately the Greens now play foul and veer off from the common struggle for Wuppertal interests to divert water on the own election campaign mills”, criticized the CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon. The accusation that the cooperation groups would make their decisions outside democratically legitimised bodies and would have ensured that before the municipal election committees hardly met, is an impudence. Remember the gentlemen Bahr, head of not more that their participation on November 4, 2008 the meeting plan for 2009 by mutual agreement set in the Council of elders? It is simply not true and is similar to a conspiracy theory, that the Cooperation have ensured that before the municipal election committees hardly meet.

We have a normal consequence of the session, and all political forces in Wuppertal in a transparent process have been informed also about the guidance of the Ministry of the Interior.” Simon urged the Greens to disarm again verbally in the sense of common cause. The Mayor and the City Manager have pointed out rightly, that for example on the subject of neighbourhood projects on the work level very constructive and future-oriented talks be held with the country and the District Government on further promotion as of 2009. With its extravagant attacks hurt the Greens of the city. Hopefully this storm in a Teacup sets soon so that we can focus on the real problems of Wuppertal and work together on a solution. Who runs who now shoots all cylinders against the two major factions in Wuppertal, and against the State of NRW”only force dairy farm at the expense of our city; Finally, as the CDU Bundestag Group Chairman.