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Gulf Stream

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It also provides free legal support to complete the transaction, which costs a lot, if you order the service separately. The desire to find the lowest price, for example, if a company – the intermediary with which you cooperate, offers property at prices well below market, or if you buy through it ensures unbelievable bonus, we will be at your place of thinking, and whether there are pure? Do not forget that in Spain, as everywhere, free cheese is … correctly, it was there! Woes of a failed deal stronger than the joy of low prices … Why in buying a home in Spain should apply to us? Our experience and expertise Affiliate “Gulf Stream” – is a network of offices throughout Ukraine, as well as in many cities in Russia and other countries. We value our reputation. That is why our partners in all countries – the company has long been successfully operating in the market. Professionals! Spanish company specialists have extensive experience working with clients from the CIS countries. They know all the nuances and special requirements of this type of customer.

You are always safe from nasty surprises! Wide range of services we can offer you: A wide range of residential and commercial property in Spain; Getting a mortgage loan at Spanish banks on favorable terms with a minimum of formalities; Participation in profitable investment projects in various sectors of the Spanish economy; Wide range of after-sales service real estate – this offer exclusive! Guaranteed support in any situation in a foreign country without knowing the language, laws and customs, you may find yourself helpless in the face of various problems. But all problems are easily solved if you know some details. Help and support for our Spanish partners does not end at the moment purchase transaction – the sale. Any service you may need to be provided for a modest fee. Verification of each property we carefully analyze all the properties before to offer them to you.

Be sure – you buy property free of debts and arrests, with a completely “clean” documents. What steps need to do on the way to the dream? Assessment of financial capacity to start, we suggest determine their financial capabilities. Do not worry if they are very modest! What seems to be unavailable, can be yours if you approach creative process. Choice Real Estate Contact nearest office of the partner network ‘Gulf Stream’ and talk to the manager of real estate. Describe your idea of the dream home, tell the expert about yourself and your abilities. Based on your wishes will be selected options. The specialists of “Gulf Stream” will provide you with detailed information on how to purchase real estate, the documents required and the approximate amount of future expenses. Trip to Spain for processing We will help you deal to prepare for a trip to Spain. During this trip you can explore the options available real estate and make a choice. ontrol of Your Diabetes. We will help you get a Schengen visa and buy tickets to Spain, and our Spanish partners will meet you at the airport of arrival, place and begin to translate your dreams into reality.


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And it was not there! About dates need to be reminded constantly, comments from neighbors about loud music to listen to that already may portend a lot of bonuses after departure, which can be a huge phone bill or broken items of decor. A the most successful "surprise" is when your favorite tenants moved out very suddenly, but to pay, as something completely forgotten. So, perhaps, is to enlist the support of professionals – real estate agency? Apply to real estate agency. Option two. Of course, as you know, real estate can be good helpers in the search for a customer to rent housing. Also, help is that the agency itself provides ad where necessary, takes calls, conduct exhibitions and, as a rule, already has some base formed by client requests. Pleasant, and the fact that the agency will have to pay for services you do not, and the renting side. The agency and contract as right to issue helps, that's only for a violation of his agency could not respond.

For what would completely withdraw from their shoulders worries, there is a new service – a contract of personal service. By signing the contract and the agency and the landlord enter into equal relations on the relative shelter, put up for rent. That is, to deprive yourself of all the questions, you can send an apartment in the use of agency and receive annual earnings by removing myself from all at the same time unnecessary headaches. The amount of income set by mutual agreement, and further the agency itself and the universe is looking for tenants, looking after the apartment and Compliance points of the contract (timely payment of communal, the payment of rent, a civil procedure). For tenants, this option is also useful, he does not need to pay any fees when renting housing, because rents in the already contains the amount that receives a real estate company in signing a contract for professional services. Everyone architect of his own happiness, and sometimes, perhaps, should cede some of their profits by denying themselves in order the most useless set of experiences and scandals, as well as gain confidence in the fact that after the next settlers your home can still be called flat.

Village High Beach

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Under the terms of the action, everyone who buys a cottage near the water in the village “High Coast” is assigned a unique gift – a document certifying the right to receive apartments in apart-hotel after its completion. According to Tatiana Kaplanova – Commercial Director MOZAIK Development, people always live in a country town, is often invited friends and family for the weekend. There is a need in the guest house, whose functions and can run apart-hotel. Apart-Hotel is situated in the village near the entrance of the group. It is planned to construct two three-storey houses and 72 apartments of one section of 36 apartments with the area 43.5 square meters. meters. “We believe that the possibility of acquiring shares in the period of two properties – houses and apartments – has obvious added value to our potential customers, they will hopefully be happy take advantage of, “- says commercial director Mozaik Development Tatyana Kaplanova.

Terms of action are valid for customers who have signed with the company a package of agreements to buy houses and have made the first line of the original payment period from 21 October to 25 December 2008. Participant receives shares of the company a certificate of his right to the apartment after the completion of its construction. Number of gifts is strictly limited – in the action involved only 10 apartments! Cottage settlement “High Coast” is located 55 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoye direction. General Plan of the village total area 65.32 hectares divided into 2 parts: the Western (48.86 ha) and East Beach (16.46 hectares). West Bank to be built up with 147 cottages ranging from 220 to 500 square meters. m with areas from 16 to 50 acres and 150 square townhouses.

m. On the East Coast will be built just 26 cottages of – 350-500 square meters. m on large plots of 30 acres to 1 ha. A feature of the project is well thought-out concept, focused on a comfortable life in nature, with an emphasis on recreation on the “big” water. The architects had designed six basic types of cottages of 220, 250, 300, 350, 400 and 500 square meters. m. homes provide panoramic windows, operated roofs, balconies and terraces built in the cottage all modern communications: gas supply, central electricity, water, sewerage, autonomous heating and hot water, satellite TV, high speed internet access, phone. Completion of construction of the settlement and delivery of its commissioning is scheduled for Q4. 2010. Prices of cottages range from $ 480,000 to $ 3 million, townhouses – from $ 300 000. In the cottage built all modern communications: gas supply, central electricity, water, sewerage, autonomous heating system and hot water, satellite TV, high speed internet access, phone. Completion of construction of the settlement and delivery of its commissioning is scheduled for Q4. 2010.

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