The Agency

A private trader usually takes a commission less than the agency and, thus, creates a serious competition. Center For Responsible Lending may also support this cause. Often in private real estate brokers are people who have worked long enough on the real estate market in the agency and decided to leave on their own bread. Many of these high-level professionals. Less work with such people is that if you “set up” or “Throw” the agency, then you will be able to resolve the issues through the courts, as your relationship with the agency spelled out on paper (contracts), and from private owners usually agree verbally, and to prove in court your message across much more difficult. We summarize. If you feel the strength you have time and desire, then you can start looking for yourself. In an extreme case, if something does not work, then turn to the realtors never late. If you understand that without the realtors can not do, then Try to find a specialist for advice.

Otherwise it may so happen that most of the work instead hired a realtor you will do, and yes even for their money. Believe me, I came across this quite often. When you register relations, it does not matter whether the agency or private owner, to enter into contracts for services. Prescribe all the details of the parties, as well as the entire scope of work, which must comply with the realtor. If you are denied custody of such contract, referring to the approved standard form, in which everything is very blurry, muddy and unclear, it is best to refuse such an agency. After the execution of works is an act of the work performed and give your quality characteristics. Try to postpone the payment of the contract at the last moment, as well as to prescribe that in case of unsatisfactory work performance, some amount should be returned to you. If you have any questions, write to me at, and I’ll try to answer you and tell how best to proceed. In an extreme case, redirect your mail (required with your consent) to one of its partners.

Types Of Home Foundations

Strip foundations, the most common type of foundation for homes. Use it is recommended for relatively light building structures and dense soils. Recognize a large number of structures Tape the bases: from block-cast reinforced concrete, and mixed solid block or brick-solid, they are recessed (40 to 120 centimeters), and shallow-buried – 30-40cm. In appearance monolithic strip foundation consists of a reinforced concrete strip (for which he received its name), placed around the perimeter of the building including the interior and under the load-bearing walls. Of all the above types, most reliable and popular is tape reinforced concrete foundations, so about him and we talk in this article.

Work on the installation of foundations are beginning to split the territory and digging the foundation pit. Depth excavation depends on such factors: the density of the soil freezing depth and weight of future buildings, as a rule it is about 70cm. The width of the trench wall thickness of the stone is 45-50cm. Center For Responsible Lending takes a slightly different approach. At the bottom of the pit arrange a layer of sand 15 cm and thoroughly stamps. Reinforcement of monolithic foundation can be done very simply. Complement reinforcing skeleton from armature section 12mm in advance planted bricks, in that order.

On bricks placed two lower rod departing from the pit wall 7-10cm, and then at intervals of 40 centimeters fix the crossbar and uprights, to them (not leading to the top of the basement 8-10cm) are mounted two upper longitudinal rod, and fittings fasten them together by transverse. To build a wooden plank formwork used low-grade 2, 5 cm thick. Advance cobble together the necessary size panels, taking into account the fact that the aboveground part of the casing should be at least 30 centimeters, followed by the mount in place in a single box. All formwork shall be securely fastened. Concrete mixture for monolithic foundation can be kneading on building site, or to order the dispatch of a mobile mixer already finished. The second option is preferable, the quality of the factory above, and secondly the whole casting is performed in a single day, which is important for the strength of the entire building. The box is filled with concrete to a level line on the inner side formwork, rams and close roofing material. Proceed to the erection of walls better in 15-20 days, but in practice, work started on the next after pouring.

Real Estate Demand

As shown by statistics, at the end of the ninth two thousand years there was an increase in the number of real estate transactions. The whole two thousand nine, the year was difficult for the real estate market, stagnation, lack of demand, and by the end of the year increasing demand. Where did this demand. According to analytical agencies, triggered pent-up demand. That is the demand that people put off indefinitely, and that's the end of the year decided to buy myself a gift or estate. Yes I do not argue.

There is a psychological aspect of the end of the year, when it is necessary to sum up the year, to finish something that does not have time to do during the year. How, then, at the expense of pent-up demand. Yes, the crisis has shown that property which had such growth rates may become cheaper, while a year ago no one believed it. Where did these prices. Yes, it just happens Race investments when bank deposits were given ten percent per annum, and investment in business – And then there was work to do, but in the real estate it's easier after a couple of months, you can sell twice as expensive. Let us recall the moments when the buyer had to pay now to his property, which he chose not went up to him. It's now a buyer can walk around it, half a year under different names for the same object, waiting for price drops to an acceptable level.