Professional Repair

Motorists can always run into two major nuances that are associated with the life of iron 'horses. " The first of these issues – where and how to find a professional masters or repair shop. It indeed essential, since the ability adjuster allows in many cases to do without changing parts. Or substantially prolong the duration of all parts of the mechanical component auto. The next level is placed exactly buying parts, or rather, the search for the source where you can always buy a reliable and reasonable price for parts, tires, wheels, plugs and other securities for auto parts.

AND if the number of service stations at this moment as an opportunity to pick up, for example, on the advice of friends, very reliable, the auto parts supplier with a bit more complicated. But, and here the most appropriate directly the views of friends, and it is better to have friends appeared the same brand car to parts of a particular manufacturer might try what they say in the field, in the work. Only after a certain period of time the use of various parts from the manufacturer can make a conclusion about their quality. However, rather than investigate the quality of the proposed set of practical way, you can use and specific aspects that provide an opportunity to find out whether or not to work with your details. For even more details, read what Boy Scouts of America says on the issue. The parameters are pretty clear: specialty manufacturer, source parts, and at the same time, of course, cost.

That in of specialization, there are in fact not difficult. To be absolutely sure of this, that at the right moment in accessibility will you need spare parts or consumables, clever stop choice for companies which implements the details of certain brands of cars. The greater the number of models serves a particular manufacturer, the less chance that your order just can not be done on time. Direct source essential components, it is no secret that at the moment is sometimes parsed overseas cars are sent to our markets in the form of components. And the warranty service for such details usually do not give the provider. Cost particularly important for vehicles affordable. Purchasing details for exorbitant prices – not at all interesting, but too cheap and can be of poor quality. Because picking up the shock absorbers bilstein, correct to focus on the fair market value, remembering that a miser pays twice, but actually very little reliable components can not be. And, once by selecting the appropriate manufacturer or the store, you will be able to contact them again and again. In this embodiment, and the shop is interested in, so that buyers turned out to be frequent, and the customer is very comfortable. As you can expect not only of good quality details, but also for discounts.

Imported Machinery

Holy pre-crisis period, many businesses are allowed to buy imported equipment both industrial and agricultural purposes. Like all good but the service life of the engine worked out, it's time to do repairs, and now the crisis … (Not to be confused with Nieman Foundation!). foreign-made engine maintenance may be made only by trained specialist, his work and spare parts are getting too expensive. The replacement unit as a whole will have to spend on 1.5 to 2 million rubles, and then again a possible repair and farther in a vicious circle … not to mention the fact that the required spare part has to wait up to a month.

A hopeless situation? Not at all! We propose to adapt the powerful and reliable engines YMZ, which makes of "Autodiesel" (Yaroslavl Engine Factory) on virtually any heavy imported machinery. Set conversion specialist design department develops engine plant, it is designed in such a way as to maintain constructive technical data engine, originally installed on the equipment: power, speed and torque. Accordingly, under these indicators and selected engine is its refinement – the main thing that the volume of the engine compartment allowed us to establish there YMZ. With our kits are already working on engines YMZ , Caterpillar, Hitachi, Landini, Dominator, Agrifac, E-281 and the other not to mention so familiar, like the T-150, CSC 100, Don-680, and 1200 to 1500, BT-100, 150, 700 and K-701, DT-75, T-4, Kamaz. Although even this technique we do exclusive suites, bringing for example Kirovets 420 "horses", so he could spend all agricultural operations in one pass. What we we get a result: – performance saved – repair and maintenance engine JAMZ can produce any competent mechanic, because for its reliability it is quite simple – Parts JAMZ inexpensive and can be available in every region of our country and neighboring countries – now the most pleasant – you can think of where to spend the saved 50% of the value of imported motor! It's time to install the engine JAMZ, is not it?