Venezuelan Performance

Management in many companies has not instilled the importance of what It represents the productivity and quality as a competitive advantage, what this represents in order to ensure competitiveness, permanence in the markets and in the conquest of new. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Boy Scouts of America. Specifically, the Venezuelan organizational behavior this steeped in conflict, that has generated them a climate negative for its operation, requiring to transform it positively in assessing the relationships and behavior of its workers, its leadership, administrative structure, technology, financial, technological and ergonomics, performance, performance programmes, objectives, goals, mission, vision and generate the changes required to ensure participation guaranteed a good productivity, and quality. Drafting what would recommend you to managers to be qualified as good and that really favor the companies where they work? Mora do a self-analysis of your performance, determine where their weaknesses are both in their interrelations, group management, leadership, and all the managerial knowledge that today are required to provide solutions, give way to strategies, actions that favor him in the conquest and permanence of the markets, properly use their creative potential, innovation, motivate your staff, identify the needs of achievement, do fully identify with his role performance, reward them appropriately, be democratic in the treatment, recognize their performancesupport them, remain vigilant to changes, threats, provide collaboration in all that which ensures the participant training development, as well as others indicate: foster an atmosphere in which people feel free to express themselves. Is open to all perspectives. Pay attention and evaluate each side of a proposal before making a decision. This shows that it respects the views of all and generates trust. Take into account as commented Daniela Leon and share, the importance of not neglecting what represents the capital of the talent, ability of persons that integrate the human resource, know manage people who are not contributing.

Not giving way to errors that some leaders commit to keep people who do not contribute, on a computer that does not support. It is often expected, pressure equipment will inspire it to improve its performance. This approach works sometimes. But the sad thing is that the presence of members of loose equipment, can cause resentment. Ultimately, this may damage the spirit of the team and avoid that productivity is of. Deproimca, just before reality of the absence of a management manifesting itself in favor of the needs of the business sector requires remedy, offers its services, consultancy and advice on management topics, how outsourcing, benchmarking, participative leadership, administrative systems, strategic planning, marketing, foreign trade and personal growth, counting with a team of highly trained professionals and great professional experience, teachers at postgraduate level. Original author and source of the article.

The Movement

It uses a much more rich and varied than previous diagrams symbology, and is not restricted to preset the graph lines and columns. Systems analysts much use this diagram to represent systems, i.e. to indicate entries, operations, connections, decisions, archived, etc, that constitute the flow or the sequence of the activities of the systems on the other hand reminds us of, that the flow chart makes it easier to the analysis of a process for the identification of: inputs from suppliers; of its customers and the critical points of the process outputs. Since then, the flow chart this represented with symbols, which enclose the activities to be performed, the stages of the process, the people or the sectors involved, the sequence of operations and the movement of data and documents. Gives us the indicated source, that the most common symbols used are the following: limits: this symbol is used to identify the beginning and end of a process: operation: represents a stage in the process. The name stage and who runs it are recorded to the interior of the rectangle: document: symbolizes the resulting document of the respective operation. In its interior noted the name that corresponds: Decision: represents the point in the process where a decision must be taken. The question is written within the Rhombus.

Two arrows coming out of the diamond show the direction of the process, based on the real answer: Conclusion ultimately, considered as Wikipedia, it says that a flow diagram or flow chart is a graphical representation of an algorithm or process. Used in disciplines such as programming, economics, industrial processes and cognitive psychology. These diagrams they use symbols with well-defined meanings that represent the steps of the algorithm, and represent the flow of execution by arrows connecting the start and end points.