Current Organizations

Thus, the conflicts are not necessarily negative; the way as we deal with them is that it can generate some reactions. The world today lives a transistion moment that if it reflects in the constant search of the competitiveness organizacional, what it represents a necessity of the quality. It is crucial to the organizations to think about sedimenting its abilities and potentials to hug the new concept of work, as well as the inherent challenges it. Read more from Boy Scouts of America to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For in such a way, it is essential to speak in quality of life in the work, standing out itself, always, the boarding of this subject as question of organizacional competitiveness. The search for the total quality before directed only toward the organizacional aspect, already return its attention for the quality of life in the work, leading to a bigger participation on the part of the employees; decentralization of decisions; safe and comfortable physical environment; chance of growth and personal development. The worker can itself always be motivated, creating an environment of participation, integration with superiors, fellow workers, leaving of the understanding of the necessities of the employees..

Scientist Politician Sociologist

Message of Sociologist The Sociologist is one of the professionals who better if adapta to the frequent and quick alterations of the market; therefore it cannot and it does not have to be submitted wage or functional pressures. This virtue or prerogative is product of the intertransdisciplinaridade the one that was accustomed during its academic life, when, unconsciously, was qualified to interpret the innumerable combination of the most diverse words and arrangements of the possible ones felt generated by such combination, coinciding with a level of differentiated knowledge and that it is distinguished, either in the services of consultoria (social evaluation of politics, impacts, statistical studies, etc.) of its proper company, either in the interviews the TV programs or in the contributions the periodicals, magazines and programs of radio, either in classroom. The professional performance of the Sociologist, in its essence, does not differ from the exercise of the position of doctor, lawyer, economist, professor, artist plastic or of the one of any another professional, because the secret of the success is in the execution of planned actions. The profession is the axle of the financial stability, cerne of the expenditure of the proper Life. To live is not alone to work, but, also, spoon the fruits of its work, which are: if to amuse, to travel, to acquire products for its comfort, to eat and to drink of the good one and optimum, to live well, to presentear (s) the person (s) that it loves, to perfect through an important course/training The people who had been, they are being, or they go to be rich honest are those that exert its daily work (work) with Love, devotion and satisfaction, as if the work never was resembled to a routine. She is from there that she comes the quality of the installment of its professional services and the infinitude of its list of satisfied customers. By the same author: Vida Vacations.

The work market is repleto of offers, but they lack qualified people to occupy important positions. I suggest, specifically to the Scientist Social (Anthropologist, Scientist Politician and Sociologist), for example, to enter a Mestrado or Especializao that gives to conditions of same Lecionar Academics to it or to co-ordinate Courses of superior level, and, still, to be qualified for the diverse debates that they involve Personal Relations, beyond, it is clearly, of, concomitantly, to be able to touch its proper business/company. It makes what You to want to make! It will only have success if to make with Love and comprometimento.

Public Farm

The judges who comungam with this agreement use as acessoriedade example the interests, that are accessory of the main mount of money and that without this simply they do not exist. Ademais, knows that the execution against the Public Farm is an execution that follows a special regimen, where, for example, does not exist expropriatrios acts, nor summon to pay distrainment duly warned, but yes a chronological line of creditors (Precatrio) that it must be respected, reason by which, although independent, the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute cannot be executed of fracionada form of the main value, having, yes, to respect the differentiated constitutional regimen of the execution against the Public Farm. Thus, duly warned I confront the constitutional device, defends this chain that in face of the rule, according to which the accessory right follows the luck of the main one, the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute must be requested by precatrio if under this regimen of execution the main credit will have been processed. In summary, these are the main arguments of the chain that defends the impossibility of the fracionamento of the credit exequendo in desfavor of the Public Farm. 3 RIGHT INDEPENDENT OF LAWYER IN TO EXECUTE SENTENCE IN PART REFERRING TO HONORARY Of other north exists chain doctrinal, and even though some judgeships, although isolated, that it comes more if fortifying each time with the agreement of that are not only possible as it is a right of the lawyer in executing its legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute of independent form of the main one, of such luck that, exceeded the legal ceiling, they cannot receive its credit through solicitation from small value, exactly when the main value if to submit the regimen of precatrio. In turn, striking what it comes being defended for the first chain, this second line understands that the purpose of the rule contained in 8 of art.