Words To Train Dogs Tu Commands The Answers

When we are going to train our pet can arise we doubt what are the words to train dogs that have greater effectiveness. Although it is rather arbitrary since the dog does not handle the complexity of human language, the orders are assimilated as particular sounds, words that the dog will recognize and associate with our command. Therefore we can choose what we want, when we follow some basic guidelines to ensure that the dog do not confuse orders among themselves, and that these are sound and are well distinguished in a noise environment. As already stated earlier, a dog does not understand the language as we do. Rather than only a fraction of this. For a dog, the contrast between two words is not so clear as us, eat, drink, puts can sound exactly equal, even more so in a noise environment. To choose the words to train key dogs will take this into account, and choose words with sounds more distinct possible, a recommendation here is to use various vowels, try not to exceed three syllables, and always repeat the same order with the same tone of voice.

If it’s our signal click (positive reinforcement, to indicate to the mascot that has done a good job) will use for example Okay, but always must do so with the same tone of voice, without variable speed nor introduce variants as Okeydoki, because they confuse the animal and weaken the partnership which we achieve with the first word. The second thing to keep in mind when choosing words to train dogs is the care that we have to use them. Use the keyword incorrectly, can render it ineffective and confuse him. For example, while we train our dog to go to our calling, will not be good to use this order until the dog has finished the same training, i.e., we will have to wait until the dog is able to properly recognize the order and obey her to distraction, because if the use does not respond as it should, it would create in your mind the idea that to this order may disobey it. By This in other situations at the moment could use another order any to call it, as long as does not affect the above. Here it is also good to point out that call your dog for things that displease him or punish him will have a bad effect on the order of call. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks.