Moreover, it should not be artificially – obviously, it happens naturally. Biosphere itself gets nitrogen from the air, because nitrogen enters the body cells during their growth and goes into the ground along with the organisms when they die. In fact, such recovery of nitrogen may already be happening, "says Pahlevan (Pahlevan), and this continues throughout the history of Earth's existence. This suggests that the atmospheric pressure of Earth at the present time is smaller in comparison to what it was before. A proof of this hypothesis can be represented by other research groups that are engaged in the study of gas bubbles formed in an ancient lava, to establish what the atmospheric pressure in the past: the maximum size of an emerging bubble is limited atmospheric pressure, the higher the pressure, the smaller the bubbles, and vice versa. Kidney Foundation helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If so, then this mechanism could potentially work on any extrasolar planet (exoplanet), which has an atmosphere and biosphere. "We hope that in future we can not only detect planets similar to Earth around other stars, but also learn something about its atmosphere and ambient pressure" – said Pahlevan (Pahlevan). "And if it is excluded by the fact that the planet older tend to possess more subtle atmosphere, it would mean that the process has some versatility.

" The researchers hoped, that the atmosphere of extrasolar planets can be studied to determine whether this occurs in other worlds. And if the length of time suitable to sustain life on our planet, may be more, it creates premises to search for intelligent life elsewhere in our universe. ights. "To life originated on this planet, does not require too much time, however, much time is needed for life to reach a high level of development, – Says Yung (Yung). The land it took four billion years. "The addition of additional billion years gives us more time to develop and longer to have the opportunity to meet with the development of civilization, whose own existence could be prolonged by this mechanism. This gives us a chance to meet. "

Brazil Strengthens

It replaces the behavior that motivates the fear by conduct that motivates the love-is significant as the largest country in Latin America, such as Brazil, have been strengthened, giving way to a development that not can be ignored, in such a way that its economy has been consolidated are to take the fifth in the world as the strongest. The World Bank predicts that, if Brazil continues in this same trajectory that is now, it will pass being the tenth economy by size in the world to fifth by 2016. A few weeks ago, on 26 October, Lula said in his weekly radio breakfast show with the President to achieve this, Brazil needed to continue to grow. Others who may share this opinion include Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . The Brazilian economy is like a Ferris wheel that cannot be stopped. And what are we doing? We are doing it from twisting.Exsidincalista Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, cannot be denied to his reality of growth, progress, the extraordinary work that has played and its current President continues to do. In regard his advance just Dilma Rousseff, Chief of Cabinet of the Brazilian Government says that Brazil was no longer a country of the future, in reference to a popular saying Brazilians use to describe their country after decades of lost despite their enormous economic potential opportunities. Get all the facts and insights with Nieman Foundation, another great source of information. Now Brazil is a country of the present.

The truth, as us gives us Wharton universia in its Bulletin, Marcio Garcia, Professor of Economics at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), stating that since the hyperinflation of the 1980s was briefly veneered by plan of 1986 Cruzado (which, among other measures, froze wages and prices) do not remember such enthusiasm among the members of the corporate Brazil. This state of mind reflects above all a change of overall perception toward the country, which has been rapid and welcome. But as the country recovers from an economic crisis global Brazil has been the first Latin American country to join the recovery, which began in the second quarter of this year-, what could other markets learn this extraordinary recovery? Brazil has already previously experienced ups and downs in its global reputation.

Patrol Limits

By 2014 the volume of payments for environmental pollution of water bodies is expected to increase by six times. Head of mep Trutnev, called the existing system levying environmental charges 'inefficient and korruptsionnoemkoy'. Now Russia has a system of 'provisionally agreed limits' and the penalty factors for exceeding these limits. mep offers from 2009 opt out of the institute 'temporarily agreed limits', saving a penalty factor 25 for all excess emissions. By 2014, the penalty factor is proposed to increase to 144.

Experts explain that the increase in penalty factors associated with the desire of the Government to compensate spends 35 billion rubles for wastewater treatment. Opponents of the new initiative of the mep noted that the overall improvement of environmental charges will to an unjustifiable increase in tariffs for the population as a formal pollutants are utilities that collect runoff two categories – domestic and industrial. Domestic waste water does not pose a serious environmental threat, although dominated by the volume of pollution. The city authorities have criticized the 'environmental rating' Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian capital is of the view that became popular in Recently, environmental rankings of cities and regions do not actually correspond to reality, since in most cases they are scientifically unfounded. Questioned the capital specialists are also subject to counted in the ratings performance, criteria and methodologies for the collection of environmental information. For example, for the second time 'inherited' from the capital's environmental specialists of earlier environmental rating Subjects of the Russian Federation, sponsored by the ngo 'Green Patrol'.