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People and organizations are looking for, communicate and work together on documents – on your browser. In his spare time to travel on-line-shopping, shop, read news, get to know and correspond with friends – also in browser and do it such things that do not even dreamed of during his appearance 15 years ago. Google decided to get serious about the central issue of our time: the possibility of a browser, and decided to create it from scratch from the best. The purpose of Google: do not just modern browser, and developed a platform for web pages and applications. So today Google released the beta version of the new browser with open source: Google Chrome. Download here> (Windows) window and appearance of the browser was created simple and convenient. People are not interested in the browser, but a tool to carry out important tasks – displaying pages, websites and multimedia applications that make up the internet, so Google Chrome browser is simple and quick.

It helps get to where you need without distracting you. Working in him feelings for his dignity and comfort. Each tab – its sandbox, a tab is not hung hang the rest. Created additional protection from malicious sites. Increased speed of work. Created V8, improved engine Javascript – it will be the basis of next-generation Web applications that are not possible in existing browsers today. This is only the beginning and a beta version for Windows is waiting for your opinions and suggestions.

Will soon be a version for Mac and Linux. Our joint partnership will help further develop the Internet. New inventions and enrich the Internet changing the world. Bill Gates once predicted that the Internet will become crucial in people's lives, and now it's time has come! Google Chrome – a new generation of Internet life, and life with him would be even better.