Writing Definitively

One remembers to us, that from the 16 to the 22 of September celebr the eighth edition of the European Week of Sustainable Mobility, under the motto Improvement the climate of your city with the aim of ” to modify hbitos” of the citizens and to promote ” alternative methods of transporte”. More than 2,000 European cities they programmed different activities. A measurement that is expected the preprohibition that the Latin American governors decide to imitate. But, as he indicates lainformacin indicated one is due to demand much more. One week is important, but we forgot the subject the other 51 weeks of the year, nothing changes.

One is due to demand to governors a serious planning for the readjustment of the cities and to participate actively in the discussion, implementation and control of those plans. Credit: Nieman Foundation-2011. And also to readapt we ourself, to change our habits to us, between which it is replacing the automobile by less polluting means of mobility, that must be one prioria, emphasizes equipment EcoPortal.net the Writing Definitively, as it express Martha Meir, the vehicles are quick, voracious, they devour fuel and distances. Their eyes shine at night and from far they seem stars. Blatantly undemocratic, they marginalize without repairs of his handling to the childhood, the people of outpost age and men and women with physical incapacity. The city is its empire and the people its slaves. They are automobiles! , Owners and gentlemen of the ways. Soft tin seducers turned into true symbol of our century and who, whatsoever, are a great victory of engineering. Wonders of the technology that after all are not more than ” ogros” of four rims! They are the five main classes of polluting agents of the air that ” escapan” of the cars: the carbon monoxide; the sulphur oxides; particles between which it appears the lead (that is accumulated in the organism, causing the evils renal, hepatic, low production of hemoglobina and interferes with the cerebral and nervous functions); oxides of nitrogen and gaseous hydrocarbons.

These two last ones, when reacting with the solar light form the base of ” smog” , that is to say the photochemical oxidating peligrosismos like the irritating and reddish gas nitrogen dioxide; The known explosive liquid like peroxiactil nitrate; poisonous aldehydes and other liquids. Many of these substances are recognized cancerigenic. The most modern cars, through catalysts, the dangerous carbon monoxide is transformed into carbon dioxide (or carbonic anhydride CO2). This compound directly does not affect the health but it knows that ” precipitates feared; effect invernadero”. For the case of the call ” gasoline ecolgica” , little used by his high price, his unique virtue it is that it does not release the frightful lead. To ” gas licuado” today is clear it as a much more clean fuel that the gasoline or the diesel engine. Lamentably it is elaborated from a nonrenewable source. Ecologically speaking the car it is a misfortune, thus consumes little combustible of fossil source.

The Movement

It uses a much more rich and varied than previous diagrams symbology, and is not restricted to preset the graph lines and columns. Systems analysts much use this diagram to represent systems, i.e. to indicate entries, operations, connections, decisions, archived, etc, that constitute the flow or the sequence of the activities of the systems on the other hand reminds us of infomipyme.com, that the flow chart makes it easier to the analysis of a process for the identification of: inputs from suppliers; of its customers and the critical points of the process outputs. Since then, the flow chart this represented with symbols, which enclose the activities to be performed, the stages of the process, the people or the sectors involved, the sequence of operations and the movement of data and documents. Gives us the indicated source, that the most common symbols used are the following: limits: this symbol is used to identify the beginning and end of a process: operation: represents a stage in the process. The name stage and who runs it are recorded to the interior of the rectangle: document: symbolizes the resulting document of the respective operation. In its interior noted the name that corresponds: Decision: represents the point in the process where a decision must be taken. The question is written within the Rhombus.

Two arrows coming out of the diamond show the direction of the process, based on the real answer: Conclusion ultimately, considered as Wikipedia, it says that a flow diagram or flow chart is a graphical representation of an algorithm or process. Used in disciplines such as programming, economics, industrial processes and cognitive psychology. These diagrams they use symbols with well-defined meanings that represent the steps of the algorithm, and represent the flow of execution by arrows connecting the start and end points.