Role Of Women In Today

Women have taken various roles in society, some voluntarily and others as victims of circumstances. Therefore, have made history in roles that today, in current historical circumstances review is necessary because conditions have changed and the change of mentality , scientific advancement, technological progress, secularization, have resulted in a change of values and a new way of life of people. The world of women as recently as a century, was confined to the household, and their role in society was limited to being a good daughter, good mother and good wife. The world beyond the walls of the house, it was not for them, they were not allowed – because I lived through the windows of their homes. They were the eternal spectators, the first actress ever. Carmen Alberdi (2002) at the conference “Equality will give us a better society,” says: “We lived in a social compact by which men and women had predetermined roles in life, man and woman power play and the house, the woman also was associated with weakness, submission, lightness, fostering stereotypes that have taken root. ” At the same conference stressed the need for social change to end poverty in capacity, ie the lack of instruments and preparation that keeps women away from power and decision-making arenas, women must share with man the public and private space. Also, Victoria Camps (1998) that the twenty-first century be the century of women, because today no one can stop the movement emerged to equal opportunities.

It also states that today there are still major obstacles to achieving this equality, as in private life is still discriminates against women and women’s access to offices and positions of greater responsibility moving very slowly. Over the last two decades have tried to be attentive to situations of discrimination that occur both in our classrooms and in the socio-environment in the world of work and generally in society. And gender discrimination has been, without doubt, one of the situations more carefully and permanently addressed. But progress has been made to eliminate any sexism in the classroom? Not sexist behavior is still playing at the Centers? Is there no difference in treatment between students of some teachers and / or teachers? Is it not discriminatory by professional orientations among students? Do not continue to reach thousands of women without such equality? “Domestic violence occurs as a result of sexist attitudes? .

Darnitskiy Bridge

September 26, 2007 Darnitskiy bridge solemnly joined the two banks of the Dnieper. The celebration was attended by senior officials – Vice Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev, ceo Volodymyr Kozak, Head of South-Western Railway Alex Krivopishin. Playing a brass band, all happy and clapping. Is not it strange that this celebration has happened a few days before the election. What exactly gave compound shores? Absolutely nothing. After all, no trains, no cars yet not be able to ride over the bridge. And the actual connection to the coast – is the end of the next stage of construction.

Like other similar objects, Darnitskiy bridge has long since had to be built. Construction Darnytsa rail-road bridge started in response to orders from the Government dated 10 December 2003. Planned to do to rapidly – up to 2004 elections. But did not happen. Initiated the construction of a then-Transport Minister Georgy Kirpa. The government of Viktor Yanukovych drew a construction loan size Deutsche Bank $ 700 million.

After the death of Kirpa, in March 2005 Ex-CEO Ukrzaliznytsia Aftanaziv said misuse of the loan. And deadlines for all was delayed. Initially moved to the end of 2007, and now claim that the first train will pass over the bridge in early 2008. A about cars in general do not speak. Difficulties with the allocation of land. So that the compound banks of the Dnieper – no more than a pr campaign. I wonder why there were no celebrations on the one hundredth slaughtered supporting pillars? The answer is obvious: if the election was not!