The End

Come and show this world how you are strong, not only in words but in deeds! You have already found friends in the game that will go with you to the end and, in turn, for which you fit into the most dashing and bloody battle? You have made sense to walk this path with the correct Allies? Will you be "inviolable wall" where you just bricks, but without which the wall becomes unstable and fragile, you decide! Combine in a strong clan, and let the enemies tremble before your friendly attitude and impenetrable positive! Or maybe it is you, the man has a bright charisma and extraordinary appeal, which will raise your clan to the top of the pedestal in the top of the best, and get a decent prizes to achieve such results? Huh? Have you ever thought about this? I think everyone has their favorite songs, but how often do you hear them on the radio? No? Want to hear more often? So, the project offers you this opportunity! Ask the local DJs to put a song that means a lot to you and congratulate your boyfriend or girlfriend on his birthday, wedding, new baby, to hear about everything, absolutely everything the players and this time will be a memorable experience for this person! Well, of course, just have fun while earning experience, listening to his favorite song. Number of diversity of professions is simply amazing! Each player is there, what to do free fighting time, from resource extraction in deep mine before forging papers in the Armoury shop. Want to show the quality of trade and economic skills – a profession shopkeeper's help in this. There are also different levels of occupations in which you can receive payment for their services not only for in-game money, but also for "real" in order to look at all facets of the diamond and try to "this life" more. Crossroads of the Worlds offers players the opportunity to create their own, individual interesting swing game character. Rapid recovery of life after the battle will be a pleasant addition to being able to battle with his shadow, which will help you right still "fly" to a high level () (without asking the other players you lose the battle, breaking the rules of the game, because we are for fair play), in order to begin to fight a real enemy, cutting through the path to further victories over the dismembered enemies, in full uniform and have an individual with a modicum of swing. What about the investment of real money? – You ask me – For this game, with so many available opportunities simply can not be free? Maybe my friends can. Administration of the project made it possible to pay for your gaming service – "live" money (doubloons), which will receive additional features virtually no investment by investing in the game. Crossroads of the worlds – the perfect place to relax after a hard day spent in a stuffy office, at university, in the car. The game continues to evolve, and always introduce new and new opportunities, and you can help in its improvement! Would you like to say a few years to hundreds and even thousands of players just starting to play Varkross – I remember a story, I'm part of history! Think, my friends, only you create your destiny, but it is not you