A Good Marriage

The girl, met a guy and having him warm feelings have always dreamed of marriage and family formation. With each day feeling grow and attract each other. At the time of the wedding, give each other – another promise – to go through all the joys and sorrows together. Loyalty to one of the important conditions for a strong marriage. Creating a family is a very serious decision, and the birth of children – the main goal in life, men and women. It is surprising that walking down the aisle, the girl thinks her husband will be wrong or bad, just a guy and do not go negative thoughts.

But how in the world, there are black and white, there are also good and evil. Eagle Scouts takes a slightly different approach. Well, when people parted by mutual decision, did not agree on the characters turned out to be different interests … Is more difficult parting, when her husband just "Lost." For example, enticed by "side" the other, or "bogged down" in the everyday problems and lost the feeling of love. For assistance, try visiting CBC. Especially, these problems are felt when a family experience jumped over 10 years. Psychologists believe both men and women begin to look for something new. Also losing his younger years, men try to "establish itself" in his campaigns, "the left".

Doing the wrong things, no one thinks about the consequences. Therefore, the majority of women, seeing as her husband admits the "gaffes" are trying to find a solution how to get a husband. There are many ways for example: ask the family or a psychologist to try to establish the relationship itself.

The Hair

Sports, nutrition and the environment – all affect our health and, accordingly, the fact how we look. Sports and nutrition – the category under the control of each individual, the environment – here is a little harder, because we can not convince others, it is reasonable for the environment, even if they themselves are aware relevance of the issue. Television and the press often talks about the unusual instances when a person in 80 years, suddenly grows a whole new set of teeth or when involved in an accident in 20 years, a young man of 40 looks, as well as in 20. Geneticists say the aging process is slowed down at the gene level. Many have heard about voodoo, voodoo masters possess many interesting recipes.

Including prescription and rejuvenate the body, after the adoption of the product made master of voodoo, the body processes occur rejuvenation, possibly at the gene level, but the hair, nails and teeth grow entirely new. A number of similar examples could go on and on, but what they show? Assume the first two examples – it is a pleasant end to an inexplicable coincidence, but voodoo – the use of supernatural technology. One can say with great certainty – the body has many hidden opportunities that are not used often at all. Why are they given to us, if we do not use them? But they have one! Human perception allows him to tune in once a child to accept a certain range of sounds and colors, which are the main transmitters of information. After this setting, all life, we trust only the channel of information transmission. I want to draw your attention to a moment when a child ability to think, yet underdeveloped, adults cram us truths, behaviors, how to and how not correct. Simply put, we adjust, we agree with everything and believe in all that we say, not worrying about what the truth may turn out to be not true, but one of several points of view. After a while it becomes possible to recognize, reflect, analyze.

Are all the foundations laid in our childhood, to be revision, meditation? Certainly not all, and not always. You may ask, but how can you understand or perceive the white ball, if it all his life for us was a white ball? I can not answer you the following, this is not the ball, and certainly not white, maybe he's yellow, or even a subject that has no color. When the wrinkles and gray hair, we say that we grow old, or should we say – it's old age. And if not removed from their vocabulary the word retirement, at least for a while? Something change? Perhaps, you will need to replace a word in some other, to denote the process of deterioration of the body. But the man – is not only the body but the soul and the soul does not age or when. Old age – a process of pure material, and the matter is known to the category of time, so why worry about the fact that temporary? Is it not better to think about their spiritual particles? Refer often to his soul, she would never say that we age. Because we not really getting older, we change and become wiser! Those years brought us the knowledge and wisdom, serenity and joy, and a lot more, a lot of good things! 18.04.2007g.

Big Bang

The combined power of the electromagnetic, weak, strong and gravitational interactions ("grand synthesis"), which ceased to be protofizicheskoy force and became a physical, could do light coming from the X-force, transcendent in relation to their source (meaning unrelated to its source) and change it – the light then could take the properties of matter. Since then, we can assume that ends evolution of the universe, which could take a fraction of a second, and begins its physical evolution, which in major parts in modern science and is described below, we briefly described. In the beginning physical evolution of the universe in light of its original material form, in a state of singularity, and since then, when he became the transcendent and broke off its relationship with the source, shrank in the opposite direction at the same its speed. In the end, enlarged to a single point, more than 15 billion years ago, the light exploded. As a result, the "Big Bang" electromagnetic, weak, strong and gravitational interactions again disunited, and instead of the original light appeared cosmic microwave background radiation, which is also expanded, moving with the speed of light is in its original direction.

Of this radiation originated quark-gluon plasma, which was the first building blocks of the universe. The passage of time has a phase transition the quark-gluon plasma – baryogenesis. At this stage, the quarks and gluons combined into baryons – such as protons and neutrons. A further drop in temperature led to the formation of physical forces and elementary particles in their modern form.

Economic Cooperation

Editorial, Internet newspaper kabbalah world wave washes away all the nonsense of the crisis in the world. It now begins to appear very sharp. Never before has a man and the world have not been in this position. You will see how to use all sorts of extraneous capabilities, people will want to get rid of surpluses. They feel that it interferes, it deprives them of something. This will lead to the fact that they are ashamed of the strength and financial power they wield. Nieman Foundation recognizes the significance of this.

It will be revealed as harmful, negative, is not respected in society, despised by the phenomenon. Michael Laitman Abridged translation of the article British economist Richard Layard Baron (Richard Layard), a member of the British House of Lords, the head of Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. What is progress? 'The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development,' asks this question for quite some time, and the current crisis is making to find the answer. According to the Anglo-Saxon understanding, progress means to reduce poverty and increase happiness. But progress does not mean wealth creation or innovation.

It is often useful tools, but never the ultimate goal. So, we should stop the cult of money and create a more humane society, where the main criterion will be the usual human experience. If everyone would pay for labor, then people will be able to choose a way of life best suited to each of them. After all, despite the massive creation of wealth and happiness in the world has increased.

Emperor Hadrian

So in his life Rabbi Akiva came and began a new stage of comprehension of the Creator. American Diabetes Association is actively involved in the matter. Disciple of Rabbi Akiva Rashba was demanding, and therefore the favorite disciple of Rabbi Akiva. Rest, he himself almost did not allow – slept for three hours a day. Over table, knocked out two neobstrugannyh boards, for which the Rashba studied Kabbalah, a candle burned all night. After two years of study Rashba married, and was born the son of Elazar, who later became a proud father. More than thirteen years Rashba studied at Rabbi Akiva. A great desire to discover a higher power made him a star pupil, raised to a higher spiritual level.

In those days, ordinary people's lives were unbearably heavy. In this small nation had seen the Emperor Hadrian a real threat to his power and kept in Judea two legions of soldiers. But he never managed to finally conquer it. The revolt led by Bar Kochba revolt spread throughout Judea, becoming fatal to the state and especially for students of Rabbi Akiva. 24 000 of his students were killed in bloody battles broke out, and epidemics. Only five survived, and one of them was Rashba.

Emperor Hadrian took revenge with a rebellious extreme cruelty. On his orders, burned fields, thousands of people were executed, hundreds of thousands carried away into slavery. Determined to break the spirit of the people, the Romans executed publicly Rabbi Akiva. Then came the turn of the Rashba. Adrian constantly denounced what he cocky, does not recognize the power of the Romans, but the terrible – he is listened to, respected and loved.

Spiritual Development

For decades in numerous publications in philosophical dictionaries traditionally present an explanation of the "spirit" as an intangible beginning, as the production of consciousness in the form of society – religious, philosophical, political, legal, scientific, moral, artistic. The notion is "spirituality" is not defined and is not discussed. In practice, it is used very intensively and with large discrepancies. What are the main features of modern views on spirituality? The concept of spirit, soul, spirituality, spirituality, consciousness, and prescribes, as a rule, a man and are considered immaterial, thinking, linguistic, linguistic, intellectual concepts and phenomena. Spirituality in the past and modern philosophical basis is defined as charity, morality and the inner aspiration to know, ability to control their psyche, mind, emotions. Spirituality is also associated with culture, art, religion, occultism, magic, theosophy, science, love and sexuality. Go to Center For Responsible Lending for more information. Thus, the notion of "spirituality" dumped All human life, but all other objects of the Universe has a spiritual allegedly had no right and conversations on this topic had not been maintained and is classified as taboo.

The author believes that the "Spirit" – this is important, comprehensive material energy-mental phenomenon. From the Spirit formed all concrete, including concrete biological, conscious biological, intellectual, biological. Spirit is the idea alive in all sites Universe. More details on this theme is revealed in the book by Yu Laman "And I had my way " The soul – the mental (subtle, energy-) start of any object in the range of information of the Earth, under the leadership shown by Spirit. Consciousness – specifically formed energy-phenomenon, which is able to dissect and learn any information. Formed as needed soul to perform a specific task at the right level of information. Spirituality – a state of mind-consciousness to the possession, consciously or unconsciously, specific range of manifestations of the Spirit, or the phenomena of the Universe. Spirituality – quality over quantity mastered mental technologies.

Moral can not serve as a measure of spirituality! Spirituality – it is the power, scope, opportunities, etc. specific information object. If a person is unable to understand the other object, it does not mean that the other – soulless, ghostless. All information objects – inspired by, alive and intelligent. None of the information objects are bad, negative or hostile – there is information that is not understood by man. Spiritual growth of man is uniquely associated with disease, ailments, suffering, limitations, and other troubles, because thus there is a constant intrusion into other information and breach of harmony. Man in his ignorance of the danger to the Universe, and therefore it constantly monitors and limits the Hierarchy of the Universe. Materials of the report are based on research and practical experience in the use of effective cognitive technologies developed and successfully used by the author for the past many years.

Death Hypothesis

Already in childhood, beginning to realize himself, the man asks – Why do I live? What is the meaning of life, if at the end of death? "If the stars are lit, it means someone needs' – the poet said. If all living things eventually die, then it's someone you need. Who? Body consists of chemical elements in the various states: solid, liquid and gas. But there is one thing, the mysterious "fourth state of matter '(VS Gryshchenko) which scientists say is in many ways – 'aura', 'energy field', 'bioplasm', 'biopsipole', etc. In religion, it's – 'divinity' in man, or simply – the soul. Each individual organism obeys the second law thermodynamics (about the rise of chaos), gradually grows old and dies. But the second law makes no exceptions for any state of matter – and we know, and as yet unknown. If we assume that the soul, a special state substance, then it too can not be exceptions.

Nevertheless, it is practically immortal, as is assumed in the 'Hypothesis biopolevoy formations …' (A. K. Mane) and approved by all religions. Due to what, or rather, whom? Thermodynamics admits that the general increase in chaos in the universe, there are mechanisms of conjugation, when the increase in disorder in the same place increases the order in another. If so, then we can assume that intelligent, highly organized 'fourth state of matter' – the soul, creates itself from the first three, our body is with you (the mechanism of conjugation), and by increasing the disorder in it (aging process) itself is younger, or how, at least not aging.

Orthodox Faith

The first person in the country, actively fought against religion, baptized, go to church to preach and pray. Media constantly publishes lean Kremlin and the Duma menu dining, polls, and their opinions. And, of course, our “elite” does not stand aside. “Glamorous” believe, “glamorous” pray and fast, yet as “glamorous” for example, after a theatrical show, in restaurant ordering fetuchchini with vegetables and truffle butter or salad ‘Golden Needle’ from soy sprouts, golden mushrooms and green onions, seasoned with sesame oil and cucumber and sour spicy sauce. To this add the clothes “haute couture”, “Easter” make-up, and then – to the Holy Land.

Truly religious people are trying to fast, as best they could, in its full extent. Odezhda more modest, more simple food, and most importantly pray, go into the service and think, why they here, that after they left. The church served alms to the poor odezhdu bring to sacrifice the dining room for the poor, for God’s temple. In the prayer (ie, communion with God), humility and repentance, they spend their time showing their love to God and trusting in him. Do not remain, mostly indifferent to Lent and those who are new to the traditions of the Orthodox Church. However, here, thanks to our media, it all comes down to komertsizatsii restriction in food products perilous. Many believe that fasting established for centuries, has a beneficial effect on the body. And in some ways they’re right.

Meat – the product is heavy. But, unfortunately, we are not in the Garden of Eden and meat body needs. We need only measure at all. In food, deeds, thoughts, and feelings. Restriction of food aid only. Fasting is not a campaign to cleanse the body. The main idea of fasting to elevate the soul over the flesh, feel God’s love, God, its purpose, to repent of their sins, and try not to make them more, look at the world and see that someone needs help, lend a hand to our neighbor. This is the essence of the Orthodox Faith, laws which we must know not only observe but also to understand. “Postyaschesya, brothers, bodily, and spiritual fasting? To every one union iniquity … give the hungry bread and nischiya beskrovnyya introduce into the houses, but we take from the Christ of God show great mercy “(hymn at Vespers on Wednesday 1st week of Lent).

Divination And Occultism In The Network – Fiction Or The Shortest Path To Glory

Any one of us, probably, is the magic of their own way. For some – it's the occult, the ability to penetrate into other dimensions and communicate with people, long gone. For the rest the same magic – it is an ancient science based on manipulation hidden energy flows. For other people – a dangerous weapon, a way to change the last one's life or affect other people. Are, finally, those who perceive a magic spell, as a simple magic, and even unaware of how and why they act. Generally, in translation from the Greek 'magician' denotes a priest and a priest. And if you start from such an interpretation, it turns out that magic was present in our world always. It is also worth noting that, by and large, it has never depended on religion and the gods worshiped by the people.

In fact, disappeared into nothingness entire epochs, civilizations, pantheons of gods, and magic continued its existence. At all times there were priests who knew the secret. They worshiped it to her, some kind of universal mind, and have no way to the prophets, invented for themselves Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims and representatives of other religions. We note one important thing: the powers that be, regardless of their faith, actively used secret knowledge, or rather, those who possessed them. Look for any ruler, and you will see that far from it almost always looms the figure of a sorcerer, priest, magician, or shaman, in other words – the magician. Depending on the situation in the course was both light and black magic.

Often it turns out that without the preliminary meetings with the support of secret Knowledge does not accept any one how important government decisions. This is not surprising, because the various spells and charms were given the opportunity to see the future, could affect the course of the battle, provides good crops or, for example, pointed to the shortest path to fame and fortune. Perhaps you doubt, but these days esoteric, occult leaders are used in different countries. But this does not speak openly, but on individual fragmentary information suggests that the occult and magic are still needed presidents and monarchs. What is magic? Today is customary to share the magic of 2 main groups – light and dark. Light Magic characterized by the following features: conspiracies carried out during daylight hours; spells are aimed at removing corruption, evil eye, curses and other destructive programs; white magic does not bring harm to others, but on the contrary, lead to their healing and improvement. Black magic – other. Its distinctive features include: superimposed plots in the dark, magical work involves a destructive effect (Curses, omens, damage, lapels, and other actions in which violence occurs on consciousness and will of man); spells are directed to call the evil spirits, and the subsequent appeal to them for help in any dark affairs. Thus, it appears that the occult, divination, and various other features of magic can be both light and dark depending on what goals people running them. Finally one remark: due to the rapid spread of information technology for help mages can apply to everyone. Today, widespread consultation on network magic, numerology online, all kinds of ceremonies Shadow. In fact, it is quite natural, as mentioned above, the magic is not just endured the changing times and generations and have learned to indulge in the opportunities that it provides at the disposal of time.

Gabbana Beauty

If a person builds a this beautiful form, and his desire is 'clothed' in endless love and good returns. In other words, beauty is in the form of Kabbalah, meaning of love and the impact that 'puts' on a wish. Eternal striving to embody love So why are we so fascinated beauty that willing to pay for her own good money and effort? Do you want to – believe it or – no, but each of us laid the inner desire to be like, no more, no less, as the Higher Power. A higher power – it the pure force of bestowal and love acting around us. And, despite the fact that we are conducting themselves like wild beasts at times (forgive me readers for this comparison), at heart we are still striving to become similar to that Higher Power, as it is it is our root, and a stronghold of the embodiment of beauty.

That is the reason why (the real reason, but not Claudia Schiffer, Angelica, or Joules), which makes us instinctively ignited from the earth's beauty, because we are really looking for a source of endless beauty. However, due to the fact that now we are cut off from awareness of the truth, to seek, we are trying to reach that inner beauty with the help of external tricks. But the real beauty is not found in any makeup, not in good manners, nor even a chic dress, for which I paid a thousand (!) Dollars. True beauty lies in our attitude to people, to ourselves, to the world around us. And the essence of that beauty lies in giving and loving others. So start hugging people on the street? Not at all! We're not going to put on a sweet fake mask on the ugly face, saying so will gain the inside beauty.

We already went through. All you need to do – is to start a fascinating journey into your inner world, revealing themselves for who we really are and discover what a huge domestic potential hidden within us. Kabbalah says that none of the desire does not arise in a person just like that. And if we live in a never-ending quest to be beautiful, it is because we can find the most extraordinary beauty in our society – the beauty of the Upper Force. Beauty that even now, when we cry, hate, or envy, lives within us. And now that we have clear rules of the game, you just begin to reveal themselves to this beauty, because she herself, as We see no manifest itself, even if we make ourselves a thousand plastic surgeries. Where to start? Need to change your inner attitude towards life. In the present, aimed only at filling itself, the attitude return neighbor. And to help in this adventure, leading us to a meeting with the beauty of the Upper Force, we have to Kabbalah. She awakens and develops the study of man he was sent, the beginning of a loving, his inner beauty, helping to become internally in this timeless and eternal beauty, without spending a penny at Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. Let's be beautiful in its every action … Source article –