Buenos Aires

He also liked mining culinria e, time in when he dared himself in a sip of drips. Then Luiza did not have doubt: &#039 bought one; ' pingmetro' '. For who she does not know, is about a long object, of almost a meter, made of a species of glass hourglass, on a wooden support, to store cachaa, or aguardente, or the celebrity drips here of the Generalities. For even more details, read what American Diabetes Association says on the issue. Bought the gift, my friend came across with another problem: how to send the said one whose for Buenos Aires? In the post offices she did not have box adjusted for sedex. there? But who does not only know a heart gotten passionate to doubt the accomplishment of the taken over on a contract basis one. Therefore Luiza covered the BH center until knowing a marceneiro that made a wooden box where pingmetro fit the bendito. together with an immense, perfumed and full letter of kisses made with preferred lipstick of it, ordered the gift for its destination. At this moment of the narrative, I already was anxious to know of the reaction of the Mrio, if he had liked or not, when my friend laughing more still concluded history.

They daily continued if speaking for telephone. Luiza did not say nothing on the gift. After all it was surprise. It counts direitinho the days so that the gift arrived accurately in the day of the anniversary of it. Thus, when the day arrived, Luiza bound to give the congratulations, all melosa and saudosa and was soon asking if it had liked it presente.' ' That present, love? If it does not worry. You are my greater presente' '.

' ' How, you did not receive nothing? HE IS NOT POSSIBLE! ' ' What we talk more does not come to the case. Fact is that one month after the postagem of pingmetro, in the hour where was in house lunchhing, before returning to the work, the bell touches. When Luiza goes to take care of, receives from the hands of the mailman a heavy box great e. To the abriz it there is: pingmetro and the letter already almost without perfume. I did not have as not to laugh at gone and the comings of the gift of my friend. But as it did not understand the return of what it did not arrive, it gave the last explanations to me. It is that the Mrio was absent of its address during one fifteen days. As it liveed alone, the Buenosairean post office that, according to it, never was very trustworthy, returns to the agency with the order and, later it redispatched the shipper. While the beautiful history of love and passion of the two lasted, this in case that it relieved many laugh. Today Luiza and I continue more friends of what never. It has another love, but the souvenirs these are forever. Still well that the friendship follows other ways, right?


– It kissed me the forehead, dissimulated not to have heard nothing and left. She-ass! It said for same me. In the truth you are the villainous. It already was compromissado when you appeared, you are who you must leave the game. She would have, but wise person if would not obtain To wait until Saturday? To pass the week all thinking about the possibility of it to make with it the same things that we made together? Never. Tomorrow I would take the decision final. But that could not continue. The problem is that already it was morning and I not yet had a plan.

Telephone touched – You, I go. – nine? – Yes, he can wait! – I also. Stranger it to still have on in the way of the week and marking a meeting. It arrived at the place combined with thirty minutes of delay. I only lacked to eat the nails of the foot (Calm, he has controlled myself. Nieman Foundation: the source for more info. Either patient with it) – Ol, Diana.

I go to be brief. Delay I cannot me here. I have that to come back soon, nobody see can me with you. – You are a wonderful person, but That age the end. The end of our relationship, of our history of love, our plans to be together, family, house in the beach. I was trying to control my emotions while it spoke. Passed films, aconchegantes places for where we pass, changed gifts. After all, it was the end of a life (the three) of two years and way. What I went to make? To leave that it was thus? To dissimulate that my feelings were only ' ' carnais' '? I did not have reaction. Corei, I cried. I waved with the head an agreement that was disloyal with my heart. It was certain. I wise person who that did not go to finish well.

The Blue

the accompanying periquito. It was the last month of gestation of my first son and I was in the house of my parents observing the trees that blossomed in the orchard, therefore I was spring. We were commenting on the birth of the baby who could occur at any time when, suddenly, passed on my head a bird. It was a blue periquito with some acinzentadas penalties and the white head that gave it a glad and very beautiful air. It put in a foot of mexerica and later lode pertinho of where I was seated and was next well to my feet. I found odd the calm of the bird and thought that perhaps it had run away from some house of the neighborhood. I bent down myself in a reflected act to try to catch it or same acariciar it and it was quiet leaving themselves to catch and remaining in the open palm of my hand.

I placed water in a canister and a little of mixture for periquito, that my father costuma always to have in house to play to the birds that frequently come to the yard because of the trees. As it was very quietinho, my father suggested that we left foods and the water inside of a bird cage with the open small door case the bird wanted to enter to feed itself and also to prevent that some cat or caught it to dog during the night. The door of the bird cage was always opened case it wanted to leave and to fly to go even so. In that one same night I was for the hospital and total gave the light to my son who, unhappyly, faleceu three days the birth after, leaving desperate us. The Blue periquito continued in the house of my parents during the time where for I was there to recoup trying me and recompor me emotionally of the loss of my son. Passed some days, I came back toward my house and took Blue with me the e, for many times, I I asked I eat I am that a so smart bird came to my feet leaving itself to catch well in the day of the birth of my first son? Why it did not go even so since the door of the bird cage always was opened? Still today I believe that it has come to be able to help me to surpass the difficult moments, therefore after the loss of my son was with that periquito that I distract a little and dedicated to it my attention and affection to me. Some months later, I evidenced that I was pregnant to give the good news again and after to all, I was until the bird cage of Blue and vi that it was empty, therefore it I had flied and IDO even so without nobody saw.>