System: It stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system that transports the leukocytes. It benefits the endocrine, urinary, reproductive system, of prostate and the kidney. It increases the liberation of endorfinas, natural substance that fights the pain. Also power the immunological system to fight the infections and the allergies. It improves the respiratory capacity, the asthma, the bronchitis and sinusitis. It balances and it soothes the activity of the nervous system, promoting the relaxation. Click PCRM to learn more. It protects the cardiovascular system, it regulates the arterial pressure and the cardiac rate. It stimulates the digestive system, the digestive production of saliva and juice.

Mind: Aid to conciliate the natural dream without alterations, fighting the insomnia. It alleviates the emotional tension, the anxiety, the anguish, the neurosis and stress. Positive effect of the massage and music in depressed young people or with nervousness. It favors the mental clarity, the concentration and serenity and inner peace. The workers render more, are more alert, more motivated and less estresados, guaranteed by

Health: The armchairs relax Alivia the pain the joints, reumatoide arthritis and the osteoartritis. Beneficial in rheumatic pains, chronic pain, fatigue and chronic fatigue. Aid in digestive problems. It increases the vitality, the toxin elimination and the rejuvenation generally. Benefits of the massage of massage armchairs For the Eastern medicine the human body is a map of energy meridians, that are formed by thousand of points related to each other. We can measure the energy of each point and this form to reach the perfect balance, correcting the power levels of the tsubos calls . Everything what is turned aside of that balance tends to generate alterations and diseases. Physicist He reduces estrsCombate and insomnioAlivia pains cervicalesElimina tension in hombrosRelaja the muscles dorsalesReduce the pains espaldAlivia the pains lumbagoCombate the slowness piernasEstimula circulacinPsquico- Psychic


Ps. Fernando Alexis Jimnez The letter arrived with the forcefulness of a star that crosses fleeting the sky in one night dark. He came from Guatemala and in her, the correspondent expressed the enormous disappointment to me assaulted that it. " I saw a television program. The preacher said that if gave one hundred dollars, God would multiply seedtime to me. I gave the money but he did not pass anything.

Now I have the debt. Not that the God ours is a God of riquezas". A message more of many than arrives, of people who feel deceived in their faith. And memory to Hugo, a shepherd friend. We went to listen to a preacher of the prosperity in the Stage of Cali.

An ardent message, but by no part mentioned Jesus Christ. In the end it ended up challenging us all to give what we had in the pockets. When finishing the event, I invited to consiervo so that we went to take the bus. " No, I remain " , it responded. " Why? " , I interrogated but it insisted that it remained. I had worried and hour and a half later I called to its house. It finished arriving. It gave everything, until the money of passage in group. And it remembered to me pesaroso: " You remember the lecturer? It said that if we gave everything what we had in the pocket, God would provide and I had to return caminando&quot to me; It has happened to him sometimes? Tens of people have fallen in the same situation. They have invested the order of the things. Mr. Jesus taught: " Because the gentile ones look for all these things; but your celestial Father knows that you have necessity of all these things. But you firstly look for the kingdom of God and its justice, and all these things will be added to you. So, you do not strive by at some future date, because at some future date it will bring his eagerness. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. " (Mateo 6:32 – 34) What I teach the Teacher to us? At least three things that I invite to him to consider from this passage: 1. – Who take care of the provision, before to look for God, they are the gentile ones, in other words, that only thinks about the material. 2. – That we have invested the order of the things. God commanded to look for the first kingdom to us of God and its justice and then, said, the other things like addition would come, and today many look for first " aadiduras" and they leave the kingdom of God last. 3. – We must look for God and to leave God takes care of our needs. I invite to him so that it reviews its life. Perhaps it has invested its precedence? What worries to him more: God or the money? The answer is hers and nothing else that hers. I hope that in future, God makes right decisions will orient its life and will know to move in the appropriate direction Fernando Alexis Jimnez – Contact (057) 317-4913705 Email: Original author and source of the article.