Pisu Flowers

Flowers would have been one of the latest gifts, which would you choose to present to the man. There are men who appreciate flowers, but only to give them to women. Imagine the surprise would be if he received an unexpected bouquet of flowers or the original! In this article, any ideas how to surprise your man: 1) Be bright. Men tend to prefer bright colors. Finding the combination of colors in a bouquet can really make a recovery in the mood of your men.

Choose flowers in red, yellow, orange and blue. You can ask in our floral shop for advice on the creation of beautiful and colorful bouquet of flowers with the using the entire palette of colors that every man will enjoy a gift regardless of the case. 2) Add the greens. If the man whom you are giving flowers, love nature, or a positive attitude towards 'Green Pisu', the combination bright colors with greens bring your songs are a great addition freshness. Excessive use of herbs in a bouquet can cool your bright paint colors. If you are unsure about adding green accents, ask floral professionals. 3) Be unique.

Raised flowers to men, forget about their tastes, as the same color scheme can cause a variety of feelings in both men and women. Try to make original packaging, or design your own vase for flowers. Another aspect – include tropical flowers in your bouquet. These tips will definitely help you get the attention of the beloved. Prepodnoshenie colors contemptible men were in through the years. Men admired the flowers just as great gift for the woman. Presentation of colors as bright and unique gift for a man – an excellent way to express your feelings. Even men prepodnoshenie roses – acceptable way to say that you love him. Look beyond the stereotypes of a certain way to impress him.

Seasons Perfume

Perfume is important to us as a special touch of our appearance, as final link style or his personality. Floral or woody, sweet and fresh – favorite flavors accompany us everywhere and are the visiting card of our personality. But before each question appears, what flavor we need? What quality should have a perfume or toilet water? How do they differ? For a start take a look at what the word perfume. Perfume – a special composition of the alcohol, water and concentrate odorants. Often consists of and dye, which only affects the color of the perfume. Perfumes and toilet water vary resistance, the concentration of essential oils and saturated odor. Choose for yourself the spirits, if you need a long, unquenchable flavor, because the spirits are composed of 90 percent alcohol and 15 percent or more essential oils. Toilet water is suitable for those who like light, weightless smells that can be updated throughout the day.

And typically, the spirits are used as an evening option, and the toilet water is ideal as a daily option, especially in active operation, or a hot summer day. The difference between male and female odors in that men seem to be "stronger" and female "softer." And this is true, because the fragrance for men is based on a strong woody smell that is associated with masculine qualities such as endurance, strength, self-control. Women also smells are based on floral arrangements, emphasizing the soft, feminine beautiful half of humanity. Adding a "male" notok fragrance for women, and vice versa, will bring spice or even daring to perfume. Choosing one or another version of the perfume in the perfume store, whether it's perfume or toilet water, we must remember that the choice of smell is not only your tastes, but also time and place the use of fragrance. Perfume should be in harmony with the seasons, the situation fit the clothes, and generally reflect the image of your personality.