At The Invitation Of The Russian Government

Hamburger RockFront culture Festival ‘MYOwka’ in St. Petersburg Hamburg (mk) is arranged it a hamburger the makers were event but always international. MYOwka”, the intercultural Festival thrills the Northern visitors for over ten years. Host and initiator is the RockFront e.V., which committed to the cultural concerns of young people in particular with Russian and German roots. From 25 to 30 October, the RockFront e.V. organized this festival for the first time in St. Petersburg.

Was MYOwka”so far mainly by the Goethe-Institut supports, there this year for the first time an official invitation from the Russian Government. The programme presents genre-cultural work of artists through her personal history in both worlds”at home. The actor Yuri Soloviev and the photographer Dmitry Lelchuk are part of the game. Both began their careers in Russia or Belarus, pocketed their professional success but in A Germany. The international rock project of JurassicBlues from Hamburg presented rock music with the embossing of the Russian scene of the 80s. The Russian Director Oleg Eremin and the German dramatist Lioba rad Hoskins give insight into intercultural theatre projects.

The Association of the RockFront with headquarters in Hamburg sees itself as international alternative cultural movement. It combines music, art, and way of life in Eastern Europe with the contemporary culture in Germany. In particular young immigrants and their German friends will find a platform for intercultural exchange and a meaningful leisure activity here. “” The RockFront e.V. is among others Member of the djo – Deutsche Jugend in Europa”, in the” yunost “”and the joint Welfare Association”. Further information and contacts: Mark Kaminski Radhouane blocks 23 21502 Geesthacht 04152 / 87 68 27 Web: eMail:

Three Years Country House

Charity concert for the benefit of the Kunsthofgohlis near Dresden with Dar. Prahl and Angelika Mann Krispin Fraks the band charity concert in favour of the Kunsthofgohlis near Dresden with Dar. Prahl and band Angelika Mann Krispin Fraks the date: Sunday, September 1, 2013 time: 17: 00, doors open 16: 00 tickets: 20 euro Ticketshop: on August 28, 2010 opened the Landhaus of Luckas first his court for all interested – a concert with a Vernissage at the Pilgrim hostel. What was actually planned as opening highlight, quickly evolved into the functioning concept: concerts and exhibitions in the small, almost private atmosphere of the Pilgrim hostel. “Art belongs in smallest rooms,” explains owner Sven Luckas, “and in a pilgrims hostel include songs and texts and images from the path of the artist.” And many in the past three years have made along the way: Wenzel, Dirk Zollner, Tino Eisbrenner, Karsten Troyke, Andre Herzberg, Bobo in White wooden Houses, Erick fish, just a few to mention Manfred Maure Crusher the the audience away from large halls at culture footprint impressed. More information is housed here: Children’s Defense Fund.

Several hundred guests Prahl on the larger summer open air stage, Andreas Dresen/Axel fans in the last year with her band, and this year the Keimzeit attracted acoustic Quintet to an extraordinary concert experience. It especially one behind the country house, the pilgrims hostel, own Pilgrim beer and concerts: commitment, enthusiasm and initiative. “Us in the last three years really good met: pilgrims come into our House, great musicians give concerts and we have a very loyal and enthusiastic audience.” This is fantastic and we want to share that.”Sven Luckas founded the charity initiative for the Kunsthofgohlis. “The Kunsthof is similar to small as we and standing 1.80 m under water this year. After a week flood the place was unrecognisable; Piano, electric appliances, masonry – it was everything. Not much we can do so, but many together create quite a bit.

We are very pleased that we so great “Musicians for the benefit concert could win, it will be a sure an unforgettable evening.” The concert starts at 5: 00, admission is from 16: 00. There are tickets for 20 euros in the online shop. Already from 11: 00 the 1 Philippinenhofer flea market on the Philippines court opens on this day. More information, photos and interview requests, please contact: Landhaus of Luckas Tel. 033432/74 0 27 about the musicians: Dar Prahl and Band Andreas Dresen and Axel Prahl songs by Gerhard Gundermann, Rio Reiser, Gisbert zu Knyphausen play with her band as their own, by Prahl written songs. The fun of the music and together merges, if of calendar allows, again the parties. Unfortunately far too rare pleasure for artists and audiences. Angelika Mann a woman with wit and charm, heart, snout and – voice! Its versatile programme is a mixture of swing, chanson, jazz, rock, Gassenhauern, and their own hits. What always offers its audience: it promises a terrific, musically sophisticated and yet entertaining evening! Krispin “who likes the quirky melancholy by element of crime, will love this band!” Songs from the classic rock playing Nikolai Tomas (“poems for Laila”) “The Fraks” to the load-bearing ballads in English and German. The press describes the 4-piece band of Leipzig as a natural phenomenon”and also the fans are excited at every concert on the new.