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National study of consumption creates II Germany’s largest data base of Karlsruhe/Nurnberg, 09 July 2010 – sandals or boots, floor-length robes and long hair decorated with flowers: he looked like the prototypical hippie of the flower-power era. He aspired after peace, spiritual and religious development and intimate communion with nature. Out of respect for the animals, he was also mostly vegetarian. Many parts of his ideology extend to the present, and manifested for example in the current organic boom. The Max Rubner Institute (MRE) devoted himself to the current national consumption study II of the question whether there is a connection between the purchase of organic food and the lifestyle.

Approximately 14,200 consumers gave information about their eating habits and thus justified the most comprehensive data base that has ever existed in Germany. And so the typical buyer of the bio can be characterized the findings according to: he shows a healthier food choice overall, consumed more fruits and vegetables and less meat and sausages. He consumed less Confectionery, soft drinks and tobacco products and is also sporty active. Bio consumption was not only a question of the purse to the findings of the national consumption study II. In the study group with the lowest income, intensive buyers of organic food have found now? The market research company GfK confirmed that organic products has long been attractive for the entire population. According to an analysis bought 94 percent of German households organic products last year and spent 84 euros in average. An average of 20 times, organic food in the basket landed, equivalent to 3.9 percent of the annual total expenditure on food. If you would like to know more then you should visit Center For Responsible Lending. Despite the difficult macroeconomic situation, organic farming has put to continue also in 2009: according to statistics of the Ministry of food has increased the number of organic farms compared to 1,234.

Overall the share of eco-landscape is 5.6 percent measured in the total number of agricultural Businesses. The ecological agriculture waives certain pesticides, growth promoters, mineral fertilizers and genetic engineering. Also no flavour enhancers, artificial flavors or dyes and preservatives may be added to the products. Only then they can be sold under the name of bio. But the absence of preservatives makes products more easily perishable and susceptible to a bacterial contamination already during the production. Minced meat is due to the degree of crushing and the larger surface associated to the perishable foods. By crushing the contact surface with the surrounding atmosphere is much larger, there will be ideal growing conditions for many corruption-causing and pathogenic micro-organisms. Technology manufacturers strive therefore, any attachments that come with perishable food contact according to the strict hygiene requirements to construct. So the companies Bizerba from Balingen. We have developed the checkweigher CWP Neptune, perishable and packaged food hygiene to weigh and sort. It has been designed ergonomically, that she offers little space bacteria and meets the design criteria of the European hygienic engineering and design group (EHEDG)”, says Claudia Gross, Director global marketing and communication at Bizerba. This technology ensure that perishable foods like meat without the addition of preservatives arrive safely at the end consumer. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

Vice President

Abantia completes the year 2011 with a turnover of 279 million and expands its presence in Europe, America and Asia. The engineering group Abantia achieved a turnover of 279 million euros in the year 2011 and thus achieved a growth of 10% compared to the prior year. The operating profit reached 17 million, 41 percent more than the previous year. “Thanks to the internationalisation and the diversification of our business activities, we have managed to grow”, says the Vice President of the group, Joan Gumma. The international markets grew in the past year by 35% and now account for 23% of the total turnover of the company. Abantia is now present in six European countries, America and Asia. The Vice President of the company forecasts that revenues from international markets 2012 will rise further, because last year they accounted for exactly one-third of the total turnover.

Abantia has 2,300 employees and has been since the year 2011 in Mexico, Guatemala, and Qatar represented. Joan Gummaerwartet this year the first income from El Salvador and Abu Dhabi. T cuento society T-cuento, in turn, the Abantia group and specializes in the design and development of systems to the passenger rate measurement at the point of sale, could triple the revenue in 2011 as compared to the previous year, plus the presence in Germany and France also. The specialisation, flexibility and endurance by T-cuento are the main reasons that have led to that the company could consolidate its activity on the Spanish retail market and 2010 to triple revenues to. According to alvaro Angulo, CEO of T-cuento, “the crisis has meant that companies invest in analysis tools to optimize the performance of the retail stores: enter as many customers and how long they stay in the business, how many of them buy something or go to have made without a purchase, which are the most frequented hours on the day, etc. to” is the flexibility of our product that we have fully developed, allowing that we best can adapt to the needs of our customers.” T-cuento began his business activities on the French market in the first quarter of 2011 and a distribution Alliance with the company completed Luxiona, in November the market entry in Germany followed suit with a contract between T-cuento and company Sattler object light GmbH. alvaro Angulo expresses, “internationalization is our growth strategy for the year 2012 and our next target is Canada.”

Manfred Lingnau GmbH

Solemn handing of certificates of finalist at the Grand Prix of the middle classes of Munich, 07.07.2009 – the Vantargis AG, the independent German less for the upper middle class, has taken over the Service Center Munich of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung. “Our first and most important task is, on 20 August the Bavarian finalist at the Grand Prix of medium-sized ‘ in the ceremony to hand over their documents to reach the jury list”, explains Sebastian Seibold, Director of the service. “We have it we also aiming, to contribute to the public appreciation of the medium as a beacon of hope and economic factor, the relationship of healthy middle class strong economy more jobs ‘ publicly to communicate, to promote networking among SMEs, and to popularize success stories.” In a first step, Seibold together with Manfred Lingnau, managing partner of HL consulting & partner, the group founded Medium-sized businesses in the spotlight ‘ at the business network XING. About the Grand Prix of medium-sized ‘ for the 15 competing for the Grand Prize of the middle class of 2009’ 3.366 companies and personalities from more than 1,400 municipalities, institutions, Chambers and associations in the 16 federal States were nominated. These companies represent mid-market, economically successful and socially committed in its entire range of various industries as well as organizational and ownership. No other middle-class competition in Germany reached a resonance of such a large and sustained over several years. The prices are not endowed.

For the companies, it involves honor and public recognition, without financial incentives. Nationwide, 1,028 companies have the second stage of the competition, the so-called jury list ‘ reach. These companies will be in the next few weeks in the solemn form of economy ministers, Secretaries of State and Chamber President, through the Federal headquarters in Leipzig and the nationwide active Service points of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung the instrument to reach the jury list ‘ presented. About Vantargis AG, Vantargis AG is the independent German less for the upper middle class. The range consists of leasing, factoring and debt solutions, as well as selected corporate finance services.

The focus is on medium-sized owner-managed companies. The Vantargis group includes the medium-sized leasing companies Vantargis Leasing GmbH, Sigma Leasing GmbH currently and active) lease Vantargis finance GmbH and the factoring company Vantargis factoring GmbH. Also provides the Vantargis Wabeco finance GmbH consulting services regarding public funding and grants. For more information see and questions and further information: Vantargis AG Widenmayerstr. 28 80538 Munich Sebastian Seibold phone: 089 2429373-17 E-mail:

Patzelt Foundation

In 2009 E.g. the Sparkasse Forchheim to the special Bank of the year “nomination. The Institute is characterized by a very high level of customer orientation, an excellent human resources development strategy and many areas (BSC, rating as a chance, etc.), in which she takes a pioneering role. The headquarter of the Sparkasse Forchheim was also awarded as a particularly attractive building concept. So, you expressing your appreciation to your bank, by you nominate them for this competition.

We look forward. “Learn more about the competition, visit the Web site of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung a special feature of the competition Grand Prix of medium-sized enterprises” is that companies must be nominated by a third party, so that they can participate in the competition. For the nominated companies, this means a corresponding Public relations and information policy, as well as a recognizable commitment, so that their achievements are also adequately perceived. The nomination by a third party is a visible sign of appreciation of the achievements and success of the company. A nice gesture of recognition and respect, which is still too rare. Another feature of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung is that participation in the competition for the companies is free of charge. This is possible only because over 200 personalities voluntarily and enthusiastically for the Foundation and for the middle class engaged in Germany.

So, not only the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation itself, but also over 30 regional volunteer services available are the nominated companies and all interested parties for questions around the competition. This includes among other things the IMBEMA consult GmbH from Burgkunstadt. Here you reach the contact person, Mr Robert Knitt 09572 telephone number 6099477. The IMBEMA consult specializes in business optimization through a holistic Specialized corporate fitness program. More information please visit or call if you have any questions, requests or suggestions. We look forward. Because we are convinced: healthy middle-class economic stability more jobs.

Certified By MasterCard As Issuing Processor

Additional business segment opens up new perspectives for the card processing Europe Hamburg easycash group, October 2009. Since August 2009, the easycash group is issuing certified processor. Within the framework of the continuous development of its products and solutions, MasterCard has granted the official certification as a member service providers in issuing processing company. Thus, the easycash group, which already has a strong portfolio for traders, can serve well the Bank side with their services. \”Milestone on the way to Europe for the easycash means an important milestone the development of this new market segment, because financial institutions are potential customers of the Group: the easycash Group offers through its subsidiary of easycash loyalty solutions the processing of the international application as so-called branded\” cards. While this initially applies to Maestro cards, also the processing is started by internationally deployable MasterCard cards next year. easycash is also in this area full service provider and uses all interfaces, including networking and issuing processing. Issuing processing loyalty solutions easycash over the standard offers a comprehensive product portfolio in card processing.

The Hamburg-based company product components that exceed the standards required for international card programs offers state of the art systems. About the OPAL software platform used the easycash GmbH of loyalty solutions processed in the year 2008 approximately 14 million private label and gift cards. As a currency – and language-independent system, OPAL is fully integrated and multi-client capability. On this basis, easycash loyalty solutions can handle any card portfolio including all credit, debit, charge, or prepaid cards. The demand is great for new and innovative concepts of cards\”, so Thies Rixen, Managing Director of easycash loyalty solutions in Hamburg. Through the intelligent combination of our POS services in the merchant business with a comprehensive \”Range of services in the card management we open new perspectives, especially in regard to the Europeanisation of payments: we are able, interested card issuers don’t care whether trading firms or financial institutions to define a quote.\” Further information: easycash holding GmbH marketing / communication Simone Bruder Tel.

Email Campaigns

Do you want to double or triple the number of new potential customers and generate clients each month with your email address? It’s focus on your email with the techniques of drafting campaign. The drafting of email is part of a successful Virtual business. It is the art of using the compelling written content, centered around a service or product to sell. A tool widely used to tempt the reader are articles that should be attractive, desirable and to show some benefits. The writing is often described as a play on words, where the best more persuasive campaigns are what customers will earn. Every time that you send an email, you’re basically trying to sell a benefit. So what the best way to communicate with your prospect is in the language and the proper wording, specifically for that niche that you are targeting.

The secret of your successful Virtual business through e-mail marketing is to balance the right mix of benefits and features of your product. Here are 9 tips to try in your next campaign emailmarketing. 1. A title of great impact. A title can be the difference between selling and not selling nothing, takes headlines proof that motivate the curiosity of one who sees the message. 2 Attract readers. Looks at the articles of magazines, advertising to help you and studies as they do to catch your readers and get you in a similar manner.

3 Keep the main message showing 3 primary benefits of your product or service they are offering the reader display in a way that they educate their knowledge do not try sell educa. Presented credible information, you do not overdo. 4. The state your proposal should be in a personal way, since the focus has that view with the client that is, writing with the “you” and not in the way you ten found these linking you.5. Focus on the benefits for the customer. People want to save money, participate and be a part, learn more, earn more. 6 Offers multiple points of sale in format of bullet. Write from the point of view of the customer and problematic reflejasus and needs. 7 Fully displays the description of the product. Gives the customer all the information they need about the product or service in order to make a proper decision. 8 Create a call to action. Tell the client what to do exactly, step by step. 9. Never you must show a position of seller to differentiate yourself from the competition. For example, say your product it is better that the competition does not bring any benefit nor convinces nobody. These are 9 writing techniques to make a successful Virtual business via e-mail. Taking these points into account results in your email campaigns will be of great benefit in your venture. 8 Create a call to action. Tell the client what to do exactly, step by step. 9. Never you must show a position of seller to differentiate yourself from the competition. For example, say your product is better that the competition does not bring it any benefit neither convinces nobody. These are 9 writing techniques to make a successful Virtual business via e-mail. Taking these points into account results in your email campaigns will be of great benefit in your venture.