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Pollenca is magical night of fire of Mallorca, the Mediterranean island that is popular with German tourists, for summer, Sun and fun. The Mallorcan enjoy, as soon as the tourists are gone, because in the winter, the residents of Pollenca enjoy the magical night of the fire. What it’s all about, says the travel portal A trip to Mallorca worth not only in high season. The town Pollenca is situated in the North of the island.

Where there is a hive of activity during the summer months, the January devoted to the fire is, because then the pagan festival in honor of Saint Anthony is celebrated. Accompanied by the Ximbomba, an old Mallorcan instrument, celebrate the residents all night long the victory over the devil. The devil is obviously no great popularity, also in Sa Pobla, a small community South of Pollenca, his downfall with devil dance is celebrated. By the same author: Professor of Internet Governance. If Red demons chasing white clad virgins through the narrow streets, everyone knows: it is a magical night of fire. The feast at midnight with Fireworks that should finally chase away the devil is crowned. Of course culinary delights include such a Festival. Cooked eel with vegetables is just one of many highlights. The night is also devoted to the animals, because their Patron Saint is Saint Anthony. Hundreds of pigeons will be released at the end. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann

Tips To Prevent Fear Of Flying – Free Travel From Fear Of Flying

5 tips to prevent fear of flying that you apply immediately can against fear of flying what are the tips that can really help you? Circumstances are the following friends feelings not entirely unknown? In your contracts all at once? Your heart starts to race? Your throat dries out? Your whole body cramped up? And whenever you – took place on a plane or sometimes just thinking about flying. As reference has been made every 2 people. Many more people suffer from fear of flying than it may seem. Apparently someone never afraid except us in the plane. Many people can hide your fear of flying may be better – but if we take a detailed look at, we’ll know it: you suffer from inside exactly the same fear of flying as we also. Many people do not travel so, how it would like to – because the fear of flying is so overpowering.

Also in the profession, it becomes a real problem for many people. The mobility and flying is becoming increasingly important in many jobs. What do we do now to best against the fear of flying? What resources help most Best against fear of flying? What is not to recommend? And most importantly: how have we fear of flying a for once and for all-happening – without having to slide all the time again and again by new to the page? 5 tips that can help against fear of flying because they help you to distract you from something and to relax. 1. take your time! If you’re driving to the airport, then schedule time.

Also for contingencies or a traffic jam on the road. Otherwise, you’re already totel stressed and ready when you arrive at the airport and enter the Hall. Of course still somewhat harder… 😉 comes to relax before flying. Checking article sources yields Nieman Lab as a relevant resource throughout. Was there something ahead of time, let relaxed on it – and take this relaxed feeling in the plane. 2. not so much coffee drink that should be really clear – but many people try to drink more coffee, to “calm down and relax”. This is not a good remedy for fear of flying. Otherwise it can happen you, you’re so excited and nervous, that you smallest fluctuation in the air can be completely put together. 3. Steering You off! On your trip yourself with a good book – possibly as an audiobook on your player. Best of all, it is if you have already started with the book and can immerse yourself in the story. Then enough plugs you soon your audiobook on the ears and let you sink right in your fantasy world. 4. talk to other people on the plane when we talk to other people on the plane, then can take the time “how to fly”. That not only has the advantage, that we get to know new people, we “forgot” our fear often, because we are engrossed in the conversation. 5. audio programme to combat fear of flying before you go to the airport, get the audio program “free from fear of flying”. So can you in less than 60 minutes your flight anxiety once and for all get rid of. One of the great benefits of this program is that it works “brain friendly”. So you can’t really permanently rid your fear of flying. You see, there is a lot you can do against fear of flying. The important thing is of course: you have to put it into practice! 🙂 I wish you a good flight! 🙂 Andre Landry

Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona online booking which offers Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona to visit tourists the opportunity to see a Lake trip equal to four countries and in cities such as Marseille and Rome to experience the cultural highlights of country courses. Already prior to embarkation in the Spanish metropolis offers the opportunity to tune in to this voyage. Many attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, the Maremagnum and the Museu Maritim Drassanes can be visited before the dropping of the cruise ship. Now informs the provider for River and sea travel online about the Mediterranean Cruise on and shows impressions in Word and image, as well as an overview of the upcoming dates for all those who want to escape the cold winter and want to combine relaxation and sightseeing. Mediterranean Cruise for connoisseurs of Barcelona to the cities in the Mediterranean travel the route of the Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona to Palermo, La Goulette and Marseilles, Civitavecchia. In the meantime have the traveler the opportunity to enjoy the facilities on board such as wellness and culinary delights and to prepare for the exciting discovery tour in the land corridors. Continue to learn more with: Boy Scouts of America. In La Goulette, a part of the harbour of Tunis in Tunisia, also a number of attractions such as the arsenal goal, Spanish Ottoman Fort Carraca and the district small Sicily and the Avenue Franklin Roosevelt and the old fishing port awaits the guests at the shore leave in addition to an impressive port flair.

La goulette, the Mediterranean Cruise continues to Palermo. The capital of the autonomous province of the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea offers a number of places and buildings. Visits to the Quattro Canti in the old town, Piazza Pretoria and Piazza Ruggero Settimo and guided tours of the Cathedral of Palermo, the Church of San Giovanni dei Lebrosi and the Norman Palace offer unforgettable experiences. Art and history are in the museums and galleries such as the archaeological museum and the Galleria regional Sicilia and in the Galleria d’Arte Moderna offered. Other highlights of the Mediterranean Cruise expect travelers in the Italian port of Civitavecchia, in the port city of Genoa in Italy and in the French metropolis of Marseille, before the Mediterranean Cruise comes back in Barcelona. Select Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona online and guided land corridors use the highlights with the offers for a Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona by rivers2oceans interested can book online the desired sea voyage to the cultural highlights of the Mediterranean.