Military Duties

The freedom is constituted like the main axis that defines the voluntary action. Before still that the solidarity or that the justice search. Without fulfilling this principle, a good action can socially be effective, can have positive repercussions for marginalized people or excluded groups, but never she will be voluntary since the decision is moved total or partially by an interested objective: an academic pay, credits, to fulfill a law, familiar pressure or of a reference group, disturbed incentives, a military service or the practices or economic scholarships of professional content and repercussions. In another context, also it is necessary to have well-taken care of with the pressure that can exert, with the best intention, professors, parents, therapists or other educators so that the young people to their position carry out some task of social voluntary military service. The direction and the education in solidarity for children and young people are not due to confuse with the obligatory nature of being voluntary. In addition, a service of voluntary military service is set of created actions to improve the quality of life of people with diverse needs.

The marginalized one, the patient, the single and left person, the protagonists of all voluntary action and towards them must to tender all the efforts. The planning, the selection of the volunteers, the formation, the pursuit of the programs, the supports to the voluntary military service, etc. are threads that tie in a same point of the network: the well-being of the beneficiary of that service. There is much difference between programs of voluntary military service for the reintegration of marginalized and programs for the reintegration of marginalized facts by volunteers. The volunteer always directs his effort towards one third person outside the group of the own volunteers, because a team of volunteers cannot be turned into a self-help group, at least like immediate goal. The people are not instruments.

No person is an instrument to arrive at no aim, by stop that the aim is. The protagonist in the voluntary military service is the marginalized person and in her we must think at the time of raising any work method. There will be volunteers whose motivations, evil understood, enter collision with this radical principle of the voluntary military service. The benefits of the volunteer to those of the beneficiary of the programs cannot be put in front. The volunteer or the organization cannot choose a work method thinking about or that he is going away to feel the volunteer, or about if this one he is going to leave his depression or if he adapts the more to a doctrine, or if to public repercussion and relumbrn will be obtained, or if votes will be obtained. The most effective method will look for so that the ill or marginalized person reaches the greater benefit. Another thing is that, from step, the volunteer obtains incalculable personal rewards. J.C.G.F Shared in common for the development [email protected]

Strategic Ally

Thanks to the petroleum discovery in 1959, the situation of Libya change drastically. Overnight passage of being an immersed country in the poverty to be one of the richest countries of the African Continent. Nevertheless, the control of the business of petroleum was in the hands of seven great English and North American companies that methodically handled near the seventy percent of the sale of petroleum consequently only one small part of the gains it remained in the country. One decade later, the 1 of September of 1969, a group of officials who comprised of the faction of left of I exercise Libyan, led by Colonel Muhamar El-Gadafi, they overthrew to old King Idris, who did not listen, the voices that demanded economic and social changes to him at political level. Manifestations that every day took but force as the enormous wealth produced by petroleum transformed the life of the country. The military revolutionary advice, led by Muhamar El-Gadafi I indicate that revolution intended: Unit, Freedom and Socialism in Libya, and simultaneously control a message of warning to the western world that any contrarrevolucionario attempt would be squashed implacable and decisively.

Also announcement the creation of a Socialist Republic which would be called Republic of Arab Libya . This way, Libya, one of the richest states and destined to being the maximum petroleum producer of the region in the future, end up being united to the revolutionary States socialist Arabs. This situation would reframe the future relations of the revolutionary government with the West, that until that moment was optimal. Especially with the United States and England that had many commercial and military interests in Libya. Being the main supplying country of arms for Libya, England had signed months back to the blow, a millionaire contract of sixty tanks type chieftain, and an indetermine number of antiaircraft arms and artillery for Libyan Armed Forces.

In addition, of a contract to install a complex radar network and a system of surface-to-air air defense without counting on the military installations that England tapeworm in the country. Aside from these contracts, England had to him granted to Libya several credits without interest, of 352,000 pounds in the year of 1949 and 250,000 pounds in 1951. On the other hand the United States counted on a military training base strategically important to have control in the Mediterranean. It is not possible to be left a side the numerous aid for technical attendance and economic development that both countries had granted to him to Libya. Between 1949 and 1959 England I contribute more than 21 million pounds and only in 1959, the United States took paid to the country about 25 million dollars. Against the new S-events very difficult to the future indicate what serious one of these relations especially if one considers that these new Arab socialist regimes were not in favor of any class of foreign interferences in his territory and but if they provenian of the West.