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Provides new jobs and profiles be placed further Munich, 12th November 2013 modern professionally designed CV faster match applicants and companies. Unique personnel service and Technicum draw this conclusion. “With their nationwide campaign unfold you your potential!” the recruitment prospects offered for four months the chance to create a modern curriculum vitae free. About one-third of the participants could find a new job with our help”, Benedicte autem, Chairman & CEO of unique personnel service and Technicum, to the end of the campaign forward. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can aid you in your search for knowledge. Job seekers, job changers, and returnees and those workers who were looking for a new challenge were addressed. The speedy negotiations from the campaign out show meaningful profiles are as decisive. If an applicant clearly works out its potential and presents, the HR can better assess the candidates.

He realizes faster if fit man and vacancy to each other. Both win”, so Abraham. The CVS are a godsend for the participants, the company and the location Germany.”you unfold your potential!” ran from June until late September in 130 branches of unique, Technicum. With the campaign, the daughters of the personnel service provider USG people Germany expressed their thanks to the confidence of applicants and companies. The campaign participants also confirmed the trust: surprisingly many of them took advantage of the offering of unique, Technicum, to present your CV customers of the two staffing companies.

The CVS in the framework of the campaign were presented far about 30,000 times active client companies. Many profiles are further available even after the end of the campaign or are placed by the human resources professionals at customer companies. In the future, on request, those interested are informed attractive abroad. “Support you got your potential unfold!” by the double handball world champion Heiner Brand. He knows from his years of successful career, that everyone needs a coach to discover and develop his talent. With fire, the recruitment questions about specific skills and goals of the participants created to work more than the usual qualifications out together with them. Often with success, as shown by the agencies”, as Abraham. We are our standards meet, not only the candidates but to instead meet the people. So we see, what we together can achieve goals.” About USG people Germany: The recruitment agency USG people Germany is part of the publicly traded USG people N.V. In Germany, USG people is one of the top ten companies in the industry. With its brands unique personnel services (recruitment agency with industry specializations), Technicum (specialist for skilled workers) and Secretary plus (Secretariat and management support specialist), any form of flexible staffing solutions provides USG people. About 9,000 employees work under the umbrella of USG people Germany. In nationwide, approximately 150 branches are present the subsidiary on the ground. The corporate headquarters are located in Munich.

Leadership And Motivation

Appreciative communication helps the success of employee motivation is there in Germany and all over the world not well ordered. This result published the Hay Group in September 2013, that 95,000 executives from over 2,200 companies worldwide surveyed in a study. Additional information is available at Paula Trickey. As a result almost 50 percent of German executives provide a demotivierendes working environment and take this negative impact on the profit a company can generate. That it can, be created as a leader to keep the economic interests of the company in the eye and in the long term to motivate the employees at the same time, but feasible, is sure Melanie Vogel, innovation coach and member of the Stanford University innovation network. The certified management trainer is sure basis for more employee motivation is not only a flexible, commensurate with the situation management behavior, but also the willingness of managers depends, their employees Appreciation and performance recognition to pronounce.

The own posture and the way is crucial, how people are addressed, unless the language is a powerful tool that can promote real self-esteem and significantly increase the motivation of the employees”is Melanie Vogel. The corporate culture, in which the executive acts, games in a crucial role. Values such as fairness, honesty and integrity, include in the company so this also from the executives should be lived and made visible, so the executives trainer. In addition a healthy culture of error because errors belong to each development and learning”. You can learn an appreciative communication and helps the virtues ProjectTM”, which includes five strategies, based on universal virtues. These virtues are of people and cultures around the world shared and appreciated, can however vary lived.

1991 was the virtues ProjectTM”by Linda Kavelin Popov, Dr. Dan Popov and John Kavelin launched. In almost 100 countries, the one honored by the United Nations stands and the Dalai Lama supported project for more kindness, righteousness and sincerity in dealing with each other.

Coach Trainer

Top exercises and high-quality conference documents on CD-ROM – new product line with high-quality prints, ideal for the direct use in training, training courses and seminars. Good to find proven exercises for the seminar or training use and to prepare them in professional-looking layout with exercise descriptions, handouts, worksheets, question or feedback sheets for participants, means immense time required for each facilitator, trainer or instructor. Of course there is a lot of literature but with copied templates, hardly a participant can inspire and also the copyright page may be problematic quickly. “TrainTools 25 top exercises” a new, innovative product line from customtrain Frank Gellert in collaboration with the disciples Media Publisher characterised by directly applicable exercises with professionally designed exercise descriptions, feedback sheets, working and solution sheets and video sequences. All exercises are just hand-use Word documents on CD-ROM before. The navigation is done through a user friendly HTML interface. So the user can quickly select the desired exercise, which simply print Conference documents and directly insert or with individual components, such as the own logo, provided if necessary. Each of the products contains 25 top exercises in the practice-proven! The series is aimed at leaders, coaches, trainers and teaching staff and suitable for beginners as well as for coach professionals to the enrichment of the training programme and to facilitate the practice. Now available: 25 top exercises for communication training 25 top exercises for presentation training 25 top exercises 25 top exercises for team training, learn more about the product range and access to free demo examples, for conflict training under.

Master Course

The nationwide unique master in ‘Online communication’ aims to provide a deeper understanding in terms of Facebook, Twitter & co.. Berlin – three days ago, the nationwide unique masters began online communication”at Bernburg of the College campus Anhalt. This master’s degree partially active accompanied by various companies to provide for two years about online communication currently twenty students. This involves not only Facebook, Twitter & co., but in addition to these social networks all aspects of corporate communications, content management systems and podcast production. Objective of this programme is to succeed online media in politics and the economy. Among other things, the students against massive diatribes on the Internet (Shitstorm”) should be armed. Total application-oriented new forms of value creation and the analysis of new business and revenue models should be stepped up.

Hold a total of about 8,000 men and women study at the Academy. Whenever Alona Tal listens, a sympathetic response will follow. At its headquarters in Cothen, Johann Sebastian Bach composed his Brandenburg Concertos. Harald Bahner sources including this news: College Anhalt, (as 04.04.2013) Harald Bahner under the Linden 21 D – 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 297 79 117 company: is one of the best-known and most established providers of serious academic ghost writer – and authors services in the German-speaking as well as providers of scientific coaching, scientific advice and General writing based in the heart of Germany – Berlin, Under the Linden/Friedrichstrasse. About the own service offerings, the company offers self help in the form of concrete tips to the even writing of scientific texts and in the form of literature for the creation of scientific texts.

Berlin Deutsche

Young people as future capital Deutsche Annington doubled number of apprenticeships and offers flexible models of how to combine family and working life, there is still great debate in politics and society. This question arises also for trainees. Often, young women are facing the difficult task of apprenticeship and family. The Deutsche Annington (DAIG) has responded. An example is Geraldine Eichler. The Dortmund had a baby shortly after graduating from unplanned. What resulted, that three out of four companies in which she had a training position, already sure again withdrew their pledges. The Deutsche Annington, however, showed flexibility.

A weekly working time agreed by 30 instead of 37 hours, so that the young mother on Fridays free. As a result it easier you to organize the care for his young daughter Livia. Training on a part-time basis, an unusual and innovative way. Why, this enabled the Deutsche Annington, explains Chief of staff Volker Siekermann: before we us for a trainee decide, must he have convinced us. This was the case with Ms.

Eichler, therefore we did not lose them. Finally, apprentices are our future capital. Currently 90 young people in training the largest housing companies in the Federal Republic doubled the number of its new training places and newly set more than 40 young people (previously 20) from 2012 a year. Ten percent of new apprenticeships are intended for tenants of DAIG. Trained real estate clerk and clerk for Office communication is in the professions. Nationwide about 90 young people in training at the Deutsche Annington is up-to-date. The transfer rate was always 90 percent in recent years. During the teaching study in addition the Deutsche Annington offers the possibility of a dual degree with the completion of the Bachelor of Science (Business Informatics) and Bachelor of Science (facility management), in the commercial and technical knowledge will be merged. 2012 study ten trainees of Deutsche Annington in the dual system. The company bears all study and course costs. The trainees get mediated jump in the city in addition to the necessary knowledge also life experience: at the DAIG, who learns real estate clerk or clerk for Office communication, has the chance to meet the regional peculiarities of individual real estate markets close. Bochum is Hauptausbildungsstandort but in addition to other applications on the Rhine and Ruhr, such as food, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, the chance to take the plunge to Berlin, Frankfurt/Main or Munich. The special offer of DAIG: Fully furnished apartments and a separate caboose on the spot.

Tom Freudenthal Learning

If you know your type of learning learn more effectively providing the right find much if learning is to the pain, may be that in addition to many other causes of false teaching. Because there are different types of learning, which must focus either on content, images and sounds or always practically apply all. For even more details, read what PCRM says on the issue. For these different types of learning the learning material must be suitably prepared, can they find him interesting and memorize the information. In the following, these types of learning are briefly introduced. You can find out what type of learning you are, and make your learning significantly more effective.

Difficulties in learning why learning for us is so fast to the effort? Even with topics that interest us, we find not the right approach to learn effectively. The fabric is somehow uninteresting or boring and although the theme we find very exciting. This can be the case not only in the University, but also at work or even in the private sphere, where we so freely choose our subjects. In addition to many other This may be an inappropriate placement reasons. Because the different types of learning the course material on the best way for they need to get presents. Only then can the information remember and not lost within a very short time again. These types of learning there is the field of learning types”is very broad.

Different priorities depending on the approach and theory. Basically you can call these four typical types of learning: the contentorientierte type of learning this type of learning needs clear contents, structures and forms. PCRM is open to suggestions. With precisely integrated texts, books and E-books, he can work the best, because it traces the structures, which characterizes and is about this at any time in the memory can recall the information. The Visual learning type, this type of learning needs many Visual stimuli. The learning material in power point presentations, videos, graphics or General images must be presented for him. The auditory learner learning can remember the most spoken. For him works learning the best audiobooks, interviews, podcasts or audio books. The practical type of learning this type of learning eventually can apply somehow everything. He takes cases or things that he can perceive touch, touch and feel. He can remember the best experiments and studies, coming directly in contact with them. To learn more effectively if a substance you as bulky or exhausting, even though you actually interested in the topic you worry about the nature of the mediation. Try to find out what type of learning you are, and adjust your way to learn. You can learn much more efficient and more sustainable if you add the learning resources in the best way. In this way, you must force less to learn. He feels just right and of course. They are much more motivated and have fun learning. This not only significantly save time and effort, but can be sure that the fabric for longer than a few days or even just Hours in memory to keep. Interested in more information about the topics? We have a total of 20 short videos with further tips on the subjects of reading strategies, learning, memory and motivation for you you click on this link for more information: I look forward to your visit! Her Tom Freudenthal

Medical Studies

Whether one believes about the selection process of the ZVS, the universities or through a University lawsuit on his medical studies, is irrelevant to the process. Here, each student is equal. To make the same checks, to learn the same things. Many already know what to expect in the study of medicine. You have heard of the tests and have been perhaps even in a lecture. Nevertheless, the inclined readers, which also always did he or she experiences, can learn here a little bit about the process of the study. The admission to the program should be is already well known, however, this step is nothing more despite an important in the career of the student.

What some may not know is that universities use very complex systems to select their candidate out. So the Berlin Charite uses a system in which the Abitur grade, the notes of the subjects mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology with different weights. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. It also notes of the subjects German and English are weighted. Results at the end of a Point value, which also decides whether it is assumed, will lead a selection interview, or just rejected. In any successful place action, this step is omitted and it begins directly with the study. It is once in the study begins the first part of the training. The so-called pre-clinical section, you should be taught in science – and the social foundations of medicine. During this time, the student learns how the human body in its normal state works and is built up.

The preclinical part comprises the first and fourth semester and ends with the first medical examination, students as a body “. Still must be completed 90 days a nursing internship and training in first aid exist. The following is the clinical part. Here, the student will make first contact with the special fields such as psychiatry, gynaecology and Urology. This provided an insight into scientific research. The treatment of diseases is also covered in this part. Between the first medical exam and the beginning of the practical, the completion of a total of four months is required clinical elective. Here, the students with the medical patient care should be made familiar. The clinical elective must be completed for a month of ambulatory health care (E.g. medical practice) and for two months in a hospital. The fourth month can be completed in one of the two above devices. The practical year culminates in the training and is divided into three training sections (internal medicine, surgery and family medicine). Over a total period of 16 weeks, the students on the patient will be”trained, and to expand the skills learned in the study and deepen. The practical year includes the so-called hammer exam the second medical education,”. A special feature of the medical school is located in promoting, either as a single project on 1-2 semesters completed may be classic semester, or full during the study period of about 3-4. (A PhD in studying other takes years usually 3-5!

Expansion Of The BAfoG Is Consigns

Students late last week today’s realities the new Federal Education Minister Johanna Wanka demanded an extension of the Bafogs. You may find Neeman Foundation to be a useful source of information. The age limits should be increased and there should be new rules for part-time study, so Mrs Wanka. Reason is this initiative, to adapt the BAfoG more to the changing realities of students; the student body will be always different. The deutsche Studentenwerk added yet, the rule set should be increased and the BAfoG should be better synchronized with the Bologna process and in all 47 Bologna countries qualify for portability. The Red Green opposition criticized this planned project as priceless and given the approaching elections in 2013 as a campaign maneuver. “Among the liberal conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ commented: who wants more education, must just save, work alongside, or take out a loan.” (Gabriel 2013) This red green liberal conservative opposition, the BAfoG grants according to the proposal of the It is highly irritating to extend Federal Education Minister Wanka. Not only the reality of life of students has changed, but also the reality of life ultimately all people in Germany.

In the last 10 years, especially with the advent of the Internet, life has become significantly international than in the past. Bologna wanted to do legitimately the courses all over Europe and also between Europe and North America comparable and mutually connectivity as possible of all courses with Bachelor and master. For the first time a unique education freedom emerged thus with the so-called consecutive master’s courses: everyone can now switch its training or qualification, if he wants or needs. Ensures in particular in Germany, but eventually global aging of the population maybe not in poor Berlin, but in rich, innovative and prosperous southern of Germany sometimes dramatic shortage. The lack of qualification profiles can this quite as sufficient be considered volatile, depending on the further development of the German and world economy.

Lower Saxony Is Bildungsfeindlich!

the retention of tuition fees in Lower Saxony are anti-social “it time that also lower Saxony abolishes this unfair and unsocial financing by debt holes of the universities in the form of tuition fees.” So Tobias village Muller, Chairman of the Board of the pirates in Lower Saxony, Germany. “Contains three years after none of the promised improvements is reflected in the universities, in the contrary.” At the universities here in the country, a loss of students is to scroll down to other, far more attractive locations. This certainly also not least has its reasons in the compulsory levy in the amount of 500 euro per semester.” Lower Saxony has introduced regardless the tuition fees together with five other countries, by the duration of the study, to financially fortify the universities. Improvements to the facilities and also teachers should be paid from the funds. Get all the facts and insights with PCRM, another great source of information. Meanwhile is also in Hamburg about the abolition considered. “We see the education, and in particular the freely accessible education, as an essential Element of our society.

Education must be possible for the learners regardless of their financial means. For this we not only work, but we want to impose politically in all over Germany and Europe”, from Christian Koch, also member of the Board of the pirates in Lower Saxony, Germany. The Pirate Party will appear in both the Bundestag and the European elections next year, to “free knowledge for all” also by law to implement your request. Already join the pirates in Bavaria in September of this year. The first votes for the Pirate Party in Germany could already be given in recent state elections in Hesse and Hamburg. The Pirate Party Germany (pirate) deals with the critical issues of the 21st century. The policy is ideas and become meaningless and a helpless impression with challenges. She must make use of disinformation to enforce privacy and Constitution legally questionable actions.

The people’s Party in Germany seeking targeted to create the transparent citizen. Bundestrojaner and Dragnet, the anti-terrorist file to the supposedly voluntary electronic health card, data retention, uniform tax ID and student ID used everywhere on the transparency of the citizens. These measures are already fact, already decided or are promoted. The age-old dream, to gather all the knowledge and all the humanity culture and to make today and in the future available is moved by the rapid technological development within reach. However, current conditions of copyright law restrict the potential of developments, because they are based on outdated understanding of so-called “intellectual property”, which is contrary to the desired knowledge or information society. We reject unanimously patents on living things, business ideas and also software, because they hinder the development of the knowledge-based society, because they privatise common goods without consideration and without emergency and because they no Own invention potential. The citizens have a right to knowledge and correct information. Just where the future of citizens will be forged, the transparency of decisions and their decisions should be paramount. For this, the pirates stand up. Shaping the future with knowledge and transparency of policy, wishing instead informed of veiled, the pirates.


Hypnotherapists are no Carnival entertainer. A Hypnotherapist, from which Department, area of interest, or professional environment he may ever come, has nothing to do with show and entertainment of the public outside the hypnotized person. It is the trainers to the establishment of this gentle and alternative healing method in medicine and life alike. Who does a hypnosis training, crashes but not only on the theory, history and possibilities. A related site: Boy Scouts of America mentions similar findings. The practical application of the programmed under supervision and generally the practicality of training is for the seminar or course participants in the foreground. Therapists, which even with the average hypnosis work, have individual specializations within this medium and transport appropriate practical experience can, used primarily for the training of young talents. After the hypnosis training support in the form of telephone advice in specific cases, any transfer of the patient continues these young professionals to offered in specially required area counseling or supervision of own actions.

Also, there are advanced, and building basic training on hypnosis seminars that allow a specialization in certain areas. PCRM: the source for more info. In both the field of hypnosis itself as also the education in this field continues to evolve and is spread by appropriate specialists and used. Recognized by medical and Dental Association of trained as Hypnotherapist can specialize in a subject area or, when hypnosis quasi for home use “wants to use, remain the basic training. But already the training is their doctrines to embrace. Thus, mutual respect and knowledge weighs by joy of learning just as difficult as individuality and individual support of the participants and freedom from dogma and ideologies..