Wedding Dance

This as proof to himself that nothing impossible, that her first dance you will not only fulfill his dream, but also discover something more important You will find that wedding dance – is a new page of your opportunities! 4. Wedding Dance – a way of expressing love each other! We confess in love every day, we are ready to fill your life happy and exciting time and it's perfectly aware of what can be a declaration of love without words! Unique wedding dance, through beautiful movements and figures, make your declaration of love even more anxious and warm. Wedding Dance opens in loving hearts magical ability to tell everyone about the strength of your feelings about the power of your love. (A valuable related resource: Boy Scouts of America). 5. Wedding Dance – Your first family dance! Are you looking for chickens? – No, – said the little prince – I'm looking for friends.

And how to tame it? – This is a long-forgotten concept – explained Fox – It means: to create a bond. – Bonds? – That's right – said the fox. For me you are still only a little boy, the same as a hundred thousand other little boys. And I do not need. And I'll also not needed. I am for you just a fox, is the same as a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, we'll need each other. You will be for me the only one in the whole wide world. And I "ll be one in the whole wide world – I'm starting to understand – said the little prince. – There is a rose Perhaps she has tamed me "The Little Prince." Antoine de Saint-Exupery. You are family now! You not bound, printed in the passport, children no, you found each other and bound by love and wedding dance – it's your first dance of family life, a comprehensive, all-consuming!