Drugs For Weight Reduction

Number of people with overweight continually increasing. With that, a few years ago obesity was considered a matter of aesthetics, now rank as the leading doctor of a chronic disease of metabolism. This is not surprising because the extra pounds portend range of serious diseases, reduce the duration of our lives. Draw a variety of techniques and drugs, the discoverers are predicting the imminent release of unwanted pounds. But, some of these techniques is extremely low efficiency, while others, despite the fact that they have the effect of the drop weight, but unsound health. the greatest demand in the market-control method Overweight got hold of funds from China, but the rumor about them is ambiguous: on the one hand they are in practice proved to be effective, the other in many of them were found prohibited substances. Our company, from 2005 to 2007 conducted a study of the internal Chinese market means for the reduction of weight. Firms, which make their money solely for sale abroad, were not considered.

Much work has been done: bought specimens from different manufacturers, making them the pharmaceutical analysis was conducted testing the required registration documents. If the drug meets safety framework, and subsequently established its efficacy volunteers. As a result of dozens of samples, only a single drug has passed all tests. This product HuShen Beijing Research Center, which is distributed under the name moyu. That's what we told the Messenger Director General Medical Center Zang Lee. While in China at this time as a percentage of less fat people than in Europe and America, but the rate of increase in the number of people suffering from full off reasonable limits.