Technology Society

The accelerated technological development world is reaching milestones hyper serendipity, with an amazing potential to promote the evolution of nature and an acceleration of human knowledge. Two seemingly contradictory realities of the information society and knowledge are intensifying, “included and excluded-with the strong imposition of globalization in the technological / economic and invigoration of asymmetry in the distribution of knowledge and wealth. a more clear picture of the situation. The resulting energy production, food and manufactured goods, a substance has been unprecedented growth and a sharp economic crisis tested the ability to adapt to each country and each enterprise. This development also has raised far-reaching social challenges both the popularization of network 2.0, and ethical and legal risks on its basically new dimension and environment, threats are not confined to a geographic territory, a leaders social stratum or even the generation contemporanea. The technologies of the information society and business technology knowledge have created fertile ground necessary for the genesis of a chaotic, interconnected world. It is an exciting and dangerous world at a time, but also of profound asymmetries in the apportionment of wealth, environmental costs and the expropriation of scientific knowledge. As the protagonist strategy of this society actually bought a team building thoughtful tone: the industrialization focused exposed to a model that has sustained strength of the plundering skills of natural resources, a threat against nature that has turned against the society itself to become a threat social. Certainly, we are now experiencing the destruction of nature as a form of social management training destruction and gave rise to the creation of new ecological trends that have managers reached technology in all areas. training Global Culture innovation in the current context, science continues to resist being seen as an integral part of culture. However, its role in formal and informal education is increasingly important and scientific literacy is essential to developing a truly participatory citizenship. It is imperative to bring about a transformation and promote a new social contract for science, to raise management the challenges of science in a global world with unevenly distributed resources. There is a need to address the insecurity and the entrepreneur role time management of values, while not irrational or share a conservative perspective, undoubtedly the common denominator is both knowledge and will be close and continuous training coaching model with flexibility in recognition of skills and defined competencies. the Chair of the EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund Investment Committee is has been a member of major compaines It is necessary to reverse the flow of knowledge from the classroom to the people. Finally, an important component of this new social model is the woman, asymmetries enough to constitute a serious customer service problem of gender that must be corrected, no doubt to redefine the role of women promoting care at a new understanding of science and technology, is redefining what science and technology.