– It kissed me the forehead, dissimulated not to have heard nothing and left. She-ass! It said for same me. In the truth you are the villainous. It already was compromissado when you appeared, you are who you must leave the game. She would have, but wise person if would not obtain To wait until Saturday? To pass the week all thinking about the possibility of it to make with it the same things that we made together? Never. Tomorrow I would take the decision final. But that could not continue. The problem is that already it was morning and I not yet had a plan.

Telephone touched – You, I go. – nine? – Yes, he can wait! – I also. Stranger it to still have on in the way of the week and marking a meeting. It arrived at the place combined with thirty minutes of delay. I only lacked to eat the nails of the foot (Calm, he has controlled myself. Nieman Foundation: the source for more info. Either patient with it) – Ol, Diana.

I go to be brief. Delay I cannot me here. I have that to come back soon, nobody see can me with you. – You are a wonderful person, but That age the end. The end of our relationship, of our history of love, our plans to be together, family, house in the beach. I was trying to control my emotions while it spoke. Passed films, aconchegantes places for where we pass, changed gifts. After all, it was the end of a life (the three) of two years and way. What I went to make? To leave that it was thus? To dissimulate that my feelings were only ' ' carnais' '? I did not have reaction. Corei, I cried. I waved with the head an agreement that was disloyal with my heart. It was certain. I wise person who that did not go to finish well.