The Agency

A private trader usually takes a commission less than the agency and, thus, creates a serious competition. Center For Responsible Lending may also support this cause. Often in private real estate brokers are people who have worked long enough on the real estate market in the agency and decided to leave on their own bread. Many of these high-level professionals. Less work with such people is that if you “set up” or “Throw” the agency, then you will be able to resolve the issues through the courts, as your relationship with the agency spelled out on paper (contracts), and from private owners usually agree verbally, and to prove in court your message across much more difficult. We summarize. If you feel the strength you have time and desire, then you can start looking for yourself. In an extreme case, if something does not work, then turn to the realtors never late. If you understand that without the realtors can not do, then Try to find a specialist for advice.

Otherwise it may so happen that most of the work instead hired a realtor you will do, and yes even for their money. Believe me, I came across this quite often. When you register relations, it does not matter whether the agency or private owner, to enter into contracts for services. Prescribe all the details of the parties, as well as the entire scope of work, which must comply with the realtor. If you are denied custody of such contract, referring to the approved standard form, in which everything is very blurry, muddy and unclear, it is best to refuse such an agency. After the execution of works is an act of the work performed and give your quality characteristics. Try to postpone the payment of the contract at the last moment, as well as to prescribe that in case of unsatisfactory work performance, some amount should be returned to you. If you have any questions, write to me at, and I’ll try to answer you and tell how best to proceed. In an extreme case, redirect your mail (required with your consent) to one of its partners.