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I don’t want to seem superficial, but I am of those who believe that the image is very important because that is our business card. That is why we must not neglect it. Long ago I went to buy bread in sports clothes, without makeup, with a monkey and the glasses, we will that it was made a few foxes. I didn’t find me anyone and it was just a moment but I just found the boy that I liked. I didn’t know where to put me, it was a moment of Earth swallow me and me with these hairs! And it is that you never know you can find who. The importance of details if you want to get a total look take care your stylist, your hairstyle and your makeup. The hands should of course not be forgotten. It is very important to keep them maintained.

A good trick is to wear nail color matching with the lips. In my opinion the makeup plays a leading role and I will explain why. You can go monisima but if you’re pale and ojerosa you won’t do anything. It is very important to work well the skin since with perfect skin all favors. Then, choose a point to highlight: eyes, lips or cheeks. You have to adapt the make-up according to the occasion and moment.

Daytime makeup must be discreet and sophisticated and glamorous night. You can choose the colors of your makeup game with the clothing you wear. Another option is to choose a natural makeup in neutral tones. The trick: highlight the traits in a natural way, go modeling face illuminating some strategic areas to provide light. It is a one-way bet to be perfect in any occasion.