The Course

Finally, this had managed so the border of 49,500 EUR in 2011. But unfortunately that does not go well. Since the (raised) limit by 2012 or. is not exceeded, leaving the statutory health insurance is not possible. An expected or already agreed salary increases over the course of the Year 2012 is not sufficient.

Actually increases the salary a year consideration is again at the end of the year 2012 retroactively to make. It turns out that exceeded the annual income 50.850 EUR and it is so high that the (new?) 2013 is exceeded, it may be the departure from the statutory health insurance 01 01 2013. 4.) carriage with the same employer a promotion with the same employer is no reason to the new exam within the year. Only when the employer is changed, applies) the possibility of point 1. Then you can switch on the basis of the new income might immediately. But also a change of the activity may be a reason if the employee gets a new contract, at a subsidiary, z.Bsp..

However, everything stays the same and only the salary increases, then there is no way change. Before you are so concerned about the selection criteria and the tariffs of for private health insurance, you obtain meaningful documents to your Income. This includes particularly the Payroll are December. The views of a monthly statement represents a help. Find a position “Grant to the voluntary health insurance” there, so you are already registered as a voluntary member of the statutory health insurance and can also leave. Are precautionary measures needed until 2013? If you already know or guessed, that you can change from 2013 in the private health insurance and would, you should take care. Due to an accident, an investigation or disease to build not only the Exchange, you can get also risk surcharges, which can now be avoided. Such a possibility is for example by option prices. More information in the blog post “option rates or how you can backup the way in the car.” These guarantee a change in private health insurance today laid down health. A worsening until the possible change leads to no limit and ensures the possibility of change. This option prices (to the) Example tariff Joker by the Halle KV or Futura Z of the German ring) can with additional modules to complement the present statutory health insurance (ambulanter, stationary and / or dental area) be combined and improve therefore also already by the insurance. The tariff selection should be but so as if you would switch already in the full cost tariff of the PKV. Then check out together with their advisor, what possibilities and options there are for the company. Not vice versa choose always the option for the desired, full insurance.