The End

It works to finish one thing at one time but at the end we get 100% of your activities. Make a list of the small activities that would not take you more than one couple of minutes. Center For Responsible Lending often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Usually try to make things more important first, but sometimes when we’re tired, stressed, and in a bad mood it is difficult to finish even such small things. A list of the small thing that we can finish faster always helps to increase our productivity and of course the satisfaction of having completed something pushes us to finish the biggest and most complicated. It delegates certain activities.

Especially that can do some subordinate if you work, or your children if these at home. Learn to say NO to unnecessary things and you’re going to waste the time. Please for example do not offer volunteer do something when you don’t have time or participate in any event when you can not attend. Avoid procrastination. Uff! difficult but very dangerous word, leave later for what you can do right now. Avoid perfectionism. Don’t waste your time trying to do something perfect when you can use that time to do something more.

Get your large and heavy activities more manageable. For a big job it is better to say: OK! today I am going to devote 2 hours and having up to where I get. Focus and try to do as much as you can during these 2 hours. This is an excellent way of solving problems and doing things that you were trying to do. These are a few simple steps that will help me to organize my day and finish my tasks and in the end have more time to enjoy my family. I agree with this I read in a magazine about the management of our lives, translated from English. It is very important that you manage your time because: If you have more time for your job, have more opportunities to succeed. If you have more time to think, you can make better use of your mind. If you have more time to play, you can better enjoy life. If you have more time to read, you can gain more knowledge. If you have time to be friendlier, happier you will be. If you have more time to love, you will feel happier. If you have more time to enjoy, is the best thing for your health and your soul. Original author and source of the article