The Hospices

The constraint and the relation to the statutory health insurance would have one “which can save”, however, makes sure the addition of further possibilities. (…)or maternity nurse including an operating expenses provided according to the provisions of the statutory health insurance charged at birth in a birth House, companion in the hospital and Internet pharmacies, there are two changes affecting the stationary area and the supply of medicines. The medically necessary escort (which is not uncommon in children) is now called and thus insured. While no restriction on a specific age is called in terms of, but only the references to the medical need. The additional costs for the accompanying person will now be refunded. The increasing number of Internet pharmacies has probably moved the Universa to the new statement. This now reads: (3.1) medicines may except be obtained from the pharmacy from the Internet or mail-order pharmacy, unless a licence for mail order in Germany for this. Even if other insurers also pay it, it is so precisely called at the least.

Vaccines, hospice services, and travel costs at the rates are supplemented VE now also the vaccinations, which were also shown in the introPrivat. This is that, by the vaccine Commission recommended. Vaccination (including vaccine) after the current vaccination calendar (standard vaccinations) the permanent Impfkommision at the Robert-Koch-Institut (STIKO) for infants, children, adolescents and adults. Therefore does not include travel vaccinations of holiday trips or business caused abroad. That is quite a reasonable solution, because they are individual and not services of general public. The services for the Hospices are another important point.

This will now then be reimbursed when the long-term care insurance has provided a corresponding wholesale and costs remain. We find still better formulations on the market, but also “he can live safely insured”. (4.3) recoverable are 100% of the remaining expenses for stationary and stationary care in a hospice that is approved by the statutory health insurance, in which palliative medical treatment is provided, if the insured person requires no in-patient treatment in a hospital and an ambulatory care in the household or the family of the insured person is not possible to advance the care insurance.