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The brief interventions allow to develop action as education for the alcohol, use of selection methods, basic orientaes, but feedback becomes necessary to create one and to emphasize the users of bigger sensitivity. Ahead of these data, the present study it searchs to identify to interventions applied in the shelter of nursing in relation the abusive alcohol consumption. Source: acaho. This study it objectified to analyze the performance of the nurse of the work in relation to the abusive consumption of alcohol to the user of the unit and worker. One is to a qualitative study, the descriptive type, carried through with a nurse of the work. For such a half-structuralized questionnaire was applied, contends referring questions to the interventions developed while professional in the area of the work. The data collected they had been demonstrated through study case. The result showed that interviewed it has knowledge and qualification to approach the subject, recognizes the importance to approach the user in the initial evaluation in such a way aiming at the reduction of the related problems to the abusive alcohol consumption in the labor life as social. It was perceived that the interventions developed and executed for the interviewed one condizem with the suggested one in current literature, evidencing that, the nurse of the work, while knows the necessity to approach the subject, directly contributes for promotion of the health and interventions in relation to the abusive alcohol consumption.

Word-key: Abusive alcohol consumption; Brief interventions; Nursing. Interventions of mursing in relation you the abusive consumption of alcohol in the reception you workers ABSTRACT The International Organization of the Work – OIT in the last decades is accomplishing studies that he/she reveals the Alcoholism adds them of the main factors that provoke damages in the companies. He/she is also considered that there is big loss in the productivities and will be the world economy, around 1.15% of GDP, that it represents 500 million dollars.