The New Concept Of Social Opposition

Traditionally associated the obtaining of a use of life character and nature, we asked ourselves how one conjugates this monetary reminiscence of policies and systems that crumble with unemployment like central axis, caused in the case of Spain by the historical nonexistence of an own productive model, with the needs of the new cycle between which the productivity like synonymous of emprendimiento, consolidates like the unique viable alternative? We will attend therefore a cycle in which the concept oppositions makes reference to new professions of the future in which the nature efficient and balanced of generation of resources at the same time as the obtaining of satisfaction and answer to needs, are the central axes of the bet by the emprendimiento like the best opposition of the future? Although it is certain that the change of mentality is supposing a effort of invaluable magnitude for many people, is also a reality that the concepts associated to the social framework, united with the necessity to fulfill and to raise the quality commitment and the confidence, consolidates to the emprendimiento as the best form to remove an opposition. And you will take advantage of the summer to do his opposition 2011? it will bet by the emprendimiento as life form and will be integrated to the social framework, the ecosystem in which the opportunities and synergies follow one another through horizontal relations based on the confidence? if the answer is affirmative, knows that the continued formation, courses, masters, oppositions, formation online acquire a superlative importance in a cycle in which without quality, it is not constructed.. .