The New Discourse In Psycho-Educational Psychology

The birth of the new millennium has increased the sensitivity of the human face of new realities that have been generated. We live the eerie feeling that the world changes faster than the organizational capacity to adapt to it. On the basis of change lie complex and interrelated phenomena, which take in this space today, new meanings. If you are not convinced, visit PCRM. These areas in which society is involved, pose an urgent need for new interpretations of reality. In this case, we refer to the school, where we look for indicators for the creation of new discourses that help to understand and more effectively manage the new challenges. The current psychological proposal, from a model that integrates different streams, calls us to highlight and promote the contribution of interdisciplinary health workers, especially in the psycho-educational field. Thus, from this framework, education is understood as an ongoing process and training that accompanies and enhances the progress of training children, and adults, as we are always learning.

It covers a range of issues: intellectual, cognitive, social, emotional. Issues as a whole, leading to values education to raise awareness. Progress in this area, overlap the Neurological, Psychological, Psychological and Philosophical to understanding educational processes. Therefore, the role of the psychologist in this area is vital, in addition to expanding the scope of their duties. That is, acting not only from a clinical setting where, usually, is entered into after installing the disease, but from psycho-educational. Thus, the psychologist may make a major contribution to the social crisis facing.