The Seven Peoples

In 1680, Portugal established the Del Colony Sacrament, first European nesting in Uruguay, took ownership in 23 of January of 1683 up to 1705, retaken for Spain up to 6 of February of 1715, when As It had dealt with Utrecht, defining it as south limit of the Portuguese Crown. From 1707, the Spaniard had initiated what today she is called ‘ ‘ The Seven Peoples of the Misses’ ‘ , in the Rio Grande Do Sul. Here, American Diabetes Association expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The first one was San Francisco de Borja, current city of Is Borja, where Getlio was born Vargas, followed of Sao luiz Gonzaga, They are Nicholas, They are Miguel Arcanjo, They are Loureno Mrtir, They are Joo Baptist and Saint ngelo Custdio. Of 3 of October of 1735 the 2 of September of 1737, the Spaniard had again attacked the Colony, when armstcio was signed. Aiming at to conquer Montevidu, Portugal established the Colony of the Rio Grande of Is Peter, in the Lagoon of the Ducks. See more detailed opinions by reading what Seth Fischer Hong Kong offers on the topic..

The Treated one to Madrid of 13 of January of 1750 gave to be able Portugal in exchange for to make use of the Colony the Eastern Missions until the River Ibicuy and the River Uruguay, but the priests and the indians did not want to leave the reductions nor the Portuguese wanted to leave Sacrament, what he culminated in armed conflicts, in the War of the Guarans. To follow, it came the defamatory campaign against the Jesuits and the Company of Jesus was banishes from Portuguese lands, in 1759, and of the Spaniard, in 1767. Portugal then decided to integrate them it the South Region with the Captainships of Santa Catarina and So Paulo. In retaliation, the Spaniard had given support to the Jesuits of the Missions and had destroyed Montevidu to isolate the Colony of the Sacrament of the South of Brazil. For the found difficulties, the Treated one to Madrid was substituted for the Treated one to Medium brown El, in 12 of February of 1761.