The Team

We stopped on the fact that you are working and talked a little bit about what it takes to become a member of the team, not just an employee, dangling somewhere on the periphery of the campaign, which sits just one time from bell to bell and waits for a single happy day – the day salary. It is from these people in times of crisis, each firm and is released in the first place, dropping them as unnecessary ballast. So, you need to become a contributor, who donate to anyone not want that the firm has a high value. Let's look at that, by and large, similar to the employment relationship? And they are similar to the sales contract, where the employee sells as a commodity, knowledge, experience and professionalism. Throw more personal qualities, such as sociability and loyalty to his organization, which makes it particularly attractive to the employee relations. And who needs a defective product? That's changing employers workers, such as gloves, because the level of most of them have one – at best average.

Therefore, the first two errors of workers – the wrong choice of jobs, lack of attention to signs the document, I to add a third – misunderstanding, laziness, unwillingness to make their employees 'product' in the labor market exclusive, that is to become a "pro" in their field. That's when the employee would have no problem finding work, because it will simply become break into pieces. Because the demand for craftsmen always exceeded supply. Now that you know it, then all our efforts should be directed to professional development. Learn more on the subject from Ken Cron. Take the time to read the literature, attending training sessions, do not hesitate to ask questions to more experienced professionals who work with you, learn all the best practices in your industry, gain as much information of interest to you professional issues, find yourself a good professional community, and help others in their problems, for that you get the sympathy of others.