The Traps Of Procrastination

Defer all decision making and action sometimes (yes, me too). It's okay to do that from time to time, but if you are a regular pontificator then constantly cause you pain, even if they are not aware of it. By putting things out on a regular basis, stay back and instead of progressing in your life, you recoil. The story of Mary Mary I've been coach for the past six months and she is a classic procrastinator. Often will agree to take steps so that the results of each training session you have, and then do nothing. She always has excuses. In fact, you could write a book with some of the reasons he gives. His behavior has had a dramatic impact on your professional and personal life.

Your business is growing, however, can not continue to grow. She constantly had staffing problems because it puts off dealing with them. Your office systems into chaos as a result of not taking action. She is losing money and have sleepless nights. His personal life is taking a child abuse and her relationship with her husband, is floundering. She knows what to do and yet not take the time to get the basics in place. Now just wanted to say that the training has not been a failure, in fact, despite all this, Mary has progressed? slowly. She has had a wake up call.

It is a shame it had to happen this way. Maria was working at his computer when the alarm rang reminding task blows his grandmother. This was not the first time they had set up this reminder. In fact, had been appearing in the last month and each time the bell rang, the call went out and set another date. It would have been easy to take the phone and call your grandmother, but she chose to postpone things and reset the alarm again. However, this time they rang, he stopped short. She read the note that said, "Grandma's Phone." A wave of sadness enveloped her? Mary's grandmother had died three weeks before! The final word Mary shared this story with me and was happy for me to write about it so that maybe someone reading this delay and stop ring from his grandfather, husband, brother, sister, mother or other loved one before it's too later. Mary is truly and deeply feel the pain this incident has turned around. I remember the story of the old and the dog sitting on the porch Old man in the recliner, his dog beside him moaning and screaming .. passes to another person and asks "what about your dog?" and the old man replies, "Oh, he's sitting on a nail? stranger asks, "why not just go down? ".. To which the old man replies," Well, obviously it does not hurt enough. "