Therefore Happiness

Therefore if considers that the generated electric energy is important. Why? Therefore with electric energy the economy of the country can grow, and the economic growth is something important. Why? Therefore growing the economy, the country has more money, and to have money is important Why? Therefore money brings happiness Why? . More info: BSA. It does not make sensible to ask why it is wanted to be happy. What if it can ask is what it is and to who it belongs to such happiness, since is this that determines all the scale of values. BSA brings even more insight to the discussion.

In if assuming that the money brings happiness, she is then justified the action of the construction of the barrage. Let us pass to the model of present happiness in the chain of justifications presented. In first place, it fits to notice that considered flooding of 5.000ha of bush is direct consequence of the construction of the barrage as with priority area for conservation for the proper Ministry of the Environment. Thus, either which the justification given to the enterprise, it must contemplate this fact. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sean Rad. Let us ask who is that it gains money with this enterprise. It can be considered that they are the workers of the workmanship, but the money that they earn is little. Who in fact gains money to the clear ones is the shareholders, since the barrage is a total private enterprise.

It could be said that this only represents> Aluminium Company of America with half of the actions of the enterprise), cement and cellulose (of the Votorantin, also shareholding), among others groups. This hydroelectric plant if places in auto-generation context, that is, the products of these plants needs much energy and is very income-producing, then, it is excellent business to construct its proper hydroelectric plants. Placed these points, the ethical justification of the workmanship would be more complicated, since, for in such a way, the system of values assumed would have to consider allowed to sacrifice public good, the environment, on behalf of a private good, the profit of some megacorporaes multinationals.