Time Way

When I talk with my friends about administration of the time, think that I am a robot that never has to be always planning my activities a minute without having something to do. Even when the night comes, I have marked a completely specific schedule for fun in a certain way. Nothing further from this, to plan my activities is not to lose the most important goal I have: my personal freedom. Time management I really use to have total control of the times in which I am working, but not why I want to enslave and commit all my time. I’ve always thought that you anything with extreme and everything with measurement. So although you are thinking about getting started managing your time, always leaves space to make unplanned things.

Finishing work you could go to the store, buy a rose and return with your wife to surprise with a way out to dinner. I must confess that initially if he was getting me an obsessive time, awareness of the importance of planning when I I was about to put time and duration up to a the moments to laugh at me. But then I realized count that I understood things badly, because it was becoming slave by conviction. In this case no can give you a specific advice that do or how to get organized. Why? All people are different, so I like to do in free time isn’t exactly what they’ll do to you.

Then the best thing is be yourself and dump you in activities that you like. In my personal case once dan seven in the evening try to forget work, only if it is a very special case where we have to finish a slope very strong I still long. But already after seven o’clock I try to get to other activities, I sit down to watch television or visit friends. So as a final piece of advice: there is no to be extremist, to take rigorous management of time, but not until the last second. You’ll be full and happy this way.