Travel Insurance

Carefree time for two with the right travel insurance in Munich, August 19, 2011? Newly-wed couples on a romantic break in the honeymoon and enjoy a rushing wedding feast. Especially in the autumn and winter, long-distance destinations lure with sunshine, beach and togetherness. For an unforgettable honeymoon “experience many couples begin the vacation planning early and book your romantic trip some months in advance. So the start of the common future does not become a financial risk, worth a travel cancellation insurance. This reimburses the costs of cancellation, if for example due to an unexpected illness or termination of operational, must be cancelled. During the trip to the honeymoon luxury resorts or multi-week trips in the distance are on the wish list of the newlyweds at the top”, Esther Grafwallner, head of product management ERV, the travel insurer explained the ERGO, even in these cases, a travel resignation insurance pays because the cancellation costs can increase especially when short-notice cancellations nearly up to the total travel price.” Council of independent travel health professionals integral to the travel cancellation insurance of the ERV is the medical advisory service.

Customers who become ill before departure and are unsure whether they should cancel the trip, can consult with independent travel health professionals. Within the framework of this free service of the ERV the physicians on the basis of a medical certificate or an existing diagnosis a recommendation. Any chance that the customer will be healthy again until the start of the trip and the trip is cancelled can he reassured waiting for the trip home. The State of health of the customer should be expected but did not improve, and the journey must be cancelled, the ERV will bear the higher cancellation fees. Luck in disguise an accident while diving on coral reefs or a feverish infection in the most beautiful time together can the holiday happiness sensitive tarnish and furthermore also high costs in pull.