Universal Consciousness

The things that bothered me before, now I see them as irrelevant and no longer feel that concern me. If something happens that I do not like, I do not get hooked on the problem, but I try to channel it to return to the path of the friendliness and harmony. The different levels of consciousness are manifested in different contexts in which we are at any given time, but I've also noticed that, if conscious, compared to behavior resulting from a lower level of consciousness, someone with whom we interact, react with highest level of consciousness, often encouraged at this level that person, entering a more harmonious level, generating synergy in this regard. For example, if the car driving to get someone on our side is desperately trying to pass (red meme), we stop and politely, with sincerity and fairness, we give you step (green meme), it often happens that later, he gave him step to another person. I learned that the values, rather than speech or taxation, are learned by the energy radiating from whom the practice and in tune with the same type of energy that already exists in every human being. For this type of communication, some have to face stronger than others, generated by our conditioning throughout life that construct our personality, get rid of these constraints, unlearn, Tere which seeks transcendence. I know that El Camino, is infinite, that never ends, that the Universal Consciousness of which we are a manifestation, is always moving and evolving, that anything that all, we realize it or not, the effort should be directed to this: to realize the reality, conscious always open. Perhaps in this attempt, the integration of my experiences growing closer to really feel part of the planet we inhabit, my affinity to understand essential, the role of living things around me, on the planet and the universe, and experience not only for cultural learning, but feeling full, deep respect, love and unity in life and for life, and know in it, what is the role of my individuality as a manifestation of the Whole. Having been put life in the field of formal education, I feel that for now, in the here and now, the task I have is my attempt to synergize so that together, those around me and I know inside ourselves to investigate to discover the greatness in each being of nature exists. The progressive approach to fairness, perhaps I may go more and more genuine acceptance of all human beings as brothers in essence, and drives me to do