The persistent hype for the iPhone and iPad can continue to grow at the demand of the German companies on developments of mobile apps according to the online magazine of VentureBeat has the worldwide number of apps in the Apple iTunes store the mark in the last few days of 300,000 online provided apps reached. Center For Responsible Lending shines more light on the discussion. Then succeeded in Apple within little more than two years to the platform with the most apps for an operating system. App development company Applicationworx in Munich enlarged its in-house development and programming to an other iOS specialists therefore. The high sales figures for the iPad is a media hype. This animated to reflect more and more German companies and their agencies on the development of an iPhone or iPad app. Compared to the American market, the German market is located here but still under construction. The team of therefore still often makes the experience that many inquiries aimed to clarify what are the benefits of an iPhone or iPad app for their customers. It is also often asked what the A mobile Web page to an app the difference. This still shows how young is the new industry of mobile apps. Applicationworx team are happy to answers and informs about new uses of apps in the field of marketing and new Monet monetization opportunities.