Vercelli Championship

In 1892 the Societa Ginnastica National Pro Vercelli founded by Domenico Luppi. The company created its football section in 1903, and his first match was against the Forza Constance and the city of Novara on August 3 that year. Vercelli won the 1907 championship and became the National League, winning their first Scudetto next year the U.S. imposed Milanese and the Andrea Doria in Genoa. The following year, 1909, retains the title of champion. However the year 1910, could not win the championship, lost the final against Inter Milan in aligning their youth team after a disagreement with the Italian Federation, then FIGC. The loss of that championship did not spoil the spate of Vercelli just developing in the next three championships, 1910-11, 1911-12 and 1912-13. They were the golden years of the club, which came to bring new players to the soccer team of Italy. Pro Vercelli had to await completion of the to win their next championship, won in the 1920-21 season. In the following season, the 1921-22, a new tournament, the ICC, which was also the champion Pro Vercelli. Due to its popularity the Pro Vercelli was invited to Brazil for a series of friendlies. Since 1922, the Pro Vercelli was affected by the growth of the teams from Milan and Turin and started to lose players because of the spread of professionalism. In the championship series of 1929 the team finished in fifth place. During the 30s began to exploit the young, which comes as a great promise nothing more and nothing less than Silvio Piola. But after five seasons at the club, SS Lazio who would apoderaria of this talented player under pressure from the fascist regime. Already without their big scorer Pro Vercelli had lost its luster and its big game, because this in the 1934-1935 championship team Piedmont drop to Serie B as part of this year, never again to play in Serie A . In the last dates of the 1936-1937 championship of the Pro Vercelli was involved in the struggle to not fall, which averted. After mid-table seasons, the team finished last in the championship from 1940-1941, falling to former Serie C. Pro Vercelli was introduced in a division into three groups based on which promotions were very hard to achieve, then the good campaign in 1945-1946 and 1946-1947 the team descends into the Series D after losing a play – Luino off against in the season 1951-1952. Already in the 1956-1957 championship again achieved a return to Serie C to the 1961-1962 season. After several years in Serie D achieved promotion in the 1970-1971 season to Serie C. After the division series between the C1 and Serie C2 Pro Vercelli decline of Serie C1 to Serie C2 in the championship of 1977-1978. There would remain until the championship of 1989-1990, when the club goes into an economic crisis and can not pay their debts. In 1990 the team move to play in regional championship in 1991 until he would again be promoted to play in Serie D. In the 1993-1994 season, the Pro Vercelli achieved promotion to Serie C2, and even today plays in Group A in that category, always able to maintain smooth.