Vladimir Chablis

To create an action program for the development of culture, art, music and showbiz proposed a way out of position, arisen in the culture, art, music and show business can be a logical basis for the program of action to develop these areas of human activity in the state, interstate, or regional levels. Young and novice composers, poets, songwriters Practical tips for composing, polishing, arranging, publishing, music, writing new songs will help young and novice composers, poets, songwriters to save tons of time, effort and money. In particular, the Internet is full of the most controversial information and tips on ways and techniques of writing and processing of songs, often without taking into account the objectives, challenges, opportunities. I processed, understood, tasted many of them. So you’d better learn from my mistakes.

Lovers, and a new beautiful music and songs, Finally, the information will be interesting and thoughtful, committed lovers and lovers of beautiful music and new songs, wishing to understand the “creative cuisine” of this process, to understand their experience of listening to music, to understand why some music or songs they like. and others disgust. I look forward to feedback from stakeholders and the development of music, songwriting really hope people on feedback from stakeholders and the development of music, song creation in human beings. C I look forward to your response, your opinions. Excerpts from your letters, publications (with your permission) also hope to use in the process of discussion and debate. I apologize to those people who do not like my thoughts and yet one. I’m writing this series of articles to share with others their experiences, observations, knowledge. Show stress at every step in the modesty of the author’s task in this series is not included.

So here I am only again apologize to those people who are my thoughts, evaluations, opinions, and arguments about his work as well as the art of other people seem too arrogant, harsh, peremptory, etc. The fact that I write – only my personal opinion, I did not plant it to others. You may have a point of view directly opposite to mine, can give his assessment of me and my thoughts: it is your right. And my right – to write what I think, without undue reverence and ritual dances aimed at coaxing those who are “something there for me may think.”